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This story is about my favorite yeah scenario that I watch I scary star studios animations which is called EAS scenario 10 the ultimate deadly virus which I made a scary story about the ultimate deadly virus being controlled by a demonic queen who uses her staff to infect any person she sees and the ultimate deadly virus queens name is Lilith

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The first spread in Jacksonville

hey, who are you?"asked Alyssa". I am Lilith, I am a demon that controls the ultimate deadly virus, I am also the queen"bed Lilith". Alyssa gets infected with the virus

hey, I knew that you got infected, and you look like you're pregnant"said Cassidy". Five hours later oh no, who re you?"my name is Alison, and I am the alien that developed in Alysa's body while she was infected"said Allison". thank you for getting out of Alyssa's body!" said Lilith". no I'm going to in fact a girl named Brooklyn"said Lilith". Lilith waves her staff to choose Brooklyn. Ha Hah Hah Hah Hah Hah now Brooklyn will be dead in five hours, I'm going to generate some zombies."said Lilith". OK, why do I have this virus?"asked Brooklyn.

Someone infected you, and she is a demon, she's also the queen, she also controls the ultimate deadly virus"said Mrs. Sutton". Lilith waves for staff to turn Brooklyn into a zombie

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