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This is the heart cry of many teenagers who have been neglected by their parents. This is written to help parents realise that attention is more valuable than resources. God bless

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My Busy Mother

Dear Mother,

For all your sacrifices I am grateful. For the candies and goodies I am also grateful. But more than all these I want you. The bond between a mother and daughter they say is so strong but I never experience it. You ignored me thinking I am matured enough to sort things out myself. You left me in the care of a stranger whom you see as an helper without considering what harm they do to me. The pains of my period i share alone, my emotional feelings i also share alone.Many a times I wet my pillows with tears asking myself is she truly my mother? Cause all I get every morning is candies and goodies and at night a good night kiss.while I watch my peers enjoy love and cuddles from their mother. I am grateful for all the good gifts you gave to me. But above all my heart yearns for your attention to see you touch my hair, pat my back and guide me through this phase of life. There are loads of questions on my mind seeking for an answer from my experienced busy mom.i know you are busy mom but please create time for me. I love you and I appreciate all your sacrifices.

With love from:

Your little princess.

Inspired By :The Holy spirit

It's A Terrific Thursday!!!

This is the heart cry of many children please share this might save a soul.

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