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Refusing to Believe

Wide awake... heartache behind with every breathe I take ...

sudden gasp of air shoot through my frail body ..seeking to bring a little bit of comfort to my suffering body...

weaken by the tradgedy I just tasted ...my vision still blurry and I'm bed ridden..I refuse to believe that this is my new reality..

  • can't think nor procieve to believe that I'm lost mentally and loosing everything in minutes ..this isn't what I choose it's what is and how can I get up from this !!?. I won't it's not true this is there fault not mine ..everyone's at fault I'm the one out of my mind .I don't care this isn't fair ...what the hell is going on ..someone start talking cause I'm coming undone ..lies and deceiving words fall from there tongues.. nobody cares to speak or say the truth... Yet all I can do is loose my cool..I hit my knees begging and pleading for god the almighty to change the view ..T to let this be a dream yet he did reach for me with more then his hand ... however ..I was never there to reach back.. Had I did and straightend out my fleshly twisted needs and wants I wouldn't have missed my chance to remove my futures destructive path .. I — held the key and I who created this to be ...had I did my job as a mom and friend or a child of God .. my world wouldn't be torn apart and sitting here lonely with a shattered heart. ............... by;;

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