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Harry: No, You weren't supposed to fall in love with her. At all , she was supposed to hide you and I but there was no you and I in the first place day you and Elanor first went public we were done. Also I will not be updating every story every 30 days That's not possible for me So I will update my stories whenever I'm able to update them I'm sorry. Also it's mainly because I have school and I'm an 8th grader so it's hard for me to get free time and I also post on an app called penup and I'm writing so many stories at the same time I have virtual ones in physical ones It's a little impossible for me to update every 30 days for every single story including my physical ones so I am sorry Bye.

Фанфик Группы / Singers Всех возростов.

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Larry before (prologue)


Harry:Babe, S!mon needs us

Louis:I wonder what for.

Harry:I don't know let's go.

Louis:Then we can go on our date.

I drove us to to S!mons office. When we got there there was a girl sitting in the third chair I sat in the first chair and Louis sat in the second chair.

S!mom: I bet you two are wondering why I called y'all here.

Harry:Yeah, Louis and I were about to go on a date.

S!mon: That's not going to happen. Boys we have a reputation to uphold Harry you are the womanizer and Louis you are the Oldest member who has a long-term girlfriend whom he is madly in love with.

Louis: But sir I don't have a girlfriend and I'm gay that wouldn't work.

S!mon: Well this young lady is named Elanor Calder and she will be your new girlfriend.

Louis and Harry: What?!

Elanor:Don't worry I'm also gay uncle S!mon just wants me to hide it

Louis: I'm still not going to do it I want to be open to the public with Harry.

Harry:Louis he's gonna make you do it or you might get kicked out the band just do it for us.

Louis: Fine! For me and Harry

S!mon: Good, Now Elanor,Louis here is your first assignment to be seen in public today.

Louis:But what about my date with Harry?

S!mon:It's not happening The boys are going to a movie you are going with Elanor to her friends party.

Louis teared up when Elanor stood up.

Elanor:She is not my friend she's my girlfriend Uncle S!mon. And Louis should get to go on his date with Harry.

S!mon:No! I can't have the band reputation be torn because they want to go on a date I need to keep their reputations upheld so you and Louis are going to Tina's party as a couple.While Niall,Liam,Harry,and Zayn go to the movies.And act happy!

El,LT: Fine.

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