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When one is a teenager a lot is happening and one of the most important things is relationships.How does a teenager relate with his/her classmates,schoolmates,teachers ,family and even themselves.Being a teenager is not easy as many say and many parents know because they were one teenagers at some point.It is not easy being a teenager because it is at this point that one starts to have mood swings such that they might be angry sometimes and sometimes they are very jovial.It is also the stage where a child begins to become selective of people they want to spend time with they are also selective of their friends and all this affects their relationships in one way or the other whether with people or with themselves. This book will look into the relationships in a teens life and how these relationships can be made better. It also has a guide for teens that might help them in relating with others and finally it has a parents guide which will help the parent train their teen how to relate with people at this stage .

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Who is a teenager?A teenager or ateen is any person who is not yet an adult and whose age falls between the age of 13 and 19.They are called teenagers because their ages end with the word teen.At this stage one is in the last stages of development before they become adults.

teens chatting and having fun.

What are the relationships that a teenager is involved in?

In a teenagers life there are several relationships and we are going to discuss these relationships

First we have to know what a relationship is so what is a relationship?A relationship can be defined as an association or connection between two or more people.

Kinds of relationships

There are two main types of relationships which are

  • Intrapersonal relationship

  • Interpersonal relationship

The two types of relationships are further subdivided into other smaller groups of relationships and these are;

  1. Family relationships

  2. Friendships

  3. Acuitance relationships

  4. Romantic relationships

  5. Professional relationship

As a teenager,one is oinvolved in the following relationships;

  • Family relationships
  • Friendships
  • Acuitance relationships
  • Romantic relationships
A teenager however is somehow not involved in a professional relationship.In chapter 3 we are going to discuss these types of relationships one by one and get to understand what each means.

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