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Title Of Trust &Love

Sometimes there's know title to love 💘 sometimes s there just a question an answers . Well to start off my meaning of love is Trust know One Cause Nobody has you But you Nobody will love u are no u an take care of u like u . After 7 years I've learned there's know such thing of love . Its just a word people use to make so.eone feel better an think they all u want . When I'm reality they just playing mind games . Mom warned me as a kid once u move outta mama an daddy house u on ur own which mean u have responsibilities an problems of ur own an when I write to tell you all that she was right . I'm telling yall she could have been more right about it . My advice to it all . Everyone has problems an responsibilities but at time your going to hit rock bottom an ur going to need help but whats more important is taking care of it on ur own an handle your business. As a women down put ur self as low as a dog to go so for to sleep with other women's husband like someone did mine . Handle yall business an deal with what ever hits you in the ass like a bat . No matter where you go an who's your friends or family 💯 Trust know one but your self id prefer to be alone cause like that know one knows u an know one will start shit . Like that i ain't got shit to worrie about . But when u have a husband an hids an inlaw trust know one but ur self an ur baby's when it comes to advice. If ur kids wanna know don't hide it cause they can see it an it'll worries them so tell them an they might give u great advice. Now if its your husband he might make it worse cause 1st of all men an women feel two different things men worrie about work porn an whores. Put it this way like my granny an aunt told me if u not given it to him some one else is cause a man will not go 2 or 3 days without pussy so think twice before an if yall have kids to gather an going through divorce bullshit well guess what don't make him or her pay child support get a job . Money is time know matter what as long as they have a roof over there head an water to show an something to make a turd to flush down the toilet then that's all they need..

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