Lara Murraybyrne

Talara king a regular high school teenager meets a mystery guy that goes by the name jace cullen what can happen in their Adventure of romance and hate.

Мистика ясный Всех возростов.

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The beginning

Talara King was a regular 16 years old girl who goes to high school but that all changes when she meets him...

she lived by her self in Australia New castle, Her family is gone she is all alone in this world, On her regular day at school Talara was walking home with her friend group

Eddie Stone- the clown

Rose Mary- The kind one

Julia Winchester- The musician

Kai Hale- the sarcastic one

Felix Turner- The softie

Talara King- sadist/psychopath one

After about 1/2 hours later they separated ways going to ther own houses, as Talara was still walking to her house she saw blood being the sadist she is she went towards the blood trail which lead to an dark gloomy alleyway

Groaning came from the alleyway so she went towards it and there was a male around her age.

Jace Cullen


gender: male

fact: is a softie and shy boy


jace: who are *inhale* y-you?

talara: Talara king and from the looks of it you have been beaten up right?

jace: jace cullen and yeah...

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