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Michael Samuelson was really nervous about driving the new automatic car on a highway. The Driving Instructor was really confident about it but not Michael as he was a man of worries. Michael had black hair that was greying, his eyes were blue and his clothes had boss written all over it. The tie said so, the shirt said so, the shoes said so, the trousers said so and the briefcase said so too. The Driving Instructor just wore a striped shirt, striped trousers and black shiny shoes.

"Don't worry, Mr Samuelson. It's completely safe", said the Driving Instructor.

This still didn't make him feel safe. The car on the inside had a large screen for radio, there are blue leather chairs, a white and purple steering wheel which you can put to auto drive and the roof can come down too. Outside, It was painted mostly white and less red with disco lights under it. "I still don't know ", Michael replied to the Driving Instructor.

Michael reached into his bag and pulled out a picture of his lovely wife, his brothers, his baby sister, his parents and his five kids. The Driving Instructor looked at it. "That's a huge family, man", the Driving Instructor responded.

Michael smiled at it. "Me and my brothers are triplets. But there is a way to tell us apart. I mind my own business, Ben is bossy and Gray is deaf".

"How is Gray deaf?", asked the Driving Instructor.

Michael answered "It was when we were all fourteen. We were all driving to one of the biggest Fun Fairs in the world, Cat's Eye. But as soon as we got to the entrance, a truck crashed into the side of us and it caused Gray to go deaf".

"Sorry to hear that ", the Driving Instructor responded.

"Back to it. My little sister is eight weeks old, she's called Claire. My parents are amazing. They made their own charity to help people who have like diabetes, dementia, who can't walk and things like that. They're Gerald and Shelly. My wife is two years older than me. She's Donna, the one with the ginger hair. The kids are all mine. The youngest are the twins, Angie and Liam. Simon is in his terrible teens, Derek just turned twenty one and our eldest daughter, Sarah, finished her training in the Marines. That's my family", he finished.

A Biker with his gear on but a long grey beard sticking out of his helmet striked the middle finger at Michael but his Chic lifted her crop top to flash her breasts at him. Michael ignored it. He knew that he can't fuck up his marriage with Donna, not after being together for thirty years.

"How is Mr Monroe doing? He good?", asked the Driving Instructor.

Michael was about to answer when he noticed a large double decker bus, flashing its red paint in front of the car, coming towards them at rapid speed and the Driving Instructor wasn't even looking. "Shit!", shouted out Michael, even though it was too late and a loud smash was all that was heard.
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Yevonne Brown Yevonne Brown
This is a great start to what appears to be a exciting book love the story line ,looking forward to reading more 😀
Haiden Dobson Haiden Dobson
This was the first time I wrote something and I am proud of it. The crash was a last minute thing. It wasn't gonna be put in but you guys needed to know how the crash happened so why not?

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