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Arthur Jordan was just a common people with a dark past, until he wants justice for the city. Plus your main goal is to avenge your father's death caused by a criminal named Owl. Attention: this story is a republication for other languages, I'm not fluent in English and I had to use a translator

Боевик 18+.
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newton city 1985,night

-I am suicidal

-I am the only person in the world who can be a hero in this city -the reason is HOPE

-I am jason jordan better known as knight

-Today 05/01 may be my end and the city become the city of blood, my end may be by a psychopath named Owl the biggest psychopath in this city nobody knows his alter ego

-this night he killed my psychologist 10 policemen,6 innocent people,and my family kidnapped mary my wife and arthur my son of 6 years .

-arthur will be heir to the excalibur sword and my costume

knight jumps over buildings and police cars passing through the streets.

in 7 minutes knight and the police arrive in a shed, he sees his family tied up.

owl says

-look who arrived, the suicidal one

Knight takes his sword and says

-Only one of us will come out alive tonight

Knight advances with his sword and quickly attacks Owl with a cut of his sword, Owl bleeds and begins to laugh and advances with his sword on Knight

but knight manages to defend himself,the policemen enter to rescue knight's family,the screams of his family torment him.

He strikes a blow where Owl is thrown into a wall and advances but quickly Owl manages to grab Knight's neck

but even so owl is hurt and knight manages to stab owl in the belly.

Owl says

-aagh, you got it cof

Owl stabs knight's leg throwing knight's excalibur sword away.

Knight gets up, punches Owl in the face and breaks one of his arms

Owl's sword falls to the ground and Owl, soaked, punches Knight in the eye, breaking a part of his costume.

knight releases some of the energy from the excalibur sword on owl sending him out of the shed.

while the cops rescue knight's family

knight punches owl and says

-this may be my downfall but yours too

Owl falls to the ground and says

-I always have a surprise

and pulls out a gun and shoots Knight in the chest, then falls to the ground

Arthur runs crying to his father's body

and says

-father, why did you do this

and in his last words he says

-it was necessary argh

knight dies in the arms of his son

the policemen try to calm down arthur and mary while the other policemen check owl's body and say

-he is dead



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