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Oneka Swan

Julie's life wasn't perfect , for as long as she remembers, she and her father were always on the move. When they finally decide to settle in one place, secrets from her father's past walked into her life. Her mother. She now has to come to terms with what her life was like and what it could be . Will she accept the new life she is given of will she leave and start her own. She becomes friends with a guy named Marcus,who seems to have a few secrets of his own.

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The Gift

My name is Julie Rodriguez.
Everyone else knows me as
Julien Rodriguez and to be honest I don't even know who I am anymore.
As far as I know I am a girl, but I have no recollection of ever wearing anything girls wear. I'm always in a baggy jeans and a large t-shirt.
My hair has never grown longer than my neck line and most times I usually have it in a faux- hawk or tied up.
I'm about 5 foot 3, 'yeah I know,I'm short' because of how small I am ,I don't stand out much, which is good .

For as long as I can remember,my father and I have been on the move.
All I know is that I have to keep moving. I keep asking about my mother but all he tells me is "she's dead" and "it's best if you don't know", I know he always says that to protect me , but sometimes I just want to know what I'm hiding from. So because of that the most we've stayed in one place was for two years.

I'm not much of a social person, it makes more sense when you don't have to sever ties or become close to anyone, especially when you are not what people think you are. 'A girl pretending to be a boy.'

My original language is Spanish, but because me and my dad were always on the move , he had me home schooled in the language of what ever country we were in ,by the time I was nine I was fluent in three different languages, now i'm seventeen I could speak six in total. My dad also had me trained in martial arts and I could dismantle a gun in ten seconds or less.

My life suddenly changed when I was given a gift for my seventeenth birthday.

Julie age 16
One day before her birthday

I'm pretty excited my birthday is tomorrow and dad said he has a present for me.
Strange because I don't really get gifts from him and my birthday is usually when we pack up and leave for a new country. How I wished I could spend another year in the Philippines but with March the 20th only a few hours away, there's nothing much I could do but hope we settle in the next country.

I was in my bedroom packing up my little belongings, mostly a few t-shirts, some jeans and a few pairs of shoes. As I was almost done I heard a light knocking on the door " Julie are you up?" my dad asked.
"Yeah I'm up." I answered as I walked over the room and opened the door. "Wats up dad ?"
I asked as he stood in the doorway with an envelope and a small box in his hand.
" I see you are all packed up sweetie." He said, he had a bit of disappointment in his voice. I understood where it was coming from as this was the life we were living , we were always moving.
"Yeah I'm just about done." I replied.
"Come to the kitchen." He quietly said and walked away.

When I got to the kitchen I saw a small chocolate cake with white frosting edged around it and the numbers 17 candles burning in the center, there was also a small container of ice cream which read vanilla and chocolate fudge.
Dad had taken a seat on the table and was waiting for me to sit down, I sat down and started to smile .
"Make a wish." He said.

' I wish we could stop moving and just settle in one place' I said in my head before blowing out the candles. Grabbing a fork I dug into the cake and we started eating.

After we finished our feast of cake and ice cream, dad handed me the box he held in his hand, I looked at it strange ,mostly because he has never really given me gifts.
When I opened the box I saw a jade bracelet with gold trimmed around the ends and a gold chain also with a gold trimmed jade pendant. My eyes immediately widened and my hands covered the gasp that escaped my mouth. "Its beautiful dad !" I squealed and ran over to him giving him the biggest hug.

I quickly put the bracelet on my left hand and looked at it with adoration. I stopped staring at my hand and glanced over to dad and I decided to ask the question that popped up in my head.
" How come you're giving me jewelry ??"

"Well its part of your gift." he answered.

"Part??" I queried.
He the placed the envelope on the table and took out it's contents . There was a map , two passports and four identification cards . " We're going to America and it's going to be the last place we move to. I know how much you want to settle in one country. So the question now is where do you want to live ?" He said, placing the map in front of me.

Studying the map for a few minutes ,I finally decided.
"SAN FRANCISCO." I shouted wit excitement.

"San Francisco it is."

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