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Kellie Harrison

"Get outta the way crazy driver." I half yelled as I wasn running late.

I rode my bicycle faster enough to get to work on time else my boss is gonna eat me up that's if he has not started yet.

I rode my way around the traffic and arrived at the dry cleaning shop where I work.

I quickly got off my bike and hid it somewhere.

" And where do you think you're coming from by this time of the day?" Adams my boss caught me off guard.

" Jeez you scared me man." I said in between clenched teeth.

" Whatever there's a delivery waiting for you. Alongside the address." He said menacingly.

" Oh I see what that's about. " I scoffs and parked my bike properly.

I walked quietly into the building to meet everyone busy with one thing or the other..

"Good morning Kel ," I answered.

"Gooodd morning ." I greeted with a smile.

Maybe today isn't so bad .

It might be my lucky day.

I'm Kellie Harrison, . Not your regular kinda lady tho.

I'm the only one working in my family to make sure food comes to us.

Because of that I different shifts work so as to earn enough and tip.

College drop out. Yeah that's how bad it is..

Well that's not gonna happen to my siblings because am gonna make sure they attend the best school.

That's enough info for now.

I got the items ready for delivery. I carried it out to my bike and fixed it at the back before riding away.

I plugged in my headset as I enjoyed mad jam.

I didn't watch where I was going when some random rich folk tried to get me killed.

What the f*ck!!


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