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Vasu perceived that he was dead when he saw his own body lying on the bed and a high jet of energy escaping from his inner core challenging his mortal existence. He did survive the combat.....The Death Combat, but his presence in the world of mortals was unwelcomed. Though he returned, he was left with a series of unsolved riddles; his reputation, his career, his ego........all was at stake. This was what he believed, but destiny had a different program, a cosmic blueprint for Vasu. In the cosmic encounter, he fell prey to his self-hypnotized resolutions and unknowingly geared a giant leap into the future. He never knew, he duplicated his soul, in short, an empyrean cloning of his energy, which got trapped in a SKULL THUMB RING in the form of an electromagnetic field. To free himself from all his worldly attachments, he detached himself from all his possessions, some were robbed, some snatched, and some stolen. He didn’t know and accepted everything as a part of his cosmic voyage.

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Sanchita was aghast at how many of her friends failed to answer what life is?

Finally, when the question came to her, she answered,

“It is still an unsolved riddle waiting to be solved”.

The entire class looked at her face with wide opening mouths and round eyes.

“Everybody, give a clap for Sanchita”.

The classroom vibrated with the claps at the command of the gorgeous lady.

“Hello students, I am your new teacher and I will be teaching you Psychology. I am Enaya, Enaya Zaman”.

“Psychology comes from GREEK roots.....psyche- meaning soul, spirit or breath and logia- meaning study”. The class continued but the sounds became fainter and fainter and finally inaudible for Sanchita. A strange whizzing sound surrounded both her ears. The strong vibrations of a train far away acted as a magnet and without waiting for a second, Sanchita rushed out of the classroom.

All the students stunned at Sanchita’s behavior couldn’t make out what happened to her. It was their first day, the first class of the new session, and Miss Enaya was a newcomer. For her, this was a normal case. She thought Sanchita bunked the class as students of her age usually do when they don’t like the lectures in the class. The class ended and Miss Enaya hunted for the student who escaped from her class not silently but with a sudden outburst. It didn’t take a long time for her to reach Sanchita. Sanchita was sitting on the last bench of the next class which was lying vacant.

Miss Enaya had a deep look at Sanchita, a symbol, the nodal point of generation next. A jumper, cargo, and converse shoes added to her ruffian looks.

“Hello, here you are! Finally I found you. I think, my first class was very boring”.

Arranging her top knot in daring looks, Sanchita looked at the front door of the class. With eyes focussed at the stranger, Sanchita spoke out.

“Mam, I forgot your name. I was in a different realm when you entered the class”.

“It’s Ok; I think you have a free class now. If you don’t mind, can I sit with you on your backbench?”

“It will be my pleasure, Mam”, with these words, Sanchita stood up from her lethargic creepy posture and gave a welcoming smile to Enaya.

“Mam, you are new to our College, let me tell you something about the fight we had last year”.

“Wow! What was the issue and what you felt, you won the fight or you lost it”.

“Mam, I am Sanchita, I will not tell you much about myself, and you will know it yourself. My attitude, my thinking, my dreams made me all alone, and I am left with no friends. I don’t care, I don’t fear, I do whatever I like; is my description in a nutshell. As Sanchita was speaking, a tattoo GN pierced on her left arm caught Enaya’s attention. Enaya admitted, this tattoo added glamour to her damn care attitude.

“So, Sanchita, anything more, you want to say”.

“No Mam”.

“You told me you fought last year, what it was”.

“The entire college was sectioned into two. Some of the students demanded no uniforms and some demanded it”.

“And I think you were in the opposition and you won. Your dress code says everything. Am I correct?” Spoke Enaya as if she were the greatest detective of her time.

“Mam, do you remember, what I told you about myself. Once again I am repeating........

Myself is Sanchita, about myself, you will know it yourself. I just want to tell you that this is my 2nd last semester and I was suspended 3 times from the college.

The bell rang and the conversation was disturbed in between.

“OK, Mam, I have my class, I will have to leave now”.

Sanchita left the classroom. The conversation Miss Enaya had with Sanchita, left her dumbstruck.

“What a girl! Oh my God, what a girl! I was mesmerized at her tomboy looks and her hypnotic communication was mind-blowing. I will have to collect some information about this girl”. With these currents of thoughts, Miss Enaya headed towards the teacher's common room.

Enaya walked briskly down the corridor to the staffroom and sat quietly on the corner of a desk. Her presence in the room didn’t seem to bother anybody. Some of the teachers gave a fake smile at looking her. Suddenly her eyes fell on different notice boards hanged at different places in the staffroom.

Enaya never expected a sudden and clear-cut answer of what she was searching for.

Best Athlete 2008: Sanchita Yogi

Arm wrestling Champion: Sanchita Yogi

Best Kabaddi Group: Sanchita Yogi & Group

Best Basketball Team: Sanchita Yogi & Group



Best Student of the year (2008): Sanchita Yogi

A silent voice vibrated in Miss Enaya’s ears..............................................

“Myself Sanchita, I will not tell you much about myself, and you will know it yourself”.

Sanchita’s versatile nature left a lasting impression on Miss Enaya.

“It’s true that she is the best student in the college but her introverted nature stands as an obstacle in her career. It’s just because of the dynamic performance she is still in college. In the last two years, she was suspended three times. Still, I say Sanchita is the best student in the college”.

As the Principal was speaking, Miss Enaya wondered why and how can the best student be suspended, a bit of dilemma.

“Thanks for the information, Sir”.

“Wait, this is half the information you got from me. Since you asked it yourself, let me tell you something about Sanchita’s outlandish behavior”.

“Sorry to interrupt in between, but Sir, it will be better if she chooses me to share about herself”.

“As you wish; best of luck Miss Enaya. It needs lots of guts to cognize a ruffian Tomboy. Moreover, she is a brilliant student and best in everything, except her unconstrained wild short temper.


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