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Because I liked it

It was a windy day, just cleared my graduation and blew the hats off. Uff, why does even these exams exists i forwned. But at last i atleast comleted my graduation with great results.

hahh!!what a relief. Though my career is off beat, what a day to feel relaxed.

Just when i blew my hats off Amy called me, hey Ruchi lets take a group photo. I smiled with my teeth shining and asked where Ash,Sam and Shizu was.

Amy yelled at top of her lungs to call those idiots as we were bestfriends group for 3 years.

Amy was my first friend and a roomate too.She is fierece and sensitive at the same time with great skills in every corner.

Ash my classmate and my lame joke buddy with handsome face.

Sam was the coolest amongst all and the kindest too. Shizu was my deskmate and eventually my bestfriend with great fashion sense and a cute short tempered idiot.

So finally after yelling, these idiots arrived and we took a group photo. Yay!yay!yay!! finally graduation has been on fire, ash exclaimed. Everyone was happy as for further studies everyone had opted for the same course.

So lets have beer together!!!!smiled amy. Oh yeahhhh i giggled. Just like any other day without telling our parents we went out to enjoy.

Hey,hey master, Sam ordered beer for all 5 of us. Everyone was happy till a drunk man came and sat near shizu. She whispered hey man can you move this is our place to sit. He looked at her a whispered hey pretty pig how come you are here. Hearing this everyone burst out laughing as all found a really pretty pig in our group.

It all went in air till the drunkard grabbed her hand and asked to come out. She stood and tried to rescue but to no avail. Seeing this evenyone went furious until Ash came out and slapped him. The rest was then taken care by the manager. Relax shizu whispered in a low tone as she blushed. Yeah yeah you can only stare at him amy exclaimed and everyone else giggled. This friendship was just like a dream sequence.

See you'll next week everyone discussed as our classes were going to start in a while. Yay, lets catchup in a week Sam said and we all waved each other as we headed home.

A week later we all gathered up at our freshly started classes with great shiny smiles. So who is taking our first class we discussed. Maybe a really charming professor who looks like a foreigner. Wooaahh, finally someone to crush on shizu exclaimed as i giggled. My bottle is half finished let me fill it up i told amy and went outside the classroom. Just as i walked towards the filtered I just went numb for a minute as i bumped into a person. Oh sorry, please excuse me i said in a low tone.

yeah thats fine he said with a smile and i proceeded. Who was he it stuck in my head but as usual i ignored and moved further with just an unknown smile on my face.

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