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"Take it off" Rose stared up at the man in from of her in anger. What?! Did he just ask her to it off?! "W...what?" She asked eyes wide open. "You heard me countryside . Take It Off. I give you two mintues to get that done...." Rose stared at him in utter annoyance. "How heartless can you get?" She asked knowing fully well what would happen afterwards....

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Roseline galloped through the woods at the altermost speed.Her brunette hair flying in the hair and her white dress added a bit of majestic to the scene. Her horse;Rick was running so fast she had to hold on to the horse's neck to stable herself.

They finally came to a stop as they approached the ranch.

"Good boy" she said as she got off the horse.

she walked it to its stable feeling the the evening breeze on her face.


Rose turned towards the house in fright; that was her mother.

She approached the house after securing the locks to the stable.

The wheat plants swayed slightly as she walked through them approaching the house from the back.

"We can't keep living like this" Sarah complained.

The both couples were very low on cash and were finding it hard to hold up.

"We can't sell any more horses Sarah." Andrew pointed out.

Andrew finally came into view from where Rose peeped into the house. He was standing by the table woth a few papers on the table and his cowboy hat on his head.

He looked very worried underneath those set of blue eyes that appeared calm.

Sarah walked towards the kitchen and pulled open the door to the fridge.

"Abolutely nothing Andrew!" Sarah laments

"we need to call Anna"

Andrew's eyes darts open at Sarah's remarks.

"We are not involving her in this."

"Why aren't we?! we've been grooming her own child for 16years!Why shouldn't we call her!" Sarah yelled.

"Keep your voice down woman!" Andrew pointed out in anger.

Rose held her breath. She was their only child. At least that was what she thought.

She wasn't?

"You have her number don't you? Call her" Sarah tried to check her husband's pocket for his phone.

"Sarah!" he pulled her at arms lenght.

"Am tired of all this Andrew. If we don't pay the debt, we'll lose the ranch." Sarah reminded.

"I'll sort it out. i promise" Andrew looked devastated to see his wife in this state.

Rose knew she had heard enough. That was all she needed for now.

She wasn't their daughter?.....She never suspected she wasn't a family because they never made her feel that way.

So, that woman Anna? She's her Mother?

Rose was aware of the fact that things were a bit hard at the ranch. She had just returned back the country contest where she got a reward money enough to pay the debt.

Tears dropped from her eyes as she recalled Sarah's words.

Thete was only one question on her mind

Who is her mother?

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