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This story talks about a woman who gave birth to a child who could transform into a beast and now the country now rely on her son beast powers in order to stop the war that have been going on between the humans and zombies

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The birth of the beast

Ciara got married to jark who was a military officer and it was not long after there marriage ciara became pregnant and two months after ciara pregnancy jark died in a war between there city and the unliving beings, so after ciara was six months pregnant a witch who had been dead hundred years ago rosed from the dead and appeared to Ciara in the rise of noon and told ciara that the child she was going to give birth to was not an ordinary child that when he was three years old he would transform to a beast and the witch gave ciara a bracelet that when the child clocked three years she should tie the bracelet on his right hand in order for him not to transform to a beast and the witch also gave ciara a potion that she should consume which would help her in the safe delivery of her child and ciara did as the witch had said and she consumed the potion and after a while she fell asleep and when she woked up the witch was gone 🛷

So many years had now passed after ciara gave birth to her child and named him Mike and he would clock three years old the next day which was tomorrow

Hope you will enjoy the story 👌🎉

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