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Way 1

(start) you will start to understand sooner or later. way 1) the day started and began as a normal day, like any other day. the year, was 1999 and it was a cold winter day, on April the 19th. and there was something about the day it was not any other day like it should have been mostly because it was a dark day the day. started with a man named Johnson. he was 23 years of age and he was working downtown In Tennessee as a spokesperson. he hated his job because he didn't get paid enough to care he was about to resign from his job anyways. so therefore he didn't care. the next day he was woken up by his wife, June she was asking him to get up to make breakfast. because she wasn't feeling good at all she had a fever over 102. so he got up and decided to take her to the hospital. they get to the hospital. and Johnson had to go to work and said he will pick her up once she is done, she walks into the hospital and sits down and waits in the lobby, for 30 minutes then she decided to leave because they were taking too long, and June didn't feel good at all, as she got up to leave and then the doctor called her name and she went back. as she sat down on the hospital bed the doctor walked into the room and stood there and said... you have cancer. June sat dumbfounded and looked up at the doctor and said how long do I have to live? The doctor looked at her said you have two weeks, to live. June looked down at the floor and said oh okay as she felt like the world was spending.

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