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A princess follows the whispers of her dead father into the forest and gets turned into a statue on an the evil Godess's cave wall will she be able to escape the curse or be just another whisper in the forest

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The Whisper

In a land far far away and a time that was very long ago when King and Queens still ruled their kindoms, King Alaricus had a daughter named Anthea, her beauty was like a butterfly opening it's wings for the first time or as though the lights of the gods shined down on her, her skin was as soft as a rose petal, her eyes were as blue as the sky and her hair was as golden as the sun. Anthea was her fathers greatest treasure, and it was getting to be the time where he would have to give his daughter away, Prince Phoebus was tall and very handsome remember prince charming from snow white well that describes Phoebus to a tee. Anthea and Phoebus met as children but grew up and fell in love she was his gem and they were to be married in just a few weeks but you see not every princess gets her happy ending atleast not when there's a jealous godess named Dea who hated Anthea. She wanted her kindom, her beauty and her prince and she would do anything to get it. Dea was also Anthea's step mother she married the King a few years back, all part of her evil plans. It was the night of the engagement ball not the actual wedding it was still a week away and the King was just about to give his speach on welcoming the Prince to his family when all of a sudden he grabbed his throat cause he couldn't breath and he died right then and there. It was devistating for the princess she just couldn't bare getting married without her father being there so for now the wedding was called off. After the kings funeral Dea was in charge and that's when her true hate for the princess began to show, she would lock her in her room andnot feed her or give her clean clothes, she told the prince if he didn't stay away from the princess he would be hung, poor Anthea was alone. one morning when the maids were making their rounds Anthea convinces one that there's a bird that flew in her window and she can't get it out so she opens the door to help. Anthea pushes the maid down and runs out the door she runs down the long hall but had to go into another room cause gaurds were walking down the hall, once the coast was clear she runs down the winding stair case but was stopped dead in her tracks cause Dea was coming up the stairs. All of a sudden someone grabbed her mouth and pulled her back from behind it was her farther's dearest friend Pharo. They hid in a small side room where gaurds would usually sit at night time until Dea passed them by, Pharo wanted to make sure the princess escaped so he took her through the prison Anthea has never been down there before and it was rather sad she thought all these people just waiting to die, 'Anthea this way' Pharo yelled as he opened the back gate for her "now run" he said "and don't stop until your safe" so she did. In the distance she could hear the alarm sound and Dea screaming because they now realized the princess is gone. Dea was ferious she offered a reward to anyone who could bring her the princess and anyone who helped her escape was to be hung. Anthea knew Dea wouldn't stop until she was found so she just kept running until she got to this big dark forest then she came to a hult. The forest was so beautiful,you had to walk through this stream to enter it was so magical. As she walked through the water she could hear this voice speak and she seen an image that looked like her father. "Father is that you?" "Anthea turn around" the voice whispered but she couldn't really make out what he was saying so she kept walking further into the water until it was up to her waiste then it lead up to a pathway with a roof of flowers and their was a breeze so the petals were falling down Anthea imaged she was walking down the isle on her wedding day. She walked for what it felt like was hours and the hole time she kept seeing her father and his voice she could hear but the whisper was so faint she didn't hear his warnings for her to turn around as she got to the entrance of what it seemed to be a huge dark cave she could feel that she shouldn't be there but it was to late Dea is a godess and that means she is magical and before Anthea knew what was happening she was a statue on the cave wall, she couldn't talk or move but she was concense and aware of her surroundings. As she looked around she saw thar she wasn't the only statue on the wall her father was across from her and Pharo Dea must of found out he helped her and her prince, why was Dea doing this? All Anthea could do was cry when she hears a familiar voice whisper don't cry my child, it was her father his spirit is a part of the forest now so as long as she was in the forest she could see him he explained. In the distance she could hear footsteps coming their way it was a bunch of guards looking for Anthea when they got to the cave they seen the statues on the cave walls and you could see who they were, hang on Anthea we will go get they didn't even get help out when they were turned into a pile of ashes, it was Dea "well hello princess she said with an evil grin welcome to my home."

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