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I don’t sleep all night like the other children but I like to sleep all day. I like to disturb and bother my brothers and sisters at night. At night my parents try a lot to make me sleep but I don’t sleep, I mostly start crying. When I wake up in the morning my mother gives me mashed food. Sometimes I also get bored as I have to eat the same food daily. I am not like a normal baby. Then my mother brings toys for me. I like stuffed toys a lot. She tries to involve me in all the activities that my brother and sister do. If they do not involve me in any activity I start crying. I forgot to tell you one thing, there is a trick of babies that when no one is listening to you, start crying as loudly as you can.

Then it's time for lunch. I don't eat anything. For lunch I drink milk in my feeder. While drinking milk I sleep. It is the basic technique to make a baby sleep. While I am sleeping everyone is happy and enjoying in the house. When I wake up in the afternoon, my mom makes me busy with toys as at that time my brother and sister are studying. In dinner I drink milk as babies like milk a lot and doctors also advise parents to give them more and more milk. Then my parents try hard to make me sleep and sometimes I sleep.

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Mohammad Hasnain-ul-Islam i am a 12 years old kid


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