Michelle Dawn Cook

This is the story of my venture into a world where they already knew but didn't remember and it gets pretty intense so stick around

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Greyhound travel is for the poor.I am definitely poor ,I'm homeless.My husband and I and are never going be use to it, but I'm not and never will be a quitter.I got us some Tickets to leave Louisiana and come to Tennessee. He is scared and nervous because he is running away.Im in love with him and I will stand by my man.What else do I have to do.He has something about him and I'm always said I'd love him if nobody else would.I need love I'm not talking about sex. I define love as always being true to the one you are with.Holding them down when they need you .Giving them strength and protect them. Just being the only one that can be a shining light in the dark tunnels .The bus is finally here.It seems we have been waiting for days. my husband was more nervous than ever now,till we cross the state line that leaves Louisiana he will hold my hand tight.I got u my love I will be there for the rest of my life God Willng.Later that night I had a dream about tennessee.I saw us laughing and having a good time.I saw my father.Isaw a ghostly presence staring at me.Was this a premenition?Since I was little I could see and hear the Dead.It scared me at first but imaginery friends were all I had. Weird girl...Cornflake kid..Skater chick..So I maintained my role till I graduated.My mom was an herbalist/witch.My father basically my whole world was absent.When Kendall was around he taught me the best outlooks on life .I Learn more about myself doing myself and being a nerd.I love everyone in the world with a genuine love.Joe my husband loves and hates that I show weakness ad he calls it.He us right and wrong.Sometimes when I do a great job with helping others he had no choice but to say THATS GREAT BABY.Joe is sleeping I'm looking at a new place thru the Greyhound window.I am never scared but a wave of fear took me that morning bc I knew I had dejavu so bad the air even smelled familiar.I wish I didn't have that dream but its repeats in my sleep Dailey months before I came here,and that scared me because I didn't remember the last time I traveled. I'm supposed to make contact with a man I only knew as a child he was dad's best friend skesix was their code names.They would send each messages in the classified when they wanted to meet.I remember going with Dad was this the place?Cowboy I Remember vivid.He was twin of my dad.He was and always will be my second dad.He had a role in my life when my dad left on the road again to be seragant parent. Only cowboy needed a parent most of the time.He wore woman's clothing in the street not bc he was gay but bc he was special.He had a smile that would make a bad day go great.We called them cowboy walkabouts.He would buy u breakfast at Bojangles and Before u knew it .You were on a adventure in the woods of the Tennessee mountains around Charlotte Pike.We arrived. About to have a new awakening.god speed.

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