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This is a story about a law student named Phillip Cohen, working with one of the finest Law firm in bright city, Getting the Job at Hollowsy's law firm, Phillip soon discovers one night a red glow over the city sky that extraordinary changes his life forever

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the Comet

The Comet

I don’t know where to start; I’ve never done this before; I'm here at my desk drinking three cups of coffee, trying to decide what to Write. I was hoping to tell you an story about my life experience of what had happened to me as I worked as a lawyer.

Strange things had happened to me over the years, but I can’t think of how to write it. It ‘something you don’t tell anyone because it sounds crazy and people won’t believe you, but it happen, Something that I will never forget. Their are those who were around me probably think I was insane, Crazy. But I’m telling you I wasn’t and this is my story, It will sound bizarre to you, Some will probably understand it and there’s some who won’t.

I guess I should start by introducing myself. I think that will be a good idea; then I’ll keep going maybe it will come out as I go along.

My name is Phillip Cohen. I’m 56 years old, and I’m A lawyer who works for one of the biggest law firms in the shining city of Bright city, known as Holloway’s. I’m here in my apartment, sitting in my office trying to write my story about my life and what I Experienced over the years.

It all started back when I was studying, Working very hard doing what ever I can to make it through becoming a lawyer,

I’ve been studying for year’s, Focusing on building my fascination action as a lawyer having the power to stand in a courtroom and know you have control of someone’s life.

It was my only dream job I ever wanted To be a lawyer; I’m always dealing with people sorting out problems and negotiating.

I have been Studying at the Law school of Mount Vernon college for many years, Studying every day and not missing a class full focus on the course. It was a Thursday afternoon, Then one magical day it happened, I had left the college, I Couldn't believe it, I had arrived home checking the mail box when I notice two letters, Noticing one letter from a company called Holloways, I had applied for many times, Opening up I read the letter; Asking me to come in for a interview, Excited as I was I reacted, “Wow, I started laughing and screaming out, Jumping for joy, Telling myself I did it, Acting like I already got the job.

Reading the letter I noticed that they wanted to see me the following morning, I was so happy I went inside placing my stuff down on the chair, Holding the letter in my hand, I walked over to the fridge and placed it on the door with a Batman magnet on it.

Standing there staring at the letter I had a big smile on my face, Opening the fridge grabbing the soft drink of coca cola, Pouring my self a glass, Sculling it in one go I poured another.

Feeling good, so full of energy, I walked around leaving my drink on the counter as I entered the bedroom, taking off my shirt heading for the shower, Turning the faucet on as I jumped in.

Oh wait a minute, You don’t want to hear that, Let’s jump into the interview that was more interesting.

The next morning I arrived at the firm; Standing out side on the footpath, looking up, noticing it was a huge building, I walked inside spotted a lady sitting behind a desk, of the information booth.

“Hello, How can I assist you, She asked, I looked around before staring at her with amazement, her beauty, She was beautiful, Long blonde hair Crystal blue eyes, My gosh, I never seen anyone like her before, Oops, Excuses me, Can I help you, She asked again, um, Sorry, yes I have a interview here, Name, Phillip Cohen, Yes The boss is waiting for you – Go down here turn left and take the lift up to the 42 floor, Oh Ok, thank you, I told my self to focus don’t get distracted especially by beautiful woman.

Walking around to the lift I pressed the button, The doors open, riding up to the 42 floor, I arrived walking out looking around noticing a window to might right, gazing out the window the view of the city was, “Amazing, I whispered to myself, Turning around I walked along down the hallway entering another office I asked a lady who was exiting the door carrying a box with items in it,

Excuse me is this the Holloways office, Can’t you read the sign, As she rushed past me in a grumpy mood, Watching her leave I noticed the sign on the wall When I heard a voice behind me.

“Are you Phillip Cohen, I quickly turned around noticing a man with grey hair and a stocky built standing staring at me,“ Yes I’m Phillip, Answering back, Well get in here then, He roughly spoke. I sat down my nerves were building up, my hands start to get numb shaking when he sat down and started right back at me.

I stared back looking at him as he started straight into my eyes watching me, It felt like he was looking into my soul so I thought to myself don’t look away stay focus keep looking at him, He moved his head as he eyes stayed right on me, I started to feel more unease until he said “ Do you blink, I sat there quiet looking at him not sure what he meant by that, He asked again' I said “ Do you blink, I frowned at him replying yeah of course – Why, Because your scaring the crap out of me, I looked at him thinking, I’m scaring you more like he was scaring me, I asked “ Why did you ask if I blinked, Because you weren’t blinking when you arrived so I wasn’t sure, I Sat there “ That still didn’t make sense to me, But I shook my head; Then he told me “ Well Phillip let me get right into it, He started talking, Telling me about the Holloway’s firm and how it started years ago, The boss stood up walked to the window starring out when he told me about the family business, It has been handed down generation to generation, History of the law firm. After telling me about the business for ten minutes the Boss say back down and told me “ Phil, All I can say your resume' I was impressed, Two things cross my mind, One, He called me Phil, No one calls me that, Two, He was impressed by my resume – Awesome, Then he said “ Well I don’t usually hire anyone without any experience but it is hard to find good lawyers and the last one was fired you saw her when she passed you by, Oh, I replied So anyway I’m willing to give you a chance

“ Oh my gosh, He is going to give me a job, I thought to myself I better stay cool, So I did Then the Boss said “ Congratulations your hired, I was lost for words and in shock' Wow, So what do you say to that you can start next Monday week what do you day, In my mind I was dancing yelling; But my reply was Gee thanks, “ Is that all you going to say, Oh my God I’m a dumbass – Sorry, I meant to say Thank you, I wont let you down I promise, Be careful with that word, What word, you said promise, of course, Don’t promise anything if you can’t, Yes of course, sorry, stop saying sorry, I’m sorry, “ Shit, I did it again, I sat their lowing my head being grateful for the opportunity to work fore his company.

the Boss told me” Why are you still sitting their, Get out, Oh, I looked at him, Jumping up of the chair, See you next Monday Phil, The Boss replied, Yes Sir, Don’t call me sir makes me feel old, Sorry, bloody hell I looked at me with a blunt stare, I reacted quickly walking out of the office, The Boss smiled as me watching me leaving the office, See you on Monday Phil, walking past the receptionist she looked at me telling me “ Congratulations, Smiling as I smiled back, Then she said Don’t be late, Looking back at her my smile dropped, Thinking that was straight to the point.

That’s how I got my job at the Holloway law firm,

I’ve been through a lot to get where I am today, But it came with a cost, But I know it was worth it, A month before I started my new job I had brought my first apartment, Living on the very top of the 32nd high rise ‘near the river, It was a Saturday night two days before I had to start work.

I was sitting outside on the veranda looking over the balcony staring down at the city cats going by, The breeze was cool’ relaxing, listening to the sound of the city; There’s nothing better, knowing' how calm and peaceful it is wanting a life like this, We all choose who we are and where we want to go in life, This, I couldn’t have it any other way. OH sorry. I’m bragging, I’m sorry, I couldn't help myself, I do enjoy it, but who wouldn't? Anyone would. Nothing but city life, The best thing about living here is I’m only ten or fifteen minutes away from work, All I have to do is walk there, across the street through the park and over the bridge and I’m there.

I guess you're not here to listen to me brag. You are here to read a story and want something new, I get it, I understand. if you are reading this, it means I have your complete attention, and that I appreciate a lot.

Anyway, Let’s keep going Before you get even more bored and leave,

It's Monday morning, 16th of march the year1990. It has been thirty years on this day when I started as a lawyer, I made my way through college and university to get this far, Making my way studying and learning what I need to know to be a successful Lawyer.

I remember wearing a grey suit with a white long sleeve shirt with a fustigated bow tie, My work collides before they became my friends teased me, picked on my tie, I didn’t care' about anyone teasing me I wore it proudly. I walked through the hallway walking by them as they smiled and laughed, My boss Lucas Baker, well-known businessman/lawyer In town for his inspired work what He has done for The shining city.

Making a significant impact on the firm Lucas was very good at his job, but I guess he learned it from his father! His father, Gerald Baker, was a lawyer. He had taught Lucas everything and helped him grow in his career because he wanted him to have it all, It was a family business, and he would’ve wanted his son to keep the legacy to continue.

Well, he became one of the top country lawmen everyone knew him. He was well known and do powerful; all I can say about my boss is that he is a good man, straightforward, fair, straight to the point. He had taught me everything about ropes to know, To be a proud, successful lawyer.

I’m glad I have the honour to be working under him and represent his firm, One of the dream jobs I ever wanted because it was my future.

I arrived at my desk, clever my coffee down, preparing for a long day; my boss stared at me, watching me as he got off his chair, Making him; my over to me, “ Oh boy! Here he comes; I was nervous, My nerves were shaken, approaching my desk, The came smiled at me" A; you ready for your first day? Staring bac; them with a grin, I tried to stay calm, Yes sir, Closing my eyes I knew I stuffed up, replying “ prepared to go, Sir " Great to hear - But call me Gerald, Yes Boss, The boss turned around with a grin walking back To his office. I Watched him sitting back down at his desk, Sighing, as I took a deep breath in.

Turning towards the computer I switched it on, The screen lit up as it booted getting ready, A gentleman named Dave was sitting there staring at me, when I turn noticing him, Sitting their and nodding his head He rolled over towards me, I watched him as I notice we had wheels on his chairs” Cool, I replied, Hi, I’m Dave Jacobs and you are; I hesitated for a second, before saying I’m Phillip, Well it’s Nice to meet you Phil, Likewise, said Dave, Congrats on getting the job. Thank you, If you need anything or want to know something, don’t be afraid to ask me; that’s nice of you, Of course it is, Thank you, I replied, Dave smiled as I sat back; Dave rolled back to his desk.

Turning my head, I stared down at my desk, placing my hands on the end of it, running my hands over the top of it, Dave watched me smiling with a grin, replying I’ll leave you with it, Glancing at Dave he Pushed his chair in when he Looked over, nodding his head looking back at me as I looked around the room, Noticing Everyone was working.

The Boss was in his office on the phone to someone with a serious look on his face, The secretary got up, walked around, making her way towards me, I noticed her, she walked over with a stuck up look upon her face, Staring at me with a sour disgusted look. I smiled at her, Thump! Slamming files on my desk, Jumping back in fright, she said,” Here, are the files you need for your first assignment, Make sure you look at them, Looking at her Sandy with a nerves look, She was looking up and down at me feeling she was judging me.

“ You have these to do ", she said with a stuck-up voice; I grabbed the files, Thank you I replied before she turned back around and walked away, I thought myself “ if looks could kill her face, would have, I Watched her walk away, Back to her desk as she sat back down.

the only thing I was thinking of when I watched her, thought? What a bitch. Dave looked over whispered trying to get my attention, Hey Phil, I looked over. “ Watch out for her she is one evil bitch. I didn't say anything only nod my head, I turned to look at her, But Sandy caught us staring and shook her head and rolling her eyes like saying what are you looking at.

I turn to look at Dave but he was working, So I placed my head down opening the first file, I opened it, noticing a picture of a guy who goes by the name Roger Clarkson.

He looked middle aged, arrogant, and poor on clothes choose, I read his profile and thought I’ll be representing this man, who was evicted of murdering his wife and a few other people, A guy who had lost everything and went mad, going on a killing spree murdering innocent people.

Their were pictures of victims and the after math what had happen, Just looking at the pictures making my stomach turn, I wanted to be sick but I had to hold it together, I’ve never seen anything like it before, didn’t wanted to look week or scared on my first assignment.

Looking through the file, time itself went by; hours went by, the morning went pretty quick; It was 12:05 pm. After midday, The boss exited his office and called out to Everyone,

“ It’s lunchtime; take a break; Everyone stopped preparing to leave the office, I stopped working, starring over at the Boss, Dave walked over.” Hey Phil, you want to grab a bite to eat, Yeah sure, I'll show you The cafe is, OK, I replied, standing up I pushed in my chair, Following Dave, everyone got up, leaving the office heading out of the office, Dave walked with me as we exited the office. Making conversation Dave and I walked out when I had to turn back, watching Sandy walking into the office closing the door behind her.

Making our way to the stair well Dave asked me a question but I didn’t hear him “Phil, did you hear me? On sorry - What did you say, Dave, told me” hey, I know Sandy is hot, but trust me, she's a bitch. Not worth it, Oh I’m not staring at her, Yeah of course not, I’m not, Trust me, She only likes men with money, and big sausages, besides, I think she is doing the boss, What! no - I don't think so, Oh I do believe so, Dave answered back. Besides, I asked before, " But my question to you is - Do you know where the cafe is " No, I don’t, Don’t worry, let me show you where it is - follows me.

I followed Dave down the stairs until we reached the lobby, Going through a class automatic door " Well, Here it is, Cafe Haven, you can have fun anytime in here, we get discounts, and all sorts of margins, Nodding my head gently in a surprising look We walked over to the counter noticing lots of variety of food were on display.

Ordering our lunch, Dave and I sat together near the window facing the road. Everyone was spread out in their zone away from each other, Except the boss and Sandy, they sat together in the corner enjoying there company,

Dave and I ate as we made conversation staring out the window talking with one other, We only had forty minutes for lunch and Dave was asking a lot of questions, “ Sorry to be nosy Phil but can I ask you some questions, Yeah sure, cool, question 1, Why did you want to be a lawyer, Well I always wanted to since I was a teenager, Dave kept on asking questions speaking too fast. I couldn’t even get a word in or even remember what he was asking ha-ha. I told Dave what he needed to know, the rest was history, Dave smiled Oh Ok, sorry, I was been to forceful, My apologies, I wanted to know that’s all, That’s fine I told him, It’s alright Dave I said.

We talked for over an hour I answered all of Dave’s questions.

Dave was satisfied with the answers I gave him and he went quiet, like he had nothing else to say, Staring at him, Dave starred down at his watch " Shit ! Been an hour; we better get back to work. “ oh really, that went quick, I reacted in a panicking voice, We looked around everyone was gone, Standing up, I asked are we going to get in trouble, You might, Dave said in a sarcastic voice, Of course not let’s go, We rushed back to the lift getting in as other people were getting out.

Walking back into the office, The boss greeted us at his office door, Watching us entering the room walking around to our desk, The Boss called out “ Welcome back boys enjoyed lunch, Dave quickly replied Sorry Boss it was Phil's fault he was talking to much. I stared at Dave in shock that he would rat me out and blame me for it, But the Boss knew to well “ Bullshit Dave and you know it, Watch out for him Phil he will get you in trouble, Come on Boss – I was only having fun, Dave called out. I looked over to Dave Gee thanks Dave, I was only joking Phil come down, Watching him carefully Dave whispered to himself, What did you say Dave, Nothing just talking to my self, I sat their looking over to the office noticing the Boss was writing things down.

Opening my file back up, I stared at the clock, checking the time , I started to work, reading and going through the pictures that made me sick. Couple of hours later the Boss called out to me “ Phil, can you come into my office, please, Yes, sir, I replied. I stood up, everyone was staring at me, I made my way to his office, Dave reacted Someone is in trouble; I stared back at him! Shut up, Knocking on the office door, " knock – Knock," Come in, Phillip, Take a seat, thank you, I applied, The Boss didn’t say much, just handed me a file " Here I need you to sign these forms – I forgot to get you to do them, What are they for I asked Oh they are for your employment that’s all, Oh ok, Its ok Sometimes I get side Tracked, That’s understandable I said, The Boss asked me, " Have you looked over your first assignment, Yeah. I have, Good, I thought it would be a good one for you to start on as he looked at me and smiled, I said to him “ I’ll do my very best, I know you will, Impress me, he said with a smile on his face. Smiling back, I was a bit nervous. Oh! Ok. I will look into it, Gerald, Thank you, The boss stared at me. "You're still sitting here " Oh yeah, sorry, I thought there was more, Like what he asked, I don't know; I'll get right on it, I told him, I stood up thanking the boss again' before I walked out, He looked at me started to chuckle to himself.

Arriving back at my desk' In the corner of my eye, I noticed the boss watching me through the glass in the distance, I pretend I didn’t see him, kept on working, Dave glanced over, I looked back at him, Dave gave me a wink not sure what that meant but I Open up the file, Taking a look at the picture of my client. I took a look at all the information and went through it, Sitting there going through the paperwork and information, reading, analysing through it all, taking all the info that I had to work with, I Spent hours looking and reading what I had to work with.

Hours went by quick, Before I knew it, It was getting later in the afternoon, I didn't realize the time; 5:06 pm The boss came outside, OK everyone well done for today go home get some rest I'll see you in the morning, We all thank the boss and Sandy stood up as she went into the office. Dave looks over to me grins as he says “Time to go buddy, I turn off my computer and I grabbed the folder to put in my bag, The boss watches me and calls out, “ Phil, if you want you can take it home and read through if you want, or leave it there for tomorrow - It's your first day I don't want you to push your self to much, Its ok ill take it home and read it, I said. it's your choice, the Boss said, Yes sir thank you I replied.

The boss was very caring and understanding, he wasn't pushy gave me a choice I couldn’t believe it, I starred up at the clock 5:16 pm Dave got off his seat and pushed it in as he said to me " see you later Boss – see you Phil, Ok - see you" I said as I started to grab my things pushing my chair in, I walked out of the office and stood in front of the lift, Turning my head I saw the Boss looking at me waving, I waved back at him as I called out to Sandy, “ Bye Sandy, She was sitting on the edge of the Bosses table, But snubbed me; didn’t take any notice of me, Got nothing but a dirty look.

Making my way down the lobby I left the building walking down on the sidewalk, looking around I watched the traffic go by and the people around me, It was going on dusk, I started to walk home, through the city across the park and close to the river.

I was nearly home coming around the corner when I notice a bottle shop across the road, I walked over entering the shop when I thought I have to celebrate tonight. Looking around I walked around the shop when a retailer asked “ Can I help you, No thanks I said Just looking around, Ok she said, I came across a bottle of Vodka and Jim Beam, Deciding to choose what to buy I counted to three and picked one up. Jim, So that’s the drink ill have I thought, Taken it to the counter Placing it on the bench I pulled my wallet out, The lady scan the bottle, then I paid for it, walking out of the Shop and walked back across the street, entering my building block.

I got into my apartment, throwing my bag down onto the kitchen table, placing the bottle of Jim on the side table. I walked into the kitchen, grabbing a glass out of the cupboard, Walking back to the side table I and stopped placing the glass near Jim. Turning around, I walked over to the table, opening my bag, pulling out the files, putting them on the kitchen table; Outside, it became dark quickly; distant light appeared in the kitchen, the moon peaked, glowing brightly.

I had made dinner making spaghetti Bolognese, Preparing to serve it on a plate, Placing it on the table, Grabbing a folk when I was about to eat,, realizing I forgot a drink, I glanced over to the side table noticing Jim waiting to be served. Staring over as I Stood up Took a few steps reaching out grabbing the glass and bottle of Jim.

Sitting back down pouring a drink, I sat there as I raised my arm, Holding the glass swirling Jim around, raising it to take a whiff, Then I took a sip of tiny Jim. Tasting the refreshing cold beverage in my throat, I sighed with relief with another sip, the cool breeze flowed in, I sat ate dinner with my new best friend named Jim.

After dinner I placed the plate in the sink pouring myself another drink, Sculling Jim down my thirsty throat, I looked at the glass and there was none, walking over to fill the glass I realize I had none.” I Need to get more, I said. Grabbing my wallet I walked outside closing the door behind me, exciting the building and across the road, I arrived at the shop knowing it was closed, Standing their staring at the sign ( Closed ) I inhaled deeply feeling disappointed I walked backcrossing the road when a car fly by beeping the horn, “ Get of the road dickhead, Stopping suddenly from shock, I bloody nearly got hit by a car, My heart was racing when I arrived back inside my apartment.

I sat staring into the empty glass that holds my own. The bottle was empty looking so dull, where did Jim go He covered my soul, Sorry! I didn’t mean to rhyme, Anyway Days turn into weeks then into months, where did time go that past me by, I worked at the firm, Working over long hours, dealing with cases that we’re important.

Work has been busy, I haven’t stopped working; for awhile, been to busy to stop case after case; so far my Boss has been great to work with, He is impressed with What I’m doing. I’m happy. I Have the job, thank god for that.

Before I knew it Two Year’s had past, Over the past two years, I had got better at my job; I had; It won another important critical court, which made my boss very. Happy we also; wet it when we succeed; you see; you every court case we win, we get a provenance of how much we get, and it’s perfect for the firm.

I worked on a few murder case’s and kidnapping as well. Still, I had just finished. Whether the case was about an innocent man named roger Clarkson, who was about to go to jail for a crime he was convicted o, has been going on for year’s; I’m not sure what’s going on with it over time. My Boss is helping me with the case; it was my first case, but it has been going for so long I’m suspicious of what is going on, the strange thing is my Boss! I think he is holding something; I’m not sure, but something isn’t right; my suspect Roger who is my suspect, is telling me now that he was set up, Plus he threatened to come forward stating that he is guilty of the crime he was set up for.

He stated in a testimony a few times he didn’t do it, and he has evidence to prove it; I don’t know what is the truth anymore, but unfortunately, I still have to deal with it; the case was given to me, hadn’t been so interesting this case, a lot of people thought he did it, my Boss thinks he did it, and some believe he was innocent.

But what was weird. Was the witness who had, saw it, The question is where are the witness and why aren’t they coming forward to tell there part, You know why? It’s because they are no more extended living witness left, They are or magically died in a strange accident. Each one over a period of time they ended up dead.! Your properly wondering how or why, exactly, I have been asking the question for so long, how can so many witnesses all die and in a small amount of time it doesn’t make sense at all, it looks like that they never existed; I don’t know, I’m still asking the question, There’s something missing its not adding up.

Every time I look into it and try to find the clues there’s something stopping me in my tracks, what’s going on, whatever the case is, I was given the case, and now I wish I hadn’t.

Anyway, moving along, Days went by and It was another day at the office, Everyone was busy and I was getting tired, I’ve been so busy I needed some rest, maybe with Jim I could get some rest, Counting the time' waiting to get home, hoping it goes fast but it’s not. The day went slow, time itself started to slow down, All I wanted to do is take a nap so I lay my head on the desk, Yeah That feels good; It wasn’t long until I fell asleep, Dave looks over to get my attention but it was to late the Boss was on his way, Noticing that I was sound a sleep He banged on the desk with his fist, “ Wake up Phil, I jump to my feet. “ What the hell, I applied, What are you doing falling a sleep at work, the Boss yelled. I stood there didn’t know what to say, Look at me when I'm talking to you He replied in a harsh voice.

I couldn’t look at him, Not because I was scared but I was hung over, If he knew that I was, I’ll be in trouble maybe lose my job. “ Phil, I want you to listen to me carefully, I want you all to listen, I know all of you have been working hard and putting the hours in, I know your tired, But I can’t have you sleeping in work time, So I think it’s better you go home and rest, Are you firing me, Just go home, I tried to apologise for my actions but he was right, But it was my fault.

I grabbed my bag trying not to make it obvious, Dave watched me as Sandy sat their in her chair smiling, Thinking it was funny, I walked around the table pass the Boss exiting the office When the Boss told the others to get back to work, the Boss sat down at his desk Sandy got up made her way to the office as Dave watched to her walking into the office before he got back to work. Making my outside of the building I walked south heading home, while stopping by at the Liquor store I stopped in to pick up a bottle of Jim.

Paying for it The store retailer asked “ Didn’t you buy one the other day, I looked at her in a curious way, frowning, “ What, I wasn’t here the other day, The lady stared at me”, Of course you did I remember, I turned to walk away, Leaving the store crossing the road. walked out the store. Arriving home I approached the front door, keys rattle in my hand as I open the door, walking inside, closing the door behind me; I Threw my bag onto the lounge, walked over to the side table, grabbing my glass; Opening the new bottle, Pouring myself a glass of Jim.

I placed Jim down on the bench, taking off my tie placing it over the stool, Walking over to the kitchen with Jim in my hand, I sculled my glass swallowing it whole, looking at the glass, I realize it was empty so I walked back over refilling my glass. Pouring myself another Drink, I picked Jim up and Walked to the veranda door, unlocking It' sliding the door open, Ah! cool gentle breeze; How lovely I sighed, The wind blew' Straight through the whole apartment. Walking onto the veranda, Standing near the rail, The cool breeze felt great" feeling Relaxed and calm. holding the rail with only one hand I hold the glass in the other hand, taking a sip enjoying the taste of Jim, I Stared over to the city, looking around listening to the sounds echoing from the city.

The view over looking the city was speechless, especially at night, It looks more breathtaking with lights glowing from the building, taking in the scenery I admired so much.

I Turned around staring back at the wall clock Noticing the time was 6:26 pm, Walking back inside I sculled Jim, placing the glass on the bench, Making my way towards the bedroom! I walked into the bathroom closing the door behind me,

Turning on the faucet I took a shower, Letting the water run down my body, the warmth of the water soothe my body" Feels so good after a long day now I feel better after that, Clean and fresh, Hoping out to dry my self I got dressed and went back outside to meet Jim. sitting on the lounge turning on the TV, I flicked through channels, Finding nothing but the news on, I sat and watched the news.

It wasn't long when my eyes were starting to get heavy, drifting away' falling asleep, I was out like a light. The glass fell out of my hands falling onto the floor smashing as Jim spilled everywhere.

Hours went by' when I woke up, opening my eyes from a loud thundering sound. Sitting up quickly, Noticing the time on the wall had past midnight, Thunder roared across the sky as the sound got louder echoing through the sky as it got more intense.

About to stand up, My feet stood on the glass ( Crack ) as I Looked down noticing the broken glass under my feet, The floor was damp and moist, my feet were wet; I thought it was a earthquake, I stood in the lounge for a second before heading over to the veranda door stopping when The rumble was getting louder.

Suddenly outside a reddish bright light appeared ' glowing through the windows as the unit shine brightly, A reddish colour covered the whole unit as I stood their wondering what was going on, starring all around noticing the glow all over it felt like the red light was moving, I tried to put my head around what was happening then the building shook I lost balance when I grabbed onto the lounge to hang on, The sound roared past when the building stop shaking.

Getting my balance I rushed over to the door sliding it as I stepped outside onto the veranda looking around, Looking up to the sky; that’s when I saw it' A huge ball of fire, “ Wow, I was amazed but also scared at the same time, You can hear the crackle and burning coming from the fire ball. I thought to myself isn’t fire suppose to be a orange colour! But this was red, I wasn’t sure why but I watched it shooting across the sky heading outside of town.

The fireball crashed deep into the mountains, on the other side of the town, Boom;’ Exploding on impact sounded like a nuclear bomb. It echoed, The sound was like a tsunami rushing Through the city, It was that loud every one should’ve heard it or even seen it at least, Someone else must’ve seen what I saw The same thing, I stood there watching as the red light flashers in the distance, noticing the light was dimming, I told my self I experience a comet, My eyes lit up ad I smiled and thought about it for a minute or two, Noticing the red glow fading slowly I reacted quickly "That was amazing, I had to check it out so I quickly went inside grabbing my keys closing the door behind me as I got in my car and drove off towards the red light.

Driving Through town and out into the woods, I made my way, driving towards the mountains, thinking about what had just happened, I was scared but excited same time; I was interested to find out what had happen when it crashed into the woods.

The headlights shined bright Brighten up the road when the lines in the middle of the road passed under the car as I zoom by, I stare out of the window noticing the red light glowing above the tree line to my left, The red light was fading, Arriving as I notice the glow was near, I drove around the corner when I spotted trees were over the road, Slamming on breaks and skidding as I come to a complete stop; I panic nearly having a accident, the red light dimmed shinning when I Glanced over, the reddish light shined' coming from down in the gully, I got out of the car Standing on the edge of the road Starring down at the red light, trying to find a way down I looked around climbing down a incline, Reaching the bottom.

I made my way towards the glow, the red light was fading, I can see it flashing It was a slow impulsive flow, I moved towards' getting closer to it, Stopping near the light I noticed an red ball gently glowing as if it was dying slowly, Kneeling down I looked at the rock; I want to touch it, couldn't stop starring at it. It was like I was drawn to it, controlling me, but I was scared, Asking myself! What will happen if I touch it? Thinking! Nothing will happen to me, I told my self, Who knows.

I was Focused on the red glow, didn’t break eye contact with it, reaching out Quickly pulling my hand back, hesitating, Clinching my fist I shook it off as I open my hand reaching out touching the red glow, Placing my hand on the rock The energy from it glowed, there was no heat it was cold, I don’t understand, I grabbed the rock placing it in my hands, It fit right in my hand; then all of a sudden the rock broke in pieces braking in pieces turning into dust as the soil fell between my fingers.

I starred at it when the soil fell a red small piece of the comet was in my palm, Staring down at it I started feeling this tingling feeling in my hand they’ll all through my body, Before I knew it I couldn’t see anything blacking out I feel to the ground holding the piece in my hand as the glow dimmed in my hand, faded away.

The next morning,

Waking suddenly by a bright light the sun, the beam bright, Shinning in my eyes, Blinded by the light squinting my eyes I can hear the sound of the city outside, I Looked around sitting up realizing I was in my room. Sitting on the edge of the bed I couldn't remember what had happened I ask my self " What happen, How did I get back home - I'm sure I was out in the woods, or was I dreaming, Wiping my eyes Scratching my head recalling what happened; I couldn't remember how I got home last night, Yawning as I stood up, stretching then walked into the bathroom.

Turning on the faucet Washing my face, Starring into the mirror I took a deep breath in, staring at my reflection! RING “ My phone rang; running out side to answer it, I missed the call, It rang again, I answer it, looking at the screen I noticed it was my boss, I answered it, Why aren't you at work " What, Don't what me why aren’t you at work, I looked at the time, Oh shit, Sorry Boss "You're sorry, you better get here now, Noticing the time 9:15 am " the boss yelled You should be here, Hurry up and get to work. answering yes Sir! Sorry. I'm on my way. Hang in g up the phone I Rushed around grabbing my bag and keys running out the door. Throwing the phone down onto the lounge, I ran out the door forgot to lock it, slamming the door behind me, I rushed of to work; the piece of the fragment sat on the bench glowed dim, flickering a few times.

Arriving at work, my boss stood near his door, I walked in, staring at me with disappointment look upon his face. I gazed at him, then put my head down as I went past him. He didn’t say anything, Everyone sat and stared at me as I apologies to everyone. Sorry Boss, arriving at my desk, I sat down, placing my bag down near the table. Dave stares over, given me that shameful look on his face as he smiles, Dave whispers” You been a bad boy, saying it in a sarcastic humour, Starring back at Dave, I whispered, Shut up, The boss had a disappointed look on his face as he was staring right at me, biting his bottom lip as he stared at me in Discuss.

Turning my head towards the files, I started to work, It felt like time wasn't moving. It was at a stand still. The day went slow; Time felt like it was going nowhere. But I had plenty of work to do, Staring up at the clock, I couldn't help my self watching the hand tick by, gazing down upon the file I was working on, taking notes and reading over the case file checking it.

It felt like hours went by, but it didn't, with the sound of the clock, you can hear the hand ticking away. I Leaned back yawning as I wiped my eyes. Looking around everyone was working. focusing on their job as I starred at the time realizing it was only an hour later " WTF " I replied out loud. Dave looked up starring at me with shock in his eyes, Other workers also stared at me with a strange look upon their faces.

" You alright Phil, " Dave asked, Reacting quickly yeah am fine, I said as I starred back down.

Dave looked at me in a curious look as he went back to work, placing my head down with a gentle tilt looking back at him making sure he wasn't looking. I tried not to look or think about the time just focus on work; Head down concentrating on the job at hand.

The time went slow it felt it took forever to come around but lucky it was 11:59 ' Lunchtime. Dave glances over and says its lunchtime Phil are you going downstairs to the cafe Looking over I replied yes I am Cool let's go together. Dave stood up pushing in his chair as he says let's go.

I stood up and walked with Dave, Walking past the bosses door The boss called out to me Phil ' I stopped suddenly pocked my head through his door Yes sir I asked Are you alright - Is every thing OK I looked at him with a Frown Yeah I'm fine Are you sure Yeah, of course, Oh OK he said just making sure. I looked at the boss with confidence OK no worries no y,ou got this he asked worriedly I clenched my fist and replied Yeah I got this and I gave him a solid fist pump. The boss smiled and looked back down at his papers when I quickly walked away rushing out the door feeling a bit amazed at what happened.

I meet Dave in the cafe we ordered lunch then sat down near a window where we can see the TV on the wall, Making conversation while we ate I got distracted by what was on the TV,

The news was on a reporter had said a plane had crashed through the trees in the mountain last night, I frowned staring at the screen ‘focusing when Dave was talking; I couldn’t hear him, only the sound of his voice echoing as I thought about the reddish comet.

The reporter, on TV, was talking about a plane crashing into the mountains out side of the city, Sitting and listening knowing what I saw and experienced, I know it was a comet, it can’t be a plane. I sat confused knowing what I saw that had no structure of a plane had crashed, I was there I saw it, I know what I saw the reporter has to be wrong, I sat there listening to the reporter, I whispered to myself "No can't be, Sorry what did you say Dave asks! I reacted quickly focusing on Dave " Oh - I, No it's OK Sorry Dave I got distracted by the TV as I looked back up to the screen. Jesus that’s so sad poor people, I Mumbled to my self "Are you ok Dave asks. Starring at him, Yeah - yeah of course, Are you sure you don’t look like it. Looks like you saw a ghost, No! I’m fine I said Ok. Dave applied. I glance back at the TV again, one more time when Dave stared back at me with a curious look upon his face." Are you sure your fine Phil, I had to say something, need to tell him, I asked Dave! If I told you something would you believe me, I guess it a yes or No question Dave Well I don’t know - What are you talking about, Biting my bottom lip I paused for a second taking a deep breath in and told him, what happen last night about the red comet I saw last night.

"Ok! What about it, Well - last night it was late, I was on the lounge asleep and I woke up suddenly from a loud rumble sound. It got louder and louder like it was getting closer, I jumped up noticing a reddish glow coming from outside shining through the lounge room; was it a plane, Must've been, Dave said, No it wasn't let me finish.

The building shook ' the rumbling sound got louder. I stumbled as I went outside to the veranda to see where the red light was coming from, Then that's when I saw it, Saw what Phil, The comet, It flew over the building, I watched it shoot across the sky It was huge; massive the red glow from it, covered the sky.

Then what happened, The comet heading towards the mountains; I watched it, It hit the outskirts of town on the other side of the mountains, So it was a plane then, No - it wasn’t, Dave it didn’t have wings, I know it wasn't a plane. Then Dave asked the question So if it wasn't a plane and it was round like a ball maybe it was a comet or just a meteorite, I told him I figured that out after what it was, then I paused for a second looking at him.

I said It was a comet, meteorite; but the thing is why on TV they say it was a plane, Don't know Phil, but can I ask you something, Sure - Please do, Have you told anyone about what you saw, No I haven’t, Good, Why, Because it's bullshit Phil - It's nothing else just a plane, What have you been listening to what I was saying, Yes of course, I haven't heard such bull shit before. I sat back in shock Dave didn't believe me at all.

I told Dave they just said it on TV, No they said it was a plane Phil that's all, I sat back in discuss I couldn't believe he didn't believe me, Dave stood up I'm going back to the office are you coming, I couldn't look at him but I said In a minute I'm just going to finish off my lunch, OK, Dave replies grabbing my shoulder, Phil, Can I ask you something, Sure! Don’t get offended when I say this but have you been drinking, What’s that got to do with anything, It's just a question, Yes or No I starred at Dave with a disappointed look on my face I couldn’t say a word to him at all. Dave told me, Do me a favour - Don't go around telling anyone what you told me, ok, I replied with a huff; yeah, Don't worry, Good to here, Tapping my shoulder, Dave walked away.

I turned around, Staring at Dave as he walked off, Thinking to myself, I know what I saw; it was real; sculling my drink, I stood up, staring at the TV for a second before walking away back In The Office, arriving back at my desk, I sat down started to work, focusing on my job at hand; I got busy. Time went by, Before I knew it, It was the afternoon, the Boss came out from his office calling out, OK, everyone, it’s time to go home finish up what you are doing - I don’t want you to work yourself over time, so finish up, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

We all sat and listening to the Boss, when we started to pack up, the time was 5:32 pm, Dave and others were leaving, I grabbed my folders placing them in my bag; pushed my chair as I walked over to The boss’s office.

Noticing the boss was talking to Sandy, I knocked on the door. “Knock” Knock, The boss and sandy looked up. Yes, how I can help you, Phil? I grinned slightly as Sandy pulled a stuck. Up face at me, I walked in taking a few steps towards the end of the desk, Boss, I just wanted to say, Sorry, I don't want to bother you, Of course, don't be silly - What can I do for you, Well, I want to let you know I'm taking the file home on my client so I can work on it; you don't have to do that, don't push yourself ! relax enjoy your weekend, Oh yeah of course, but I need to go over a few things to make sure its right, and get a good head start, The boss shook his head I like your dedication Phil – OK, don’t want you overdoing it, So get as must rest you can, Yes Boss no worries thank you, So sorry to disturb you - I'll be off then, OK Phil no worries, OK bye, I glanced at Sandy and she looked down at me I don't know what her problem is but I don't like her.

Anyway, I left the office, walking out from the building, looking up and down the street making my way down the street, Leaving the city crossing the park, I made my way along the river when I reached my apartment building, Going inside I walked in my front door, I didn’t waste any time placing my bag down on the lounge walking over grabbing my glass pouring myself a, glass of Jim, taking a sip I sighed, with relief, ‘That hits the spot.

Turning around I stare at the balcony door, Walking over opening it, letting the cool breeze in, standing there looking over to the city I walked around to the lounge sitting down relaxing Throwing back the taste of Jim hitting the back of my throat, as I swallowed.

The apartment was getting coo. The temperature was just right as I just sat and took sips of Jim; The smooth taste felt soothing, hitting my taste buds, enjoying every drink I took, One glass after another, I didn’t realise the time, It was 6:02 pm. Still sitting there, Tilting my head back, Holding the glass on my thigh, Closing my eyes for a few seconds, images flashed before my eyes. I was flickering quickly as I panic couldn’t handle the speed of the photos. Suddenly, I woke up sitting up breathing Panting when I looked around.

Noticing I was in my bed, I was confused about how I got here. I thought I was on the lounge thinking to myself, Sitting up, I stood up, walking to the bathroom, placing my hands on the sink.

Staring into the mirror, wiping my eyes, I turned on the faucet, washing my face feeling the cold water on my face felt good. Reaching over, grabbing the towel, drying my face as I stared back into the mirror, leaving the towel on the sink, I walked out to the kitchen sitting on the kettle. Making myself a cup of coffee, my mind was on Jim Beam, but I couldn't I shouldn't be thinking about having a glass of Jim, The kettles boil pouring the water into the cup Steam flowed out of the kettle and the cup as I filled my cup, Feeling light-headed, I walked over to the fridge stumbling over to open the fridge ' I paused turning my head over to Jim thinking I shouldn't but I closed the fridge walked over to the cabinet and grab my glass pouring myself a glass of Jim's beam. Knowing I shouldn't have had any I Sculled The glass then poured another.

One after the other I poured more finishing the glass as fast as pouring it, Suddenly I notice a red glow shining through the lounge room, turning to stare curiously I turn making my way to the balcony glass Starring outside noticing the sky was looking different.

I thought to my self ' Why is the sky red, Opening Sliding the door open I stepped outside onto the veranda Standing still looking around as I grabbed the rail, Looking around across to the city Down near the river it was normal.

I can see motor cars buses and city cats going by like normal, The only thing that looked different was the sky, Starring up' I didn’t think of it so I went back inside and checked the time on the wall 23:17. It was late, Couldn't believe what time it was. My stomach rumbled, Getting peckish hungry I cooked up some 2-minute noodles something quick and easy.

I sat on the stool near the kitchen eating noodles with a glass of Jim beside me, It wasn't long when it was midnight Didn't realize the time and I had work the next day so I went back to bed.

The Next Morning,

I woke up with a headache from a loud vibrating sound A plane flew over the building Roaring across the sky, I felt Hungover! I open my eyes and the light was too bright squinting tightly feeling like shit.

I think I had too much of Jim, Need to cut down I replied moaning, Sitting up placing my hand on my head ' OH My head, I felt dizzy' Looking around, Everything was moving at a rapid speed.

Very slowly I took my time to stand up hanging onto the bed Slowly making my way into the bathroom Stumbling getting undressed hopping into the shower Turning It on. I can feel the hot water hitting my body reacting bloody hell to hot quickly turning the cold water on the temperature was getting better as I ran my fingers under the water.

Washing my self I felt better when I was having a shower but I really can do with a cup of coffee, After the shower, I got dressed and went outside, and turn on the kettle as I made myself a cup of coffee.

Standing in the kitchen leaning against the cupboard I drank my coffee not realizing what the time was, knowing I had to go to work I had to be careful because I wasn't feeling good and not to supposed to come to work drunk.

I grabbed my things and I was about to walk out of my apartment when something strange came over me, Knot sure what it was but it didn't feel right.

I turn around looking back scoping the apartment feeling unsure before walking out closing the door behind me.

Arriving at work I stopped outside the building standing staring up at the building, I walked inside and entered the lobby making my way to the cafe, Grabbing a cup of coffee and a Toasted sandwich.

I took the lift to the floor ' Walking into the office, walking around past Sandy's desk, riving at my desk.

Placing my bag onto the floor, I looked around, noticing no one wasn't about' Not even Dave wasn’t here. That was strange, I thought.

Dave usually here early, the boss and sandy weren’t as well. Something was off. It didn't feel right; I had this feeling when I was leaving the apartment, I felt there was something not right here.

Slowly I stood up, walking over to the office door. Taking a peek as I scouted the room ' I even knocked and said Hello ' Is anyone there? But no one answered.

Closing the door behind me, I looked back around and scanned the whole office, I told my self” look at everyone's empty desks, Moments later I was back at my desk sitting down curious scanning the office thinking to myself, “ Why isn't anyone here? Asking myself the question, I must be early. That’s why no is here, Then I stared at the clock. The time shown It was after ten o clock. Hours had went by ' I stared at the time working until it was 12:13when, no one was here; I wondered what day was; I checked the day, It’s Wednesday, Yes! I said to myself. It is not a public holiday, and it’s a typical day. Or Am I awake, or dreaming? I can’t put my head around it. I don’t understand, So I just stopped working.

I decided to get up stretch my legs as I turned around to stand near the window. Starring outside, noticing everything was fine the streets were busy people were walking around, I decided to take a break and head down to the cafe down in the lobby, grabbing my self a coffee and something to eat so I left the office heading down the stairs, I walked halfway down the staircase when I Suddenly stopped standing on the platform feeling dizzy, knowing I was drinking last night; I came to work a bit drunk.

I asked my self is Jim tormenting me,' I kept walking down until a voice echoed in the stairwell. What are you doing? Reacting quickly, I stopped and looked up. A voice appeared again, But this time it said my name was Phil. What are you doing? It sounded like Dave calling out to me, so I replied,' I'm going to get lunch; hearing nothing and no response, I decided to keep on walking, reaching the lobby when I thought to myself, It's about time someone has arrived.

Things got weirder when I arrived in the cafe They're was no one around. It looked deserted; II couldn't see anyone around. It can't be closed, I said, Please don't do this. Looking around and the cafe isn't open. I couldn't believe it. I did that one thing what event else does when the restaurant is closed get a coffee down at the local seven-eleven, and their coffees are shit, and I mean they are crap, but I have a choice at this point.

Exiting the building I Looked around taking in the fresh air breathing in I looked around, walking across the street and down the road.

A security guard named Ron baker who was doing his patrol was standing at the window on the 3rd floor Watching me as I stood on the footpath. He gazed upon me as I disappeared up the street, Walking along the way, I looked around, noticing seven eleven just up ahead and I looked around when a man in a Drench coat walked past.

Staring up at the sign, I entered the store grabbing myself a coffee Minding my own business, the store person greeted me, but I just ignored her; paying for my coffee I was about to walk out when I heard the woman say' How rude, I gazed back at her then walked out leaving the store.

Heading back to work, I took the same path I took as I got here, Arriving back at the building, The use, a security guard, was at the main door, standing stiff and curious as he looked around.

He spotted me from across the road as I approached him. When I got close, Ron asked ‘ Are, you ok? He asked. In a curious voice, I do; Id suddenly ‘ Yeah, I am fine, I said as I turned back at The Security guard followed me from behind and said, are you sure you’re ok? Of course, I said, Why said asking. Making conversation, I asked, have you seen anyone else working here today, The security guard just nodded his head, and with his bottom lip, he replied, No, just you, oh ok, I replied.

Walking towards the lift, I stood thinking to myself, That’s strange. Security had never said anything to me before, and that was weird. He is usually quite never speaks to anyone.

Pressing the button to the lift, I waited to have this feeling that I was being watched. I turned my head, glancing back, noticing the guard was staring at me.

I gave him another nod with a grin when he said back at me, I felt strange and unsure about him, but I couldn’t put my finger on it; the lift door opened. I got in and turned around facing the door when the security guard slowly turned around facing outside, having his back to me.

Staring at him the sun was shining all around him and then ' something bizarre accrued, what I recall the light had covered Ron until he became silo wet in the light then he disappeared just as before the doors closed.

Back in the office standing in the middle of the room I looked around knowing I heard Dave's voice in the stairwell, Calling out Dave are you here, scanning the whole office and nothing No one was here I'm all alone I frowned and started to wonder if I was losing my mind.

I'm sure I heard Dave's voice in the stairwell I'm positive, Standing there arguing with myself I needed to sit down so I walked back to my desk sat down starring all around.

Wiping my eyes then placing my hands on my head I'm starting to get a headache from thinking too much, I looked down at the computer started to type heading back to work focusing on my work instead.

An hour went by and I was getting bored, Raising my head I thought to my self I can do my work at home so I grabbed my bag and placed the Information in my bag and went home.

Leaving the office turning off the lights; I closed the main door locking it; Walking to the lift I stopped above the stairs looking down, Gazing back at the lift, I was deciding if I was going to take the lift or walk down stairs; Talking to my self I divided to quickly walk down the stairs.

Reaching the bottom Slowly my pace trying to be quiet as I reached the door to the lobby, Opening the door I see no one around so I made my way towards the front door.

About to walk out and the security guard Ron came out of nowhere " Phil, I paused still knowing that I was caught, Where are you going He asked Oh I'm going home for the day to do my work there I have too much to do, But it's only after one o'clock I studded and replied Well I know but I thought I can focus a lot more if I was at home I just can't think at the moment. Fair enough Ron said So I smiled and nodded my head as I rushed out the door.

Leaving the building knowing the security guard had seen me and interacted with me I hope he doesn't say anything, Making my way down the street Ron watched me through the glass door as I walked along in the distance.

On the way home I started to feel uneasy as I knew I don’t usually do this. going home early and leaving work, I feel bad for doing it but it's too late now I'm heading home.

Arriving in my apartment ' I place my bag down near the side table and placed my keys in the jar.

Starring down looking at the empty glass I hesitated to fill the glass and moved away walking to the bedroom, Sitting down on the end of the bed I placed my hands over my face rubbing my eyes.

Sighing as I lay down on the bed, Starring up at the ceiling it took some time but my eye got heavier slowly drifted off to sleep.

Moments later my phone rang ' I woke up quickly answering it " Hello, moaning with tiredness, Phillip why aren’t you at work, Sorry – You are late again – who is this. It’s me your boss, What, Don't What me why Aren’t you at work! Oh shit! Sorry Boss, I said to him, I was there earlier but no one wasn’t there, What do you mean - I'm here I wouldn't be ringing you otherwise – I came in before but I’m sure no one was their, That’s crap talk Phillip,' We have been here all morning and you haven’t come in at all Now get into work now" I couldn’t get my head around it, I tried to explain but he didn’t want hear it, I told him I was there and I didn't see anyone, But He Didn't care and he also told me give that we all saw you in the last couple of days acting strange.

Then he asked me that one question; Have you been drinking Phil, No sir, I hope not for your sake, I jumped to my feet, pacing up and down the room, listening to the boss' He didn't sound happy.

I apologies quickly I'm; sorry, it won't happen again, I’ll; pack my stuff and come back in; no, don't worry about forget about it. You’re lucky it's a quiet day; stay home. Still ,I want to see you in my office first thing in the morning; Yes, Boss Sorry, again, Stop saying sorry it's getting on my nerves. Yes Dam it, I said it again What a idiot, I replied. Bloody hell, I. tried to shut my mouth, Click' The boss hanged up. Hitting the phone on my head, Stupid, I repeatedly saying talking to myself. I mumbled when I paced outside in the lounge room.

Walking over to the cabinet picking up the glass, I poured myself, then walking over to my bag, grabbing the file sitting at my laptop, spending the rest of the day working on my computer.

I was taking a sip from Jim placing the glass down as I prepared the laptop waiting for it to load up, sorting out paperwork. The screen was ready, and I started to work.

Working for hours, time went past like It was only there for a short time. My stomach was rumbling I haven't eaten anything I stopped rubbing my stomach as I walked over to the kitchen and made myself something to eat.

I made a bowl of noodles and sat around the table with my mate Jim, taking a few sips I ate my noodles sitting quietly enjoying the peaceful sound with a cool breeze blowing through the apartment.

When I finished dinner I placed the bowl in the sink washing the dishes as I left them on the side to dry, I went back to the laptop to start working Noticing the time 6:17 pm ' typing away and reading.

It was getting close to midnight and I was rubbing my eyes and yawning knowing I was getting tired Working on a laptop for so long you get tired and worn out, I decided to go to bed and that wasn't easy because once I laid down I started to worry about tomorrow and what the boss is going to say, My brain won't shut off trying not to think about it but my head is pounding.

I just laid there for a while here slowly falling asleep Closing my eyes waiting hoping I'll drift off to sleep but it didn't work I started to sweat. Feeling the sweat starting to run down my arm I can feel the sweat on my head wiping my forehead with my arm, Bloody hell it's hot. I got out of bed and turned on the fan Laying back down in a few minutes I was still sweaty.

I decided to have a shower getting off my bed walking into the bathroom turning the nozzle, the water runs out with a warm feeling getting in having a nice shower maybe this will help me falls asleep.

Washing myself feeling fresh I put some boxers on and jumped back into bed with the fan blowing on high, It wasn't long when tiredness had kicked in my eyelids were getting heavy.

I just laid there Before I knew it I was out like a light, The following morning I was feeling nervous but OK ' Still concern about what was going to happen, I was walking along through the city heading towards work. Something wasn't right I don't know what it is but a strange feeling came over me.

A came to the gutter Stopping on the corner' across the road from work; I looked around, The traffic was normal there were people all around and I had a strange feeling something wasn't right.

Suddenly I spotted a woman wearing a long red dress very stylish well dressed in high heels walking towards me. Gazing upon her beauty that's when I realized there was no sound from her heels clicking on the concrete pavement, Staring at her watching her walking I notice the heels had no sound even a car drive by but I couldn't hear it.

Focusing on the ladies heels, she walked by me smiled as she looked back at me as I looked away.

Looking around, I crossed the road walking up to the building. Staring straight up outside the building, I took a moment then walked through the lobby; the cafe was open, and there were people around. Heading towards the lift, I got Making my way up to the office.

When the doors opened, I stepped out and turned to notice the office door a few meters away, I stopped just before the door; taking a deep breath in, Dave sneaked up behind me, grabbing my shoulder " Hi Phil ' What are you doing out here? I jumped. Shit', Sorry, did I scared you? I just looked at him, hoping I didn't crap my shorts; I think he knew what I was thinking.

Phil told me Don't worry about the boss you will find. Come on, Yeah right' I applied as I walked into the main door.

Entering the main office everyone was there the secretary Sandy was looking at me In discuss, The boss saw me walked in Staring at me with a severe look upon his face.

I went straight to my chair sat down quickly unpacking my bag when Dave whispered to me Phil stop panicking, I gazed around and then I noticed my boss standing next to his door signing me calling me to come into his office. " Phil come to my office, please, Feeling nerves I stood up Dave had his head down but eyes glancing at me " Good luck, Walking over to the office " Closing the door behind me, Sit down the boss said as he walked around his desk and sat down.

My nerves were shaking, I knew I was in trouble Sitting down in front of the boss he sat there starring at me with this look of curiosity upon his face; I have never seen the look on his face before it was intimidating, I couldn’t stare back I was too worried but No if I did that he might think I'm weak I'll stare back but it was difficult to do.

I was uncomfortable and I know he knew that by staring at me. Suddenly he spoke " why were you late, Phil, was it because you were drinking too much. What I thought to my self ' how did he know I drank Can he smell It on me, I had that shocked look on my face Yes I know all about your friend Jim who you spend time with when your not working.

“What the hell - I didn't tell anyone about that how did he know and how did he know what I drank especially.

Just thinking of Jim I wanted a drink to help me but I couldn't it would've made things worse, Listen Phillip I like you and you have come a long way from when you started to now, learning and growing helping this firm to get where it supposed to be, You deserve it.

But sometimes it comes with a price! Do you know what I mean, I looked at him with a strange look suppose to answer what he was saying but I hesitated.

I want you to understand Phillip the last thing I want to do is to let go of one of my best workers and I hate to make that decision to see that happen. I kept quiet Nodding my head knowing what he meant.

Sighing deeply The boss started talking to me and he was rambling on talking away I listen and nodded my head in respect to the king I have no idea what he was going on about, I assume he was talking about his past with his father and when he was a child.

Looking at me as he stared into my eyes I stared back trying to listen to what he was saying, Then all of a sudden his voice changed it sounded like it was in slow motion. I focused on his mouth moving but I can't hear him.' I don't understand the words he was saying, trying to focus as he sat and stared back at me.

The Boss suddenly stopped talking, Staring back at me, and said ' Are you listening to me Phil, Oh yeah! Of course, The boss stared at me with a twitch in his right eye. Knowing I was lying, The Boss was analysing me with that stare in his eyes,' I quickly reacted Oh No, I wouldn't think of that; Shaking my head, My heart was racing. I took a deep breath when The boss started talking agai, , I start to wonder. The boss has never done this to anyone, not even the staff and the Secretary Sandy is hI was having an affair.

Why is he giving me the talk like this? What’s got my boss like this, I thought to myself; the Boss got right into the conversation, starting with the file I'm working on; He asked, How's that file on that suspect coming along? I told him, Well, I've been reading it and looking at all the evidence and the report, especially what he had said. The Boss asked. What do you think? Do you think he did it! There it was, the question I was waiting for, Asking me if my client was quality, too was asking myself f he was or not.

Explaining to the boss about all info, I said I believe he is innocent, he’s that he asked. Well I, think there was something that was missing, and the information wasn’t correct, and the time of the murder didn’t add up; he couldn’t have done it. He is a fat Fuck. He couldn’t even move quick enough to catch her, and she would’ve got away easy – She would be still alive if she escaped from him, so my opinion is the innocent or was he framed for it, WOW Phil, that’s interesting, Yeah, But I have a problem, Phil.

I gazed upon him with a frown staring back at him when he said My problem is I gave you the file ages ago and, you should've had finished the case buy now, My; My changed " What, What do you mean you just gave it to me a few days ago, No Phil I didn't At this time Sandy knocked on the door Knock Come in Sandy The boss said Sandy had placed a cup of coffee on the table and envelopes near his forearm; Here you go sir, Thanks Sandy, Boss replied, Sandy then turn back giving me a filthy look as she walked out of the office.

I sat in deep thought thinking when the Boss asked me if I was alright, Are you alright Phil I didn't answer so he asked again, I snapped out of it as I looked back at him with nothing to say.

Phil are you OK talk to me you don't seem well you look pale Do you want to go home, I replied No, I'll be fine, OK he answered, The boss looked at me and said Phil you need to finish the job it has to be done you and your client should be preparing to go to court yet and he said you haven't even contacted him yet, I don't know what's won with you but you have to finish this file and come to a case closed no questions, Yes sir I will I'm sorry Boss It doesn’t make sense, What ' I’ve been working on it every day and you just gave it to me, I gave it to you a week ago you should’ve completed it by now, I took a deep breath sighing as I mumbled.

Sorry, My boss replied! Oh, I was just saying to myself I'm sure I had finished it I always finish my files on time, I know you do, replied the boss, I don’t understand as I stared down at the floor, The boss also said! I also knew about your Jim Problem as well, I was shocked I froze my eyelids lifted.

The Boss said when you came to work the other day you stood in the middle of the office looking around before sitting down at your desk, What concern me the most was you also smelt like you had too many Jims.

The night before, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing I don’t know what to say, So I sat there starring at him Staring back the boss looked at me and said! Listen I need you to focus on finishing the file and putting it on my desk first thing in the morning, but if you don’t I have no choice but to let you go. I Do not want to do that but you need to understand do not and I mean do not come to work drunk or even smelling like it.

I took another deep breath in and said Yes sir, I won't I promise and I promise I will finish the File tonight, I hope so Phil, I’m sorry sir I am, Forget it OK, go back to your desk and get back to work.

don’t waste any time ' you can leave now, Yes sir thank you sir and I am very sorry, Forget it just cut down the Jim's and focus more, Yes sir I will I stood up and open the office door the boss asked as I walked out the door " Phil! Yes, Boss, I don’t know what’s going on with you but you need to keep your personal life outside of work ok I don't want to make that decision, Nodding my head knowing what he meant I replied Yes sir. The boss reached out to the cup taking a sip from the cup I wanted to tell him but I knew he wouldn’t listen especially believing me so I kept quiet closing the door behind me as I watched him.

Back at my desk, I sat down focused on my work as Dave rolled over with his chair smiling So tell me what happened what did he say, I just glanced at Dave then over to the office ' Nothing It's all good, See I told you it would be good, Dave punched me in the arm as I reacted " Ouch " Dave rolled back to his desk then smiled at me as he went back to work For the rest of the day I put my head down and focus on work.

Hours Later,

It was getting later in the afternoon The sun was setting in the distance fading over the mountains, The lights on the Street posts turned on when The boss walked out of his office noticing I was still at my desk. Phillip! Why are you still here 'It's home time, Everyone has left - Go home. Oh, I didn't realize I was too busy working I said.

The boss told me to finish up and go home, Phil that's enough time to go home and get some rest, I don’t have much left to do I'll just finish it off. Forget it leave it for tomorrow The boss answered.

No, it's ok I’ll take it home to finish I’ll just finish this page off. OK, Well you can lock up then he said. Ok! I can do that, The boss stared at me with a smug look on his face as turn and walked out of the office.

I watched the Boss leave the room, I was finished the page then I left, it won't take me long I told myself; Typing away checking everything was ok, I double-check my work then I closed the file.

Leaning back sighing loudly as I rub my eyes " Thank god it is all done, I can go home, Grabbing my bag I closed the folder deciding to leave it on the desk turning around I noticed it was dark, Placing my bag over my shoulder I walked past the boss's office Then exiting the main office Suddenly a loud rumbled sound accrued, I stopped near the lift looking around a window was near The lift the building shook rapidly I stood staring outside placing my hand on the wall for balance.

The rumble got louder and the building started to make noise then a crack appeared in the ceiling I took hold as I was getting frightened, Moments later the rumble and the building stopped Silence was still dust fell from the walls The lift door open " Ding, Staring into the lift the security guard Ron was standing inside He looked at me When he asked Are you alright - Is there anything wrong, Didn't you feel that Didn't you feel the earthquake, Ron stared back at me with a strange look on his eye What earthquake didn't feel a thing, I frowned as I slowly stepped towards him.

Are you getting in - I'll take you down to the lobby, Looking at the lift I asked Ron is it safe, What ' Is it safe, Of course, it is I just came up in it - Are you sure your OK you don't seem well, Yeah I'm fine - Just had a long day I'm exhausted that's all, Oh - OK, get in.

I stepped inside and the doors closed Ron stood next to me as I stared at the numbers counting down as we go past every floor, Ron notices me in the corner of his eye Watching the count down as he scrunches his eyes.

Reaching the bottom the lift doors open and I popped my head out looking around" There you go bottom floor, I turn to Ron then exiting the lift Ron watched me as he said have a good night, I gaze back at him noticing he was shaking his head at me like I was a weirdo or something.

I couldn't wait until I got home I left the building and walked down the sidewalk heading home, Arriving home I went straight into the shower but first I poured myself a glass of Jim Taking a sip I got in the bathroom placing the glass down near the sink.

Turning on the faucet and getting undressed I grabbed Jim placing the glass on the spencer, The water runs down my body The warmth hitting my body feeling relaxed. Grabbing the glass I took a sip of Jim I shouldn't be drinking in the shower it's not normal but I know what your thinking, Some would say not a good idea and for some, that's a great idea but I guess we are all different.

Anyway, I couldn’t help myself feeling so relaxed and enjoying the shower after a long day of work I needed it, Finally finishing the shower I got out holding Jim Placing him near the sink as I dried myself Wrapping the towel around me I took the glass into the Bedroom putting on some boxers as I took another sip as I sat on the bed.

Finding a shirt to wear, I drank the last bit of Jim then stared at the empty glass, I need another drink. I stood up walked outside to the lounge room to pour myself another glass; Turning to stare through the glass balcony door, I walked over, sliding it open, standing there as I took another sip before stepping out onto the veranda.

Looking out and around doing the city and below, I decided to sit on the chair looking over to the city lights, The coloured lights from the city shined over the water as they glowed through in the reflection.

Relaxing with Jim taking a sip with a gentle sigh as I swallowed, I got to thinking what my boss said to me in the office, Thinking back! I glanced over the city, wondering How did the boss know I drank Jim Beam. I sat and thought about it for a while when I looked around the town then it came to mind there are lots of other apartments and buildings around.

Taking back what the boss was saying.' My suspicions bothered me when I stared across the river looking over staring over at the buildings and apartments that were In front of me. I Squinted my eyes staring when I caught a glimpse of a person standing in front of the glass door starring out' I stood up and walked over to the rail placing one hand on the rail as I took a sip from the glass. Starring across I noticed a distant man in the shadows standing at the window that looked like he was starring at me.

Taking a full interest in the man in the shadows I starred at him clenching my eyes trying to figure out who and what he was starring at I watched him as he moved away out of sight, Then suddenly he had rear appeared in front of the door ' I looked away trying not to make it look like I was watching him. I glanced over then suddenly he raised his glass proposing " Cheers, What the hell! did he just raise his glass at me? I ignored it looking around pretending I was looking around to see who he was signing to.

Couldn't see anyone around, I turn back then he points at me ' again " What the hell, I watched him carefully he raised his arm taking a sip lifting his glass as he was signing cheers. " Oh my god, I thought to my self I stood frozen starring at him quickly raised my glass in respect then took another sip.

The man in the shadow stepped back as the curtain closed Someone must've been there with him because the shadowy man disappeared behind the curtain as the light came on, But it wasn’t long enough to see who it was the curtain had closed before I had the change to relive who it was.

" Dam it, I reacted. Standing back watching across the way. Standing there for a bit I waited for the shadow man to come back but he didn't he was gone; Feeling overwhelmed by the situation, I decided to go back inside and sit on the lounge Grabbing the remote switching it on flickering the channels to see what’s on. I Found a sci-fi /action movie on TV The invaders I placed the remote down and watched the movie peacefully as I thought about the man in the shadows.

I started talking to myself in my head having a conversation about what if it was the boss no it’s not Or was it some random person. But I had that feeling it probably was my boss but I couldn't be sure But it does ask a question how do the boss know I had a drinking problem.

Was it him watching me from across the river, If that’s Whatever I do, I have to be very careful what I am doing because the last thing I want is to lose my job.

The Next Morning,

Arriving at work, I approached my desk and Dave greeted me with a smile “, Hi Dave I replied “How’re things, Is everything good Dave replied, Oh yeah, I said. Dave nodded his head as he sat down drinking his canteen. I stared at him asking what are you drinking? Dave looked at me told me to hush, but I bought myself my coffee, Oh,’ but why hush about it? That’s fine; Wow has some Gave a taste; I know what coffee tastes like Dave But Dave said,’ Not this coffee you haven’t, I stared at him with a curious look, Dave reached out Here try some I wished I didn't. Still, I did; I took a sip out of the canteen; oh my gosh, that's disgusting; I was about to vomit. Be careful, will you? This is excellent stuff. Dave replied.

I looked up towards the office, lucky the boss wasn’t here yet, I told Dave to put it away just in case he got caught, but Dave chuckles to himself Don't worry, I won't get caught, Good I reply I went to my desk preparing to start work.

I noticed the boss wasn't here yet and so wasn't sandy; the boss is always here before us ' I thought to myself, " Mmm, I; then as I sat down at my desk.

It wasn't long when a few minutes later they vomited in with Sandy " Morning excellent, Morning, Morning Sir, we all replied; I stared at Sandy, knowing very well why they were late. She was hanging off him like at, teabag just dipped.

The boss walked through the room, turning to stare at me with a shiny grin as I stared back at him, I smiled and nodded my head as to say I'm here and ready. Watching the boss entering the office as he speaks to sandy Can you go and get some coffee please, Sandy knowledge with a smile turning to walk back out of the main office.

Sitting there watching ' The boss looks up at me I quickly looked down But I can see him staring at me, Standing they're behind his desk The thought of last night the man in the shadow ' Was it him could it be, Is that why he is looking at me with that smirk on his face. Was it a sign he was telling me it was him standing in the shadows starring across from me? I'm jumping to conclusions here don't mind me, Who knows ' It might not be but my gut feeling telling me something.

Getting back to work Dave came over sitting on his chair rolling over to my desk hey Phil after work you want to get some drinks, I turn to him and thought to my self that’s odd, Dave never asked me that.

I stared at him with a smile Sure why not, Great Meet me downstairs after work and I take you to a place where it's awesome and fine sexy babes, Oh! OK great. That's weird Dave never asked me to go out for drinks, Not once since I've been here working.

Sandy came out of the bosses office and walked over to my desk Staring at me with a snobby look on her face, She interrupted Dave and my conversation, " The boss wants to see you now, OK thank you, Sandy raised her nose in the air like sourdough, Dave raised his eyebrow starring at me in shock.

I leaned overseeing the boss using sign language to tell me to come to the office. At this time Sandy walked back to her desk. I stood up Dave looked at me in a shocked look as he rolled back to his desk, I stood looking over to Dave as we locked eyes then I walked over to the office door; Knock " Come in Phillip sit down, Thank you, sir, I see your file is on my desk happy to see it finish, Yes - I finished it last night sir, You don't have to call me sir, Sorry, Good - I’m glad to hear that, How are you this morning, Staring at him and thinking OK this is different than yesterday.

Is everything good are u ok the boss asked. Yeah, I'm great - I feel good ready to go, Great to hear that. Well, I thought ill tell you first before anyone else, I frowned looking curiously, Don't worry Phil every is OK so don't worry, Thank god ' I was worried started to panic looking nervous.

I can see you worried so Don’t Worry It's all good - I’m just going to say I have an important court case today and if I win the hearing and I know I will win, I am going to take all of you out for dinner and drinks to celebrate. Oh, you don’t have to do that boss we would be happy if you won That's all, I know but I want to it will be good for all of us to enjoy a good night out for once, Only if you want to that's fine but you don't have to, Don't worry Phil I want to but it's Only if I win. The boss chuckles so I join in with a pathetic giggle, Oh! My gosh, that was a stupid laugh can't believe I did that.

But anyway Phil keep that to your self don't tell anyone until I announce it, oh yeah for sure no worries I replied. Great I better let you get back to work and enjoy your day, OK Boss thank you I stood up amazed at the conversation we just had I didn't expect that so I walked out when Sandy walked in after me I sat back down at my desk Dave whispered to me What did he say, I looked over and said None of your business, Dave gave me that look of curiosity as I smiled at him and went back to work.

In the corner of my eye, I can see Dave staring at me but I ignored him then Dave turns around focusing on his work, I just smiled typing away on the computer.

The boss came out of the office stood in the middle of the room, OK everyone listens up ' Tomorrow morning I will be going to the court dealing with a huge case and when I come back from winning the case I have decided to take all of you out for dinner and drinks But that's only if I win and I know I will smile big with a sarcastic voice.

So don't make any plans for tomorrow afternoon that's my final word. The boss stared at everyone then walked back to his desk sitting down, Dave and I just looked at each other I guess we better wait for those drinks, Yeah, Dave agreed. Wait for a second, I hope I'm not dragging on too much and boring you, I hope you're still with me and still interested in what I'm saying.

Here let fast forward to the next day, It was 5:22 pm the day was slow in the office but The boss was in court all day down near the parkland with Sandy, Dave got a call from Sandy to tell us to meet them near the courthouse and when we got there Dave and I were walking up the path noticing The boss with Sandy Inside talking to the judge near the enter sliding doors.

Standing few meters away Sandy spotted us and whispered in the boss's ear, " They are here, The boss looked over stared at me smiling so I knew he had won the case. Dave replied he is smiling so that's a good thing, Yeah, I agreed.

I noticed the boss shook hands with the judge and walked out with Sandy by his side, Well I did tell you all if I won I would take you out for dinner, Dave answered yeah you did, So go home get dressed, and meet outside the office building in two hours Ok. Yes boss we all answered,

Need more time The boss asked stared at me with a grin before walking off with Sandy. Turning around the boss told me I'll see you soon Phil go home and get ready It's party time, I smiled back and said OK, See you soon.

We went our separate ways I was on my way home walking through the park with a smile on my face giggling and talking to myself a lady had walked past me starring at me probably thought I was weird, But I was happy for my boss that he won the case he is good at what he does.

It wasn't long when I got home, I didn't waste any time I got undressed and jumped straight into the shower; When I got out I got dressed spraying deodorant then put my shoes on, Walking out into the dining room I spotted Jim on the side table as I walked by ' Should I or shouldn't I that what I asked myself as I stared at Jim.

Looking down I was tempted to pour myself a glass of Jim, then my body felt like it decided for itself I walked over pouring a glass Sculling it down as I poured myself another.

Sculling that one down I placed the glass down grabbing The keys and wallet as I walked out the door.

I arrived back at work outside the building ' Everyone was standing there staring at me, OK let's go, Standing there staring at me they all have me a look of discussion, The Secretary said in a loud ignoring voice where have you been, We have been waiting here for two hours, I stared at her with a frowned, What I just got here, Yes you did - Your late She said as she turns to the boss.

I stared at the boss he looked at me and ask where have you been, I was at home getting ready, Dave quickly responded Where have you been we have been waiting for you for two hours We were about to leave without you, Sandy replied I told you we should've left him behind, Dave said It's 9:15 pm all of us was getting inpatient I stared back at Dave with a serious look replying ' What are you talking about it's only been an hour I didn't waste any time I got home went straight into the shower then was out before I knew it - then I left home! Now here I am The boss replied Forget about it let's go The boss reached out grabbed me on the shoulder pulled me forward Come on let us go and celebrate We will talk about it later it's party time.

We all walked down the street together heading to a place called the Golden Dragon, Dave turns to look at me shaking his head but I just ignored him.

Arriving at the Golden eagle Tavern down on Wickham Street The atmosphere was busy people all over came to the tavern It was the best place to be, We sat at a table in the corner next to a window the boss asked me to help him to get the drinks so as the other sat down the boss and I walked up to the bar, The bartender came over as we ordered the drinks The boss turn to me and asked what happen, Phil, Sorry, At home why were you late, Oh yeah, I had told him exactly what happens and the boss said Look it doesn’t matter now Just be careful OK, Yes boss sorry, it's all good let's get back. Grabbing the drinks we walked back to the table and sat down, The boss raised his glass and made a toast then said let's have a good night and enjoy my celebration. We all toasted our glass and agreed, Few minutes later the waitress came over ' Would you like to order, The boss asked everyone to place their order To the waitress what you want and I'll pick up the check, I turned to the waitress with an interesting look. Well if that's the case can I everything on the menu as I giggled gently The boss looked at me in curious just joking Sarcasm people, I gave my order to the waitress and then the others followed behind.

Dave couldn't make up his mind what he wanted and that waitress was waiting for me to order The boss told Dave to hurry up, OK, I'll just have the steak and chips thank you, What sauce would you like,

Just give me chili sauce please, OK I'll bring it out when it's ready, The waitress walked off as Dave purged on her ass, Your disgusting Sandy replied What, Dave replied with a smirk and giggle, Sandy looked away in disgust throwing her nose up in the air, Dave and I stared at each other I shook my head when chuckled.

We talked and made conversation giggling and enjoying our self Sandy was the first one to get drunk she only had a few But her attitude started to relax more and being open to talking to Dave and I giggle whenever the boss made a funny remark, I stared at Dave and he started to laugh at Sandy because she started to snort when she laughed.

I was curious about where the food as we had ordered about an hour ago, I was about to get up and find out where was our meals but then the waitress walked out from the back and brought our dinner.

Dave needed to pee he asked Excuse Phil I need to drain the lizard, What, you heard me I need to go to the toilet, But dinners arriving, Well so is my urine replied Dave Caring I answered as I stood up moving out of the way so Dave can go Thank you, I watched Dave walked off towards the bathroom as I sat back down.

The Boss and I were talking When Sandy said excuse me I have to powder my nose OK the boss said, Keep it warm for me Sandy asked Oh I will don't worry, Chuckling to her self realizing what the boss had said Sandy replied You cheeky bugger, The boss smiled when Sandy hurried to the bathroom.

I stared at the boss as he was watching Sandy, He turns towards me Oh sorry Phil didn't mean that to say that in front of you, I shook my head It's OK I'm not ashamed, You know Sandy and I are, Yeah I already know, Ooh you do, Yeah and so does Phil So don't worry we care Its any of our business, Oh OK the Boss shook his head grinned started to make small talk with me as we had a conversation.

Staring at the boss I glanced out the window notice dark shadowy clouds appearing over the sky, The waitress came over placing our dinner on the table then walked away,

Dave walked by her ' back to the table sitting down as Sandy arrived back.

We sat around the table eating and drinking laughing through the night, hours had passed Sandy excused her self Excuse me I need to go to the bathroom, OK dear, Sandy stood up as the Boss went to the bathroom.

Sandy sat back down ignoring Dave and me as we talked to one Another, The storm was getting bad Lighting struck as the sky roared, The boss came back from the bathroom standing in front of the table Sandy stood up to let him in as The boss sat back down.

Sitting and talking for an hour or two the tavern s about to close and we were having our last drinks when a loud thundering clap interrupted our night.

Dave jumped wiping him a fright as Sandy quickly grabbed onto the bosses arm, The sky rumbled loudly and the thunder roars " Bang, Lighting strikes' We all looked out the window Lighting flashed brightly ' then the wind started to pick up.

Starring out the window I notice the wind was getting stronger paper was blowing across the road branches were falling from the trees and the street lights started to flicker.

Sandy reacted in worry It's dark out there and the 'storm is getting worse I think we Better called it a night, Yeah your right Sandy, The boss agrees if that’s the case we better get going. The boss sculled his last drink when I watched him Sandy had already finished hers, Dave stared over noticing the bartender was locking windows and doors,

Looks like the pub is closed - the bartender is locking the place up, I also looked around as I finished my drink.

OK then - Let's get going, Placing my glass on the table I stood up and checked my time The boss looked at Sandy Do you want me to take u home Yes, please! Thank you. Sandy s, good upas Dave and I looked at each other.

It was just past midnight and we had slowly made our way to the front door we paid our respects to the bartender saying our Thank you ' When the bartender replied “ Anytime Have a good night, I stopped in front of the staring at Dave standing beside me, “What are you waiting for - just open the door, But look - Look how bad it is, It's only rain and lighting I told him, it's a storm, I sighed and replied, Maybe - theirs not lets say its not their, Dave looked at me in confusion, “What, Never mine I said.

Dave stared at me with a curious look knowing I can see his reflection in the glass. Thinking I wasn’t making sense,

Sandy said to the Boss “ Babe I think we should wait for awhile – It looks bad, Yeah he agreed – wait here, Where are you going, Sandy asked, The boss walked off, approaching the bartender shaking his hand thanking him for the night as Sandy smiled at him” Thank you, We might just wait a few more minutes until it dies down, Sure of course the bartender agreed.

The boss walked backed over “ Ok just wait for awhile, Five minutes past, It felt like half an hour, I don’t think it’s slower down we should try to run for it, Dave said. The Boss cursed f##k it lets go it, Phil get ready to open the door, Ok, I grabbed the door, ready to open it, Placing my hands on the handle The Boss counted to three the I pushed the open,

We stepped out onto the footpath, standing looking out into the storm, Looking as we said our good buys, The Boss looked around and said Well boys Be careful and get home safe, We will see you later have a good night - oops sorry have a good morning. Dave and I smiled back at each other, Thanks boss - see you later stay safe, The Boss and Sandy walked away, Dave took a few steps forward before turning around, Hey Phil, Would you like to have one more drink with me, I stopped on the footpath staring at him, shrugging my shoulders” sure why not.

I watched The boss and Sandy holding hands as they walked away, Whistling for a taxi that was driving by, The rain came pouring down as the gust of wind was blowing, Sandy got into the taxi the Boss had stopped turning back as he watched Phil and I walk away with a smirk on his face.

“Phil, I’m going to take you to one of my favourite special place where I promised you will have the best time of your life, Smiling with a big grin I thought that smile wasn’t normal and Dave was up to something, I think I’m recruiting regretting it al ready. We arrived at a place called the Hook-up bar were all sorts of people come to mingle and get together, Walking inside Dave took me straight up to the bar ordering drinks we stood there staring around when Dave said See Phil this is a place where you come to have fun, I looked around and moaned Yeah looks great - Music is loud too, Oh Yeah, That's the best way, Dave replies.

Come on let's go and find some seats, Oh; I replied as I followed him. Dave showed me the way I'm not much a nightclub Person. I don’t Get out, but for this one time, I defined go out I, which I didn't. Anyway, we found some seats. Dave called out ' Over their come quick; We sat down around a small table next to the window as you could see the storm brewing.

Staring out the window, I noticed it started to rain. The storm was over us. I hope we won’t get stuck here Dave asked, We will be find I told Dave, Taking the last sip from his drink Dave replied”, Bloody hell, What, I finished my beverage, Don’t worry, we are not going anywhere; go and get another one, Yeah! I will, I told him, take your time, there’s no rush, “ I’m going to get another one, OK, Dave stood up walked back to the bar to get another drink; I watched him approaching the bar as I turned to look Out outside.

Dave arrived at the bar ordering another drink as he glanced back at me noticing, staring out the window; coming back, He sat down as I stared outside, It’s getting bad out there, It’s picking up,

Don’t worry about the weather, Phil; oh, I'm not. It's, it’s just here, Never minds, forget it, Dave stared at me curio, usually, when I steered back, I raised my glass. Let's toast; To what he asked, I don't know - Maybe to our future and all the fine women we will get tonight, I’ll drink to that, Phil replied. We clanked our glasses’ Ding, The sound of the noise dinging together we sculled our drinks.

Later in the night, The time was 2:03 am there. were fewer people in the night club Dave glanced around the women who had gone, and he was disappointed; I told Dave I was going outside to get some fresh air, But he decided he had enough, so we left the club.

Standing outside under her, later protecting us from the rain was coming down gently a cool breeze was settling in ‘ I looked around with Dave sta. Ending beside each other When the doors behind closed.

Turning around, we saw the bouncer closing the door. Have an excellent morning fellow's, Thank you we replied, Phil I'll see you at work, Yeah for sure, Have a good morning thanks for coming out with me, Anytime I applied. We shook hands and said our goodbyes when Dave smiled and walked off down the footpath.

Be careful, I told him; Dave turned around, nodding his head with a grin Walking down the footpath.

I looked around; up to the sky, Watching the rain come down, I gazed upon Dave one more time before walking away in the other direction.

I reached the corner on Albert street ' Walking standing there getting we when I spotted a small tin shelter cover across the road, Looking both ways, I ran across the road, getting undercover.

Hiding underneath t; then the roof, the sound of rain rapidly hitting the tin was like music, Standing still shaking my self wiping my face, I placed my hands in pockets to keep them warm; the rain sprinkled, Staring all around puddles of water covered the road, A light post was halfway down the alleyway but it was di. The light flicked on and off.

The dark dense alleyway was freaky darkness covered the whole area the light wasn't enough to shine through, It looked freaky ' Scary as you stare down into the dark shadowy Alleyway, I brought out a cough that hurt my chest, The cold chill air was getting colder, something didn’t feel right I stared out, looking around.

I looked up to the Sky, noticing something extraordinary; it was weird. The sky was clear, the stars were out, but it was pouring down rain; I also could see a glow; a Flight was coming from the building, shining through along the wall.

I was amazed and shocked at the same time, thinking to myself what was going on, So I decided to step out walking to the corner, and that’s when I saw the moon behind the building shining brightly—amazed as I was also confused. What’s going on? How is this possible? Then I looked up and? Then the street making sure no one was around.

That’s when I realized the street was quiet; there was no people or cars anywhere; there was no sound; there was back at the moon; I stared at it with a dull look upon my face, baffled, confused.

I couldn’t understand it; it was raining hard, but it was clear with a full moon; I didn't know what to think of it. I was confused. Maybe I had drunk too much - I am a bit drunk, but still, I'm aware of what's going on. I asked myself; I was dazzled. I Placed my hand out, catching the raindrops hitting my palm.

Out of nowhere, the rain stopped, it disappeared; Vanishing without a trace, Standing Staring up to the sky no clouds were around, I stood confused not sure what I thought, I told myself I need to sleep I was drunk and getting tired.

A bright light appeared shining brightly as I stood staring at the light, It was heading straight for me, I started to worry, The lights got closer And closer. Distant beep echoed through the street ' Getting louder as the sound frightens me,

I jumped out of the way, The car flew by driving at high speed, Bloody insane, crazy who ever was driving.

Watching the vehicle drive fast away in the distance, My heart pounded, I was in shock Taking a deep breath and told myself I need to go home and rest, I started to walk home feeling the cold breeze gently blowing against me as I made my way down the middle of the road.

It was 4:06 am when I Arrived home, walking in headed straight to the bedroom collapsing face down on the bed, I was that tired I went straight to sleep Didn't bother having a shower or even stinking so bad, I couldn't be bothered I was out like a light; Lucky for me it was the weekend so I didn't need to go to work next day, So I tried to sleep in.

I slept all day partly through the night, when I woke up the next morning, It must've been around 10:30 pm when I stared at the time' Opening my eyes I woke up and boy didn't I had a hungover, My head was pounding a headache was upon me, I laid in bed for a few minutes covering my face with my hands before I decide to get up.

Looking around staring up to the ceiling it felt like the room was spinning I wanted to vomit,

“ Can some body stop the room from spinning, I couldn't handle it, I closed my eyes for a minute until I was ready to open them. Moaning with a sigh I slowly and gently open my eyes grabbing the bed sheet' bracing it with my hands clinched to it tightly.

Very slowly I sat up and took my time as I sat at the edge of the bed. Waiting for a few seconds to collect my self I stood up trying to keep balance, stumbling to the bathroom, holding onto the wall, reaching out to grab the door I made my way into the bathroom Stripping off my clothes.

I smelt the odour on my body " My gosh, That's disgusting, I bloody stink, Placing my clothes in the basket I turn on the faucet getting in reacting quickly “ Bloody hell its cold screaming and turning on the hot water I nearly slipped over,

Turning the hot water on I got the Temperature right, the water was nice and warm I sighed drowned myself as the warmth covered my body. Standing there placing my hands on the wall I tilt my head back letting the water hit my .face, ,I Washed my face and cleaned my self feeling a lot better, closing my eyes, I started to wash my self.

When I got out of the shower I grabbed my towel, drying myself as I tied it around my waist, deciding on a shirt, I placed one on, I walked out to the kitchen grabbing the kettle, Filling it up, placing it on the stove.

Opening the cupboard, I grab a cup, placing a teaspoon of coffee and sugar in the mug. Waiting for the kettle to boil, I Placed my hands on the bench, Standing their leaning against the bench yawing as I cover my mouth.

Starring out the window looking into the night, I gazed upon the lights of apartments shining dim, I take a moment to take breath in, feeling calm and relax The way I should be.

I turned back around noticing the time on the wall, 11:05 pm. The kettle comes to a boil, I poured the water into the cup Stirring it around as I take sip, AR – that hits the spot, The warm taste of coffee hitting the back of your throat “ AR, that’s What I needed.

I grabbed some biscuits out of the pantry” Ginger nuts, My favourite, to have with my coffee, I walked over to the back door, taking a peek outside, then I walked over to the lounge. placing the cup down on the table.

Leaning forward to Grab the remote switching on the TV, flickering through the channels trying to find something to watch, I found a movie.

Watching T.V, I drank my coffee thinking this was a boring show, A old show that actors can’t act on channel 6, Sitting they're getting bored I throw my head back.

Shaking my head, I notice a glow on the ceiling, Noticing it was coming from the hallway, I sit up wondering where it came from, The glow was coming from the hallway; I stood up, staring down, “What is going on - What is that? There were three ways to choose from, Straight ahead or left and right.

Not knowing which way to go, I decided to go straight ahead towards the red glow ' Not sure if it was the right thing to do, I walked down the hallway briskly, noticing there were brown wooden doors on both sides of the hallway, they looked ancient and each one I tried to open them, But they were locked.

Turning the handles to see if they would open, one door was unlocked. All of the other doors were locked ' I standing feeling it was supposed to be only this door; at the end of the hallway, I approached the last entry; the only entrance was in front of me; I turned around noticing the hallway was stretched far, suddenly The wooden doors started to disappear, the hallway came flying towards me.

I felt strange, Not sure what was going on, It felt like it took me ages to get down here, but it didn’t; a cold chill ran down my spine. I stood still feeling nervous as I stared at the handle Sighing, But time was running out the hallway was closing in, I grabbed the door nob turning it, Opening the door, Then noticed I was outside in the car park.

The door closed behind me; I stood staring out, scoping the area Knowing something was wrong. Turning back around to go inside, the door wasn’t there, “ Where did it go? It looked like it wasn’t even there; a brick wall was covering where the door was.

I took a couple of steps back looking up staring up to the building, Confused, scratching my head, I turned around walking down the stairs, everything looked strange it didn’t feel right, something differently wasn't right,

I thought to myself what is going on, Looking around everything was still, I tried to find my way back inside but the door was nowhere to be seen, I breathe heavily taking a few deep breaths, starting to get worried, Then out of no where a voice appeared, In the distance calling out, Someone called out my name " Phillip " I looked around couldn't see anyone; again the voice called out " Phillip, What are you doing, " Where was that voice coming from I asked.

Scoping the area I couldn’t see anyone, I looked around a couple of times, staring at the building, I stared at the windows, high above, I couldn’t see anyone; where did that voice come from? Curious as I was, walking around, when all of a sudden, a door appeared. “I’m sure that wasn’t there before, walked p to the door feeling nerves but I didn’t hesitate, opening the door I looked inside gazing at the brightness, the light was so blinding I had to block the light shining in my face.

Taking a step inside, I slowly entered when the door closed; the light was bright, piecing as I covered my eyes, raising my hand, I feel my way around through the bright light.

All of a sudden a sound of a ding came from the left of me, “ Ding, The lift door slides open, The lift, I replied. Making my way to the lift I walked in, The doors closed as I stare at the crack between the door, Hesitating to press the button after I experienced it before The glow shines through when the lift starts to move.

Not sure what floor I’m going to but the light had disappeared, the lift had stopped three floors down, When the doors open I decided to get off. Standing in the hallway I watched the doors closed when a neighbour Mrs Dean who is a elderly woman who lives alone, lives a couple of doors down from me arrived pressing the button for the lift.

Mrs Dean said to me in a crackly voice Hello dear, how are you? I didn't want to be rude, so I smiled and replied I'm fine, thank you, Mrs Dean smiled back and said, that's good dear, The Doors opened, Mrs, Dean walked in stood on the left of the lift, I froze, Standing still when Mrs Dean asked again. Excuse me, dear. Are you getting in? I was Hesitated a first, But I stepped in.

I would be lying if I didn't, I felt unsure of hoping in but I slowly walked in entering the lift.

Standing beside her she looked at me with a smile ' I smiled back to be nice Then she said the strangest thing, Don't worry dear don't be scared, Sorry I said, The lift won't break down I've been catching the lift for twelve years and it has never broken down, I didn't say anything, I just kept quiet nodding my head as the doors closed,

I closed my eyes for a second, Mrs Dean said are you OK Raymond, I thought to myself how did she know my name, I Didn’t answer back. I kept quiet," Ding " The lift arrived at our floor, Mrs Dean got out, walking out down the hall; knowing I was still in the lift; I stood there for a second; ' “ are you getting out of the lift? She asked, responding, Yes, I am stepping out walking towards my front door.

Placing my key in the hole, I turn to look at Mrs Dean; realising she was gone, I frowned, wondering where she went; she was there a minute ago, But gone the next.

Opening the door I stepped inside, Walking to the centre of the room’ I felt very strange and unease, Not sure what I felt all I know my stomach was hungry. It rumble out loud’ feeling hungry, I looked down speaking to my stomach, Making myself breakfast, after all I had been through, I went over to Jim and stared down at the glass, pouring myself half a glass, taking a gulp soothing my throat I placed the glass back on the table.

Walking into the kitchen Making bacon and eggs, I know my stomach needed food, Making breakfast cooking away, I couldn’t wait to feed my appetite. Serving my food and sitting down at the table, I told my friend it’s ready to eat.

Grabbing the glass, I took hold, staring down as I swirled Jim around; I shouldn’t be drinking this early but who cares, After breakfast I decided not to do to much, sit around all day, or maybe do some washing, Maybe sit on the lounge for awhile and watch some TV.

The day went slow ' I took my time doing housework around the house, Spend more time watching TV relaxing while the day drags on, Hours went by, I found myself out on the balcony. The evening came, The sun was setting in the distance, Day turn into night, I found myself sitting on the veranda, looking out towards the city. The moon came out, shining high above, the sky was clear, I looked up to the stars spotting a satellite going by earth.

A cool breeze came through' Sitting on my chair looking over to the city, Relaxing, Noticing I had forgotten something, “ Jim, I remembered, it was time to have another J; I I stood up, walking over to the side table, pouring myself a glass.

Stepping back outside, I stood grabbing the ra gripping with one hand as I held Jim in the other, taking an s, IP I stared out across the river, looking around, listening to the city’s traffic. Enjoying the atmosphere feeling relaxed, sipping back on Jim, nothing is better than this.

I took a few minutes to reflect on the beautiful scenery, standing there, I brought it all in. Suddenly the phone rang " Ring, Ring, “ Hearing the phone I Rushed back inside, leaving the balcony door open for the cool breeze to come in.

I went to answer the phone, It was the boss. I answered, Hello Phil, It’s me, It’s Me, I know it’s early, but I need you to come in early tomorrow- because I need to give you information about the case you are on, Oh OK -You can tell me now, No I need to talk to you in person - Can't talk about it over the phone, Oh OK, no problem Boss, I’ll see the morning, Yes boss, Goodnight Phil, Good Night.

The boss didn’t sound good, hope I haven’t done anything wrong, I started feeling nerves, Panicking, I have to say, My nerves were shaking in a way how you get for the first time. Beating impulsively, Not sure the boss wanted to scare me or not, If he did' Well good job, It worked.

I have to meet with the Boss tomorrow, Early. so I better go to bed, I was going to have a few drinks and relax but now I can’t do that ‘ I need to prepare myself for tomorrow so i went to bed. No more drinking, need to sleep, I Placed my glass down on the bench, looking at it; what the hell? I have another drink, so I poured a glass of Jim and took it with me into the bedroom placing it on the side draw got dressed then went into the covers.

Tucked in ', Sitting up, I reached over, grabbing the glass taking a sip; One after another I threw them back, Minutes later the glass was empty placing the glass down on the draw I laid down starring up to the ceiling closing my eyes waiting to fall asleep.

The Following Morning,

I got up early around 5:06 am getting dressed ' grabbing my stuff I left the apartment closing the door headed off to work, Everything was fine as I walked to work nothing had happened, I arrived walking into the room and the boss was waiting in the office.

Noticing me walking in he gives me a wave signing me to come to the office, Knocking on the office door I asked You want to see me, Don't worry about knocking just come in Sit down we have to talk, Oh OK - What is it, The boss just looked at me with a frown when I reacted by tilting my head back are you alright boss.

Yes, everything is fine, I just need to talk to you about the case you on this guy named Joan Cain, Oh ok -What is it, Well it's that you haven't finished your file on this guy - you should've been finished a week ago, I looked at the Boss with a confused look, I don't understand of course I finish it, No you haven't even started yet Your court case is coming up and nothing hasn't been done on it, The boss threw the file down in front of me I picked the file up opening it as I noticed nothing wasn't completed any evidence of the sort and no communication with the main suspect, Only statements were written down. I stared down at the file the Boss told me, Joan Cain, who is about to go to jail for a crime that he was committed off, Well I read your file and that's what you think in your report - He is Innocent and proof that he hasn't committed the crime, I'm positive he didn't do it, Your positive, Yes of course - I believe he is innocent and I’m going to do what I can to stop him going to jail, Ok' That's good. I felt something wasn't right and I wasn't sure what to say next. I believe you can do it, But there is a piece of the puzzle you need to close this case for good, oh what's that,This, The Boss reached into his drawer and pulled out an envelope. Throwing it in front of me he tells me to open it. I stared at him for a second and he nodded his head I opened the envelope Looking inside pulling out a picture that shows proof that he did murder his wife and the other victims, I was lost for words didn't know what to say, It took me a few minutes to say anything when I sat there staring at the picture, Are you ok Phil, My boss asks, Yum yeah I guess, I looked up and the boss sat there staring at me with a sharp look in his eyes. I have to say something so I said What the hell is this I asked, Yeah that's right I wanted to see your reaction, your client is dirty he did it someone saw him and they took photos of him while Committing the crime. I said to my boss who was it, But the Boss didn't reply he just said you don't need to know, Taking a few deep breathes in, I replied.' Bloody hell, what should I do? I'm speechless; who is the witness I just said I couldn’t know, but the person has been taking care of, What - What do mean, Give me the picture, I started to think what he meant by that, I handed the painting back to him. The boss brought his other hand up as he held a lighter in his hand, lighten the Photo on fire, the image burned.

What are you doing - We can't do that – That’s evidence, Not anymore; what, I stared at him in confusion. Staring back at me, Boss, He told me, you didn't see it. If anyone asks you about it or tries to get information about it you say you don't know anything about it OK, Starring back at him in silence Shaking my head Phil did you hear me, studded as I spoke Yes Boss sure no worries, Good ' Now this is essential. Weren’t and never had lost a case, so I want to keep it like that, so I need you to focus, Don't think about it, OK.

We need to win this case, and stuff like that what pops up around the place can't hang around; there is a lot of money on this case, and we have to win, so do your best to make him innocent and win the issues we can get that bonus, Listening carefully, Are you listening to me, Yes Boss, the Boss Told me more Details everything to know, Now listen very carefully to what I’m about to say ok, Shaking my head agreeing what he Is saying, I couldn't get the picture out of my head, I wish I never saw it ' The Boss said Phil promise me you will stay focused and win the case - It is essential to the firm, and it will benefit our profit margin, Oh -ok, yeah for sure don't worry Boss I got it, Great - Oh there's one more thing, Yes' the case has been pushed forward you’re going to court on Wednesday, so you need to talk to your innocent man and make sure he understands the details. What’s going on and be ready for it also Make sure you don't tell him that you saw the picture he isn't aware If that he doesn't know about the image, you might have to play it cool, Ok Boss, alright, told me him. A question I had to ask the Boss was, Boss There is one more thing I need to ask, Sure what is it, Well That's going to be hard to stand there talking to him when I know he is a cold-blooded killer, he might pick up something is wrong, Well you better make sure he doesn't find out - Don't care what you do get it done, The boss also said make anything can happen at any time, especially on the day, so be ready, Yes of course but don't worry; I have thin my pocket. It will be fine; The Boss smiled chuckled. You sound like me. Cocky, I chuckled slightly as I tried to hide my fear, Smiling with a grin nodding my head When the Boss replied I like that, Well I think that’s it, Go now and finish the report, Yes, of course, I better get started, Standing up, I pushed the chair in as the Boss watched me leave the room; when I turned around to look back at me The Boss was straight on the phone-I wasn’t sure who he was calling and I, didn’t want to know, so I arrived back at my desk sitting down, opening the file about to start work. Then I thought, better get some food first. I'm getting hungry after what I went through. Dave rolled over to my desk on his chair and said, are you ok? It looks like you saw a ghost; what - Who you mean, well you came. Out of the office and didn't look ok. Are you sure your ok, Of course, I am, I bet you hungry that's it right, hungry, Yeah I haven't; Breakfast yet, That's great Let's go downstairs get some breakfast b because I'm starving, I smiled. Sounds great. Why not Dave and you stood up and walked Out of the office as I glanced over. Are the office is starring the boss. The Boss looked back at me as I gave him a grin before leaving the office and making our way down to the lobby.

Standing in line I was behind the Boss as we ordered our coffee and food, The boss brought him, and then I ordered mine I had a coffee and toasted sandwich Knot as you care, The boss waited for me near the entry when I walked towards him; I felt the unease of the conversation we had in the office about my defendant I couldn't get my head around it, Now he wants me to make sure he is free released back on the streets after what he had done, It got me thinking a lot my brain wouldn't stop circling the picture.

Anyway, I'm trying to stay focus I better not let the Boss see I'm uncomfortable or having second thoughts about this case, It might cost me my job so I better just do my best to hide what I'm thinking and feeling when I approached him we got into the lift and the doors closed as we ride up towards the floor, The boss turns to me and said Are you OK Phil You don't like well Your not thinking about that picture are you, I quickly reacted looking right at him Oh of course not, But I was lying - How did he know that how did he know I was thinking about it he must've read me very well, Look Phil I understand if you are but try not too OK just try to think if something else and sooner what you think you will forget it, It works for me, easy for you to say, I thought to myself.

The lift doors open and we walked out as Sandy and Dave were in their seats in the main room, the Boss greeted everyone and I walked in behind him as Dave stared over I nodded my head to sign as Dave nodded back. I stared at Sandy Hi Sandy how are you, But she stuck her nose up at me as she stood up and went into the office, Yep, that's Sandy. The Boss told me to have my breakfast and get some work done to be prepared for the day only got two days to go and it will come quick, Yes Boss, OK go now, thank you, Boss, The boss walked into his office sitting down when Sandy walked in spoke to him.

Dave smiled at me What's going on with you and the boss hey You too dating are you, No of course not He was done at the cafe when I showed up then walked up together, Yeah sure Did you blow each other too, Don't be stupid Dave get back to work, Dave laughed as he places his head down going back to work.

The day was the cruisy time went fast before I knew it the day was over The Boss and Sandy had left early and Dave was Packing up to go home Are you going Phil, I will be just finishing up a few things I'll leave, OK I'll see you tomorrow alright, OK bye, Bye Phil, Watching Dave walking out of the office I gathered my stuff and started to pack, Left the office locking the door behind me as I walked home.

Let me fast forward to Wednesday The day of my court day, It's 8:35 Wednesday morning I was at the courthouse Standing outside with Dave as we waited for the Boss; The Defendant was running late and the Boss was walking up the path, Morning Boss Dave said, Morning guys, How are you this morning, Great Dave answered And You Phil I'm feeling a bit nervous Boss ' You will be fine Phil you got this, I believe in you The boss replied Yeah Phil we are behind you Dave said as he patted me on the shoulder, Gee thanks, The boss asked where is your Defendant, I don't know where he is, Well, we better go in I hope he shows up in time The boss said. We were about to walk into the building when I heard a voice yelling out behind me, Wait, Wait for me I turned around as the Boss looked around Staring at me I can see it on my boss's face he wasn't impressed.

Your late, Sorry I was held up, Theirs no need for excuses this is a big day let's go in and sit down, So what's the plan Roger asked me Just sit down and do what I say, what's my chances, Do you believe me, It's not to me to believe you It's the judge, Oh OK, I will do what I can to help everything will be alright just sit there, Oh OK.

I was at the front table and The Boss and Dave were sitting behind a fence not far from me, The judge walked in a police guard replied Please stand, We all stand up until the judge sat down then he says Please sit.

Feeling nerves I turn around staring at the Boss Staring back with a firm look, The boss gave me the thumbs up whispering you got this, I stay calm and waited for the judge to speak then the judge smoke the trial is starting The judge called me up and I stood up started to speak.

Now I can go through and tell you everything about the court case and the information but it's confidential and if I did then I'll be breaking protocol, So for security and safety reasons I can't share that information I'm sorry all I can say is that I was doing OK and as we went through our first quarter before the break the boss was happy with my performances.

Excuse me if I skip forward a bit, The case was strong and there were arguments throughout the day ' I stood there at one point frozen couldn't speak when the conversation with the picture smudged in my brain, I couldn't get it out of my head The judge looked at me in concern as I turn back to the Boss in a weird way.

The boss stared back frowning at me when I turn back to the judge and he asked Are you OK, I stared at him paused for a second then said Yeah I'm fine, By the end of the day, My boss was concerned about me the time Came for the verdict it was nerve-racking My heart was racing ' pounding as I started to get nervous.

A headache was pounding in my head when the Judge called the jury on their verdict, One of the verdicts stood up reading out the verdict for my client ' By the time it came to an end the result had come through. My client Roger Clarkson was a free man I stood silently head down as Roger padded me on the back and grabbed my hand as he shook it, I stared at Roger as he smiled and said thanked me and then turned to my boss shaking his hand rapidly Thank you so much, Don't thank me thank Phil he did the work. I looked over to the other side and saw the faces of the victims Before turning around staring at my Boss as we shook hands, Well done Phil I knew you could do it. I smiled back but I wasn't feeling right I felt different like it shouldn't happen like after what I've seen, We walked out the court as everyone congratulating me on my win Even Sandy congratulated me but I knew it was just an act.

Exiting the courthouse hundreds of photographers and media People were around, I freaked out ' shocked as I noticed them all. The swan intercepted our boundary shoving microphones and tape cameras in our faces.

One reporter asked What happen in court what can you tell us, How did he get free, and why you wanted to represent him; The boss told me to stay calm look happy ' Stay focus, let me deal with it, My boss stopped in front of me and told the reporters that All I can tell you is that He was found not guilty, and charges were dropped. He is free to go. The reporters tried to ask more questions, but my boss had shut them down. Sorry, no more questions. Turning to stare at me, The boss grabs the defendant by the arm, pushing through the media as I followed the Boss, moving through the crowd.

I listened to my Boss as we all approached the car forcing the defendant into the car, Closing the door, We got in the car together and left the court house.

Later in the evening, Back at the office; We were all sitting around the main room, I was drinking rum and celebrating with my client Roger Clarkson. The Boss was talking to my client, I watched the Boss grabbing him on the shoulder and patting him as they talked and laughed.

Roger was happy he was so relieved that he was a free man ' I sat on the edge of the table when I watched Roger, and The Boss talked and laughed.

Sitting there watching Roger listening to what he was saying, I wasn't feeling the joy and happiness, Maybe because of what I saw.

I don't know what to say or feel I just know it was wrong, I just sat there and kept quiet as I stared at my defendant; Roger was happy he couldn't stop laughing; chugging on rum, walking over to the table and poured another glass, I heard the Boss say my name.

Turning around, I Raised my glass when the Boss got up and walked over to me, placing his arm around me, and stared back at Roger. He said to Roger, " Thank Phil for the work that he had done. He takes all credit. He is the one who had done this; I pretended to be happy by putting on a happy face. I shook my head as I took a sip from the glass, I and said Thank you.

The Boss walked back to Roger sat next to him as I pretended to be happy; I tried but couldn't. I thought about the picture; I just smiled, pretending to be satisfied, hoping the boss didn't pick up something wrong.

Roger was overwhelmed and said I want to go and celebrate, probably let's go to the bar; The Boss reacted Yes, we should. Why are we here? I know a place not far from here. It's called the Golden dragon; that sounds great. Let go, Roger answered.

OK, then let's go then; we gulp our drinks and the boss wrapped his arm around Roger as they walked out Sandy followed behind smiling when Dave turned to me and said Are you OK Phil, Oh Sorry, Are you OK you don't like happy is something wrong,

No - oh no I'm fine I'm good, Are you sure, Yeah I'm fine, OK Dave said as we walked out of the office.

When we arrived at the Golden Dragon tavern The Boss and Roger had a friendly fight over about who's buying the first round of drinks, First time I saw the Boss he lost in a conversation ' He gave in to Roger and we all sat around the table as Roger came back with the first round of drinks, I sat staring at the boss when he stared back at me He had this look on his face I've never seen before Its like a look of concern.

Roger sat opposite to The Boss and passed all our drinks, We talked and drank when Roger stood up and spoke ' He said a great speech but the sound of his victorious voice and laughter had a strange vibe about it. This is for freedom and a new beginning, Roger replied as he raised his glass we all raised our glass when the boss turns to me again and had that look again, At this time I knew the boss was trying to tell me something and making contact with our eyes, The night went on we ordered food and drank Celebrating a hard day's work.

Hours had passed and the golden eagle was closing The manager came up to the table ' Sorry everyone sorry we are closing soon, The boss Answered Sure no worries, What why we are celebrating here, I know but we are just finished for the night sir, Roger aggressive grabbing the managers shirt pulling him What did you say, The boss reacted quickly I'm sorry Roger its all good we go find another place it's all right, Roger let go of the shirt and the manager stood back in shock when the Boss told us to come on let's go we have to go, Standing up Roger mumbled and cursed as we started to walk towards the main door.

Outside we stood on the tavern walking together when we all stood on the footpath talking when Dave said We'll I'm going home I'll see you later, The boss said OK Dave no worries see u later Roger got frustrated What where is he going we suppose to celebrate Bloody disrespectful.

It's OK we can go and still celebrate don't worry, I was getting tired and feeling a hit sick so I told the boss ' Boss I'm going to do the same I'm not feeling well Roger stared at me called me a pussy but I ignored it.

The Boss said OK nodded his head as I turn around about to walk off, Then all of a sudden Roger went off his nut What's wrong with you people you are all pussies we should be celebrating I stared at Roger knowing he was drunk but the language and attitude was getting worse He started to curse and walked away The Boss tried to call him back as He walked towards him But Roger stumbled onto the road The Boss said to him come here let's go up the road and spend time in the night club, I said my goodbyes to my boss as he turned around and waved Roger gave me the finger cursing at me but It didn't bother me I just turn around and walked off.

The Boss and Sandy walked off with Roger when Dave walked off in the other direction, I turn around took a couple of steps when I heard a loud speeding vehicle approaching I turn to gaze upon noticing the boss was trying to get Roger off the road.

The car flew by me I screamed out Boss Watch out, turning around the Boss grabbed Sandy pushing her away when suddenly Roger turned to spot the car The bright lights shines from the headlights blinded Roger as he raised his hand to block the light All of a sudden it was to late he was struck by the car smashing the windscreen then rolling off over the front windscreen hitting the pavement hard as the vehicle drove away. I ran forward yelling out the vehicle didn't stop, Sandy screamed when the Boss watched in shock.

Sandy screamed as she saw what happened to grab the bosses arm, The boss stood watching Rogers body laying in the street as he held Sandy, Dave heard the screams and came backstopping on the corner notice what had just happened I turned back to Dave as he stared back before freaking out and walking away disappearing around the corner.

My heart was pounding, I took a deep breath in. I ran over to the middle of the road standing a few meters away looking down over at Roger's body, Knowing he was deceased Sandy was crying when the boss told her not to look and tried to calm her down Then the boss let go of Sandy stepping onto the road looking over to me then stared down at Roger's deceased body.

We stood standing over the body, I pulled out my phone about to make the call for the ambulance.

The boss placed his hand on my shoulder and said You seen enough, I'll make the call you go home get some rest, Are you sure, Yeah Go home, I stood they’re looking down for a second before turning to Sandy, noticing she was shaken and crying. We all stared down at the lifeless body; I couldn't believe it; We were partying having a good time when all of a sudden this happened.

You don't know when your time is up. Life has a limit; Anything can happen at any time.

The Boss told me to go home. "Phil, Go home. I couldn't say anything, only staring at him with a dull look; Phil – Go home, I'll take care of this; what about Sandy, I asked. She will be ok I'll take care of her' go home.

I nodded my head then turned, walking away along the path as I turned back, watching the Boss holding her as she cried on his shoulder.

My mind was racing; thoughts ran through when I walked along; signs echoed in the distance when an ambulance was rushing to the scene; I looked up the road noticing the red glow flickering and getting more prominent as the vehicle approached.

I quickly ducked into the shadows near the building when the ambulance flew by; watching the ambulance arriving at the scene, I walked around the corner, stopping leaning against the wall placing picking my head around from the building,

When two QAS Queensland Ambulance Service got out, they grabbed their equipment and walked over to the body.

One QAS checked the pulse of the male, But they looked at each other when one shook his head, signing there's nothing,

Noticing the body also had a broken neck they couldn't save, they placed a long white sheet over the body as Sandy cried, starring when the Boss turned her away, covering her face.

One QAS officer stood up. Turning to The Boss, " I'm sorry theirs nothing we can do; the Boss sighed! I know, scared and shaken Sandy was The Boss looked at her " Are you ok, Yes, I'm here ok - I got you, I watched The boss kiss Sandy on the lips and held her When the QAS said we couldn't move the body until the police arrive, Of Course, the Boss said.

I didn't want to watch anymore, so I turned back around, leaning against the wall;

I was tilting my head up, Looking up at the stars twinkling in the night sky.

I spotted a shooting star zooming by,

I closed my eyes and made a wish; Opening them to see a police car arriving on the scene, I glanced back to see the area filled with lights.

The police vehicles lights, blue and Red brightened the area; The police officer who arrived on the scene noticed The body and called in back up over the radio.

The officer spoke to The boss, not sure what was said, but I had decided to leave, walking away into the shadows; I’m not sure what else happened when I left, so I only can tell you so much about what I had witnessed.

I walked away along the middle of the street; I could hear sirens’ behind me, echoing through town. Across the sirens’ sounds, I walked, making my way towards the park.

The leaves on the tree blew softly as I walked along the cement pathway; I couldn’t believe it, I needed to sit down ‘ My legs were feeling weak, I sat on a bench looking over the water near the river; my heart was pounding fast ‘ I took a deep breath started to get a headache knowing I had too many drinks I wasn't feeling the very best; My stomach was in pain like I was about to vomit, but I held, it in, I think I was going into shock - if I wasn't already there.

I took some time To reflect, So I sat down for a few minutes, Looking over staring towards the river I saw a fairy ( city cat) going by, creating waves along the way, I Felt more sick. I started to vomit, turning my head’ leaning over vomiting onto the grass. Again and again I vomited; I looked up staring at the waves crashing into the shoreline, Listening to the sound of the crashing waves, I had stopped vomiting, sitting up wiping my mouth as I placed my hand on my face, Feeling dizzy; I can feel my head pounding when a headache came on.

I sat on the chair for fifteen minutes before deciding to Stand up, Wiping my mouth with my sleeve, My shirt was a mess it smelt bad, I decided to take It off, Throwing it in the trash. My mind couldn’t stop thinking of the accident how terrifying it was, got me thinking. Not knowing when something will happen at any time; You’re born, grow up - then your die - you don't know When your time is up, You need to ask yourself the question, how long do you have on this Earth.

I know what you're thinking, your telling me, don't think about death, Don't worry about It; I Know, but you can't help when something like this happens right in front of you. It affects you suddenly, but your right. I Shouldn't be thinking about it at all.

It could've happened to any of one of us we don’t know, But we do have to go on and enjoy life whatever it means, It's going to be hard to forget this, but I’ll try too’.

Anyway, let’s going, I walked through the park, the images of the accident played in my mind as I couldn’t shake them out, Walking along I couldn’t even stop them.

I finally reached my apartment block, Entering the lobby, Feeling a little better, not so dizzy and nauseous; I finally got in the lift and went up to my apartment; the lift doors rang “ Ding “ The doors opened. I walked in, taking the lift. Up to My floor, I arrived at My front door opening as I entered the apartment. Closing the door behind me walking right to the side table against the wall, grabbing the glass it Pouring myself a Jim.

Pouring it straight down my throat, I Poured another, sculling that one too; I stood there staring at the view, knowing I was 12 floors up I felt unease uncomfortable feeling like I Was about to fall, I stepped back away from the rail letting go as I decided to go back inside.

Making my way over to the lounge I, laid down on my back with a pillow under my head, Suddenly the phone rings, I Jumped to my fee; If. I’ll see you on Thursday, OK? We will talk then; oh OK, So don't worry about a thing. Take time to reflect and let me know if you need anything; OK boss, Alright, talk to you later. Oh, wait! Yes, How's Sandy? Is she, OK, No she not good; oh sorry, I'll be watching her for a while, Oh OK, Sir - What about the accident, Don't worry about it, everything is OK Its been taking care of, Rest up and goodbye for now. OK Bye! The boss hanged up. I stood there in blank staring gazing upon the wall.

All night I couldn't stop thinking about it; I couldn't even sleep. My mind wouldn't shut off. Days went by, I didn't do anything and didn't go anywhere; I just sat around relaxing Like the boss said, take time to reflect, God knows I tried.

That time came when Thursday arrived I couldn't remember what I'd did in the days I had off but I'm sure it was probably nothing special, arriving at work we never said a word about what happened on that day, Everyone kept to them self’s it wasn’t normal, It felt very uncomfortable.

I remember walking into the main office the boss was in his office talking on the phone Sandy had her face down at her desk still sobbing, what was a bit odd but I understand, I don't blame her. Dave was on his computer typing when I came walking towards him, Dave didn’t even greet me at all, not like he usually does, that didn't bother me I understood since what other week, Sitting down at my desk I place my bag down next to the table and I looked up when everyone even the boss was staring at me, I froze, Thinking to myself “ Why is everyone staring at me, The boss stood up and walked out to the floor standing in front of his door when he made an announcement.

OK everyone listen, I know it has been upsetting for the past few days after what had happened. Yes I'm glad Phil one his case but because of the tragic accident things haven't been the same, “ He has that right, I thought, But We have to move on from here and get back to work, he was right it was sad but we had a job to do, So let's get back to work and do what we do best. Dave can I see you in my office please, I stared over to Dave as he stood up looking back at me, then he walked over to the office. Sandy looked at me then looked away as I caught a glimpse of her in the corner of my eye.

I started to work when Dave arrived back at his desk with a file, opening it, I took a quick glimpse at the picture. A woman, Dave closes the file catches me looking “ What do you think your doing, I didn’t say anything, I left it alone, and went back to work.

The day went slow everyone was busy working; it felt like the day stood still, and the hours weren’t going anywhere; OK, wait, stop for a second, I think I’m dragging on. Let me stop. here and fast forward to a month later’ Oh, don’t worry, you haven’t missed anything, nothing is exciting to talk about, Trust me. Just stay with me here.

It’s Friday morning. I arrived .at work scoping the room when I noticed Dave was sitting in the bosses chair in his office sandy Wasn’t around and even the boss wasn’t here ‘ At this moment, I presume they had the day off or were just late because they were together. Walking around to my desk placing coffee on the table I walked to the office door leaning on the frame. Dave looked very emotional, Frowning as I stared at him; Dave had the phone in his hand. Wait, Phil just arrived; II looked at Dave and asked What’s going on are you OK Dave, Phil I got some bad news to sit down No it's OK to tell me, As I walked in.

Approaching the desk Dave said No! Sit down, Just tell me, Dave, Hesitating for a second I don't know what to say but I'm sorry Phil The boss is dead, What! The boss died this morn; who is that you're talking to, It's Sandy She was with him when it happens, My jaw dropped and I felt weak to my knees I sat down on the chair when Dave told me Sandy said he had a heart attack in bed, No! This can't be happening, It's true I'm sorry Phil, I was shocked I didn't want to believe it, Shaking my head I'm sorry, Dave replied. Can’t believe this, Why is this happening, Thinking to myself last month it was Roger and now it's the boss. Dave and I looked; watched each other in shock as he replied, Sandy, OK! I'm sorry; it’s your loss Goodbye. Dave Hanged up the phone we sat quietly as I shook my head in disbelief, I asked Phil I just don't understand he was fine the other day and now he is gone, Yeah' I don't know what to say, I do say Dave. What, I reckon they were having sex and it was going so good his heart just gave out, Oh my god Dave I just can’t believe you just said that, Well it's true - Some men do have strokes or heart attacks while they have sex it's a science fact, Yes I know, Shaking my head I didn't want to know. But he is right, In my head that wasn't the right thing to say at this time, But that's Dave for you.

Dave walked, out of the office walking back to his desk grabbing his coffee and bag Where are you going I asked. I'm going home; no you can't just stay here. She wants us to stay here, There's no point. He is dead, Besides? Sandy said close the of, face and went home she would contact us later. I stood by the; There’s the door is watching Dave.

If she calls me first before you I'll ring you to tell you what is going on OK, But I'm going home you can stay if you want, but I'm going. Dave walked out of the office as you stepped outstanding in the middle of the room. I looked around, gazing back to his office, staring at his empty chair; I decided to stay in the office. I sat down at my desk feeling upset and disappointed, Not just losing a good Boo but a good friend.

Hours later, the time was 3:15 pm; that’s army hours in the afternoon; the office phone rang. I stood up, rushing over to answer it; hello, It was Sandy; why are you at the office? She asked; I told her I didn't want to leave. I felt like I had to be here, Whatever she replied in a husky voice. I spoke to her for a while, She told me She was taking care of the funeral arrangements, and she would let us know when it would be; then Sandy asked me where Dave was; I told her he had gone home, and she wasn't happy about that. I told her Dave said you said we can go home, No I didn't That lying bastard, she said raising her voice in anger.

Sandy thank me for being there and tried to call Dave, But no answer, Sandy told me Dave suppose to be here but I thought he didn't want to. Dave only thinking of himself, you can't trust him Sandy said.

She wasn’t a happy camper, I spoke to Sandy for the first time in ever, talking for this long it was kind of nice, But I knew it would be the last time as well We had said our goodbyes and hanged up the phone. It wasn't when I realize what time it was staring up at the clock 5:30 pm. 5:30 pm that time already, it went quick.

I stood up grabbing my bag walking out as I turn around staring at the office, Locking the door; I left the building walking along the footpath heading home, Crossing the road down the street, I arrived stopping at the bench where I always sit, Staring across the river; The afternoon disappeared quickly, the sun vanished behind the buildings; The moon raised slowly coming out shining brightly overhead.

Emotionally feeling upset, I never felt like this before a tear rolled down my face. I had never cried before, not for anyone; I felt my heart beating softly but with pain, I don't know what is wrong with me, I never felt like this before I started to feel unwell.

The sky was getting dark, a cool breeze came through' more tears came Flowing out. Darkness surrounds me covering my face so no one can see me crying, Light post shines dimly a few meters away, I Wiped my face ' wiping the tears away.

I looked around but no one was around, Slowly getting to my feet I started to walk making my way home. The city lights shine bright as building reflections flicked in the water below, Arriving home I go straight to the table pouring a glass of Jim, Staring at the glass I decided to drink out of the bottle instead.

Taking the bottle to the lounge I sat down as I took another sip, leaning back staring up to the ceiling I gaze upon the blank space. One after another I drank from the bottle taking sips thinking about my Boss, My eyes were getting watery when a tear rolled down my face, I sat for few hours before falling asleep with the bottle in my hand, Days dragged on and no one went back to the office. A week had passed It was Thursday morning, I was making breakfast when Sandy called me on the phone, She told me the funeral will be held at the overview cemetery ' Just outside of town.

Hi Sandy, Hello Phil, Hi Phil, Sandy replied. Wow she called me Phil, oh Sorry, I'm just ringing you just to let you know about the funeral, OK thank you, I appreciate it, It's Held next Tuesday at 10: 00 in the morning Don't be late CLICK! Sandy hanged up the phone before I had the chance to say anything else.

But I'm amazed she called me Phil, For the next few days I worked from home I didn’t go back to the office, the days went quick; Moving to fast before I knew It, It was Tuesday morning, I was getting ready to go to the Bosses funeral.

When I arrived at the cemetery' There were a lot of people at the funeral, friends family, and a lot of business people, paying their respects.

I saw Sandy sitting on a chair in front of the coffin. Dave was beside her noticing he had placed his hand on her shoulder for comfort. Standing in the crowd looking around The Preacher was talking; Sandy was crying tears rolled off her face as she used a tissue to wipe them, Staring over the coffin I saw a family weeping ' That must be The Bosses family I saw teenagers standing there but I'm not sure if they were his kids.

There is a lady who stood out wearing a red dress She was beautiful She could be his wife, I started to think if you had a wife like that why cheated on her for a slut like Sandy. I shouldn't speak like that it's not right. Yes I know what your thinking have some respect Your probably right it's not my place to judge. Besides what I thought I looked around and noticed a lot of people I Didn't know my boss had such an impact on a lot of people.

The funeral went for an hour and afterward, there was a gathering in the room for tea and biscuits across from where we were, But I wasn't even in the mood for it or even does Dave and Sandy, We stood outside watching everyone talking and making conversation. We just looked at each other and decided to leave the cemetery.

Dave asked me if I'm going to mingle with the people I glanced over I'm not sure Have are you, Hell no I'll be fine - I'm going to do what a normal person would, And that is, I'm leaving, Dave walked off back to his car Sandy didn't even say a word she just left not even saying her goodbyes.

I stood and stared at the people glancing over before heading towards Dave, Walking over Sandy walked back to her car and got in as Dave open his door calling out to Dave" I guess I'll see you later then, Dave looked up Yeah I'll see you later Phil, I'll see you at the office I said to Dave but he only nodded with a grin as he shook his head. We watched Sandy drive off before Dave got in his car.

I waved goodbye to Dave and started walking, Phillip do you want a lift No I'll be fine I'm just going to enjoy the walk back, You sure, Yeah I'm all good, OK! Talk to later, For sure, as Phil shook his head. Dave drove off as I waved goodbye and watched him drive away, Walking along the road I took my time and enjoyed the relaxation of it, Then I realized something I'm too far away from home' Shit - How far am I, I should've got a lift, Oh well I'll just keep on walking.

It took me over an hour when I reached home The cemetery was a fair distance away from what I thought but I'm glad to be home opening the door walking in as I place the keys down on the bench; I Walked over to the balcony door opening it l ting the fresh air in.

I grabbed the glass pouring myself a Jim; Standing out on the veranda hanging on to the rail. I stared across the river looking over to the city watching the night view, Standing feeling the cool breeze against my face I thought about the boss and the times we spent talking, It's going to be hard to go back to work Feeling the emptiness inside. but we still have jobs to do and the boss would want us to keep going.

I know he would want that, what I don't know how long we are going to be there, The boss ran the business so whatever happens, anything can happen, Maybe one of his family might take it over the bushes who knows but whatever happens it could close.

I shouldn't be thinking about that and I'll try not to worry about it, But anyway I stood looking overview when I yawned.

Deciding to sit down I sat on the chair relaxing gulping my Jim as the night drifted on, The following morning I arrived at work walking into the front door ' Sandy was at her desk, She was putting things in boxes and packing. I watched her as I walked around and noticed Dave sitting at his desk, Dave was watching Sandy as I whispered to him what is she doing, Dave looked at me She's packing - it's over, Say something don't let her go, Why! It's her choice Dave replied.

I watched Sandy when I asked her what are you doing, The only thing she said was I'm not staying here there's nothing here for Me, What about the bosses work, I replied. He is dead - Gone - no point plus I'm not staying here with you losers either, I stared at her in a shocking response raising my eyebrow reacting We are not losers - the boss would be very disappointed in you, Who cares she replied As she turns her nose up at me picking up her box walking out the door.

Dave and I just looked at her then stared back at each other when Dave turn to his screen and went back to work; I shook my head I couldn't believe what I heard and saw, Well I wish her the very best I thought, I sat down in my chair sighing when I started working.

The morning went by cruising by like any other day, The time drifted on before it came for lunch. Standing up I turn to Dave and asked it's lunchtime - Are you coming to lunch, Gazing up at me I'll finish this off then I come down, Ok I replied.

I made my way out of the office and down to the cafe Grabbing myself some lunch, Standing in line I was looking at the board deciding what I want to eat; Sitting down near the window where I usually sit I enjoyed my lunch relaxing when I notice Dave coming out of the lift I thought too. My self Here he is, Then Dave didn't come to the cafe he had walked past the cafe and out of the building.

Frowning wondering where he was going I thought he would just be going somewhere else for lunch. Not concerned about what he was doing I had finished my lunch Making my way to the bathroom.

At this point, Dave came back into the building heading back to the office, Exiting the bathroom I went to the lift and pressed the button to the doors, the lift arrived a lady had hoped out as I entered as the doors closed, Standing there as the lift took me to the office floor.

The music was playing listening to the smooth relaxing sound, The lift arrived, Reaching the floor. I exited and walked down the hallway, Entering the office I spotted Dave was taking items off his desk.

Standing near the door I startled him ' What are doing Dave, Reacting quickly in fright. Dave turn around Phil - You scared me, I asked again What are you doing, Dave tried to avoid the question Why are you back so early - You suppose to have an hour for lunch, I decided to come back, Are you leaving. What, where are u going Phil, I'm leaving, Why, It's none of your business as he raised his voice.

OK it's your choice, Yeah that's right it is, Dave grabbed his stuff off the table then he walked towards me. Stopping in front of me Dave looked back at me and said it is not the same here anymore since the boss is gone, Yeah but the Boss wouldn't want us to give up either, Dave stared down at the floor then to the bosses office It's time to move on, I glance at Dave nodding my head as I said We'll, All the best, Thank you - You too Dave - See you around, then Dave walked off out the office as I watched him wait at the lift.

Dave stood looking back at me one last time I know this would be the last time I'll see him. The lift doors open and Dave got it Watching the doors closed Dave was gone I sighed and turned around taking a few steps looked around and stared at the empty desks in the office.

There was nothing but silence in the air, I Stood in the middle of the room knot knowing what to do, It does feel different now since everyone has left. Sitting down on the edge of the table I looked down closing my eyes as I took a breath in, From this day everything will never be the same again.

The boss's death put a deep impact on the business and the staff here, especially those who went to him I wonder how his family is feeling.

I some time and reflect on Sandy and Dave who left and I know in bad times everyone is different in how we cope with things especially with death, there are ones who are strong and keep ongoing, and there's some who just don't have the strength to carry on and leave.

I've heard this before' A saying... it goes like this When the rock that holds everything together is broken the pieces start to weaken...Then it's is gone.

I don't know if any of you have been through this or before, if it hasn't I hope it doesn't happen. But it could, Some point in your life.

It will happen and it will creep up on you like a ghost and you won't expect it, I'm sorry, Am I scaring you l didn't mean to, Let's just keep on going?.

Anyway I stayed at work and kept on working typing away on my computer trying to focus on what I was doing The atmosphere was different I felt in the air. knowing the situation I just kept on going until the afternoon approached, The time was 5:45 pm I gathered my things grabbing my bag when I stood at the door about to close it.

Placing my hand on the switch I looked around gazing back into the office with a disappointed look upon my face The lights went off Closing the door locking it behind me, When I arrived home I placed my bag down on the table walking straight into the shower Standing under the water as it came out of the faucet I placed my hands on the wall feeling the water running down from the back of my head Closing my eyes taking a deep breath in, Feeling relaxed and clean as the water washed away my pain.

Dusk had fallen ' A full moon appears, In the night sky, The beam of light shines brightly as I had just got dressed and walked out of the bedroom; Approaching the side table I poured myself a Jim, Then I slide the balcony door open Walking out to the balcony standing near the rail taking a sip of Jim.

Noticing the full moon I stared up noticing how bright it was, You can see the craters and the shadows on the moon, Taking another sip I stood thinking about Dave and Sandy; Wondering what they are doing at this point my mind was on Sandy How she was towards Dave and me.

When Sandy left that morning I shouldn't even be bothered trying to stop her she wasn't nice I didn't like her at all she was rude, I hated that bitch.

When Dave left I wasn't concerned that much because he only cared about himself and he couldn't handle the pressure, When I saw Dave that day walking out he was acting a bit strange, So that's why he was trying to sneak out on the day ' but it didn't work.

Whatever they are doing now and where they are, I just hope good things have happened for them and they are in peace.

For my boss God bless his soul I'm going to miss him, He has been the best boss ever well he was the only boss I had Ha-ha. Things have changed it is gone so quickly in the few weeks, It's only myself in the office It's hard but theirs nothing I can do about it, maybe I should just close up but I know the Boss wouldn't want that.

I can’t stop working I have come so far where I want to be, All I can do is keep working, work hard Hoping I can get help soon, I can't do it by myself sooner or later I will need the help, So I better look into how to keep this business going especially the Boss.

Standing on the veranda drinking Jim, The cool breeze gently blows across the night sky; hearing the sound of the city, I had just finished my glass, Walking back inside, pouring another glass.

I decided to grab some snacks, placing in a small cereal bowl. I took them out onto the veranda and sat on the chair, Sitting and relaxing as the night drifted on; The breeze was so comfortable I exactly fell asleep with Jim In my hand.

The following morning ' I woke up with the burning heat from the sun blasting onto my face; sweat ran down my face. I got up, kicking The empty glass on the ground, smashing it into pieces when I walked into the bathroom; Washing my face under the faucet; Drying my face, I walked back outside; noticing the glass over the floor, I grabbed the dustpan picking up the glass then went inside; To get out of the burning sun, Placing the glass in the sink I, walked into the bathroom and washing my face.

Drying my face, I placed the towel down then walked back out to the lounge room, I am placing myself on the lounge; Sighing as I took a breath in, I sat back and relaxed ' Didn't do a bloody anything at all.

Grabbing the remote, I clicked through the channels coming across some cartoons. The Day went quick too fast; before I knew it, Days went by, and I found myself on the lounge being lazy, not moving a muscle until I was ready to roll. The dark storm had arrived; Clouds covered the atmosphere as it poured down. All day, I watched the storm Standing by the veranda Starring out as the glass door shook, Noticing the rain was the size of golf balls, the wind had picked up.

The weekend went by, and before I knew it, Monday morning came, time for work; Standing at the entry door with an umbrella, I watched the rain came falling, It’s been raining for two days now. I have to go to work.

Pausing as I stared outside, I Placed one hand on the handle wanting to push it open, but I told myself to wait, Slightly open the door, I stepped out slowly, covering myself with the umbrella.

I waited a few minutes for it to slow down, but it didn’t ‘ I had no choice to walk on in the rain, Walking along the footpath, I spotted a tin roof a few meters away, In an alleyway, I ran over, hiding under the shelter. The rain all, hard-hitting the tin as I stood listening, waiting for it to ease.

Ten mins later, the rain started to ease; I quickly walked, making my way through town then the park, when the rain started to get more complex. Making it to work, I jogged up the stairs entering the building, when Ron, the security guard, opened the door for me; I replied Thank you, as I stared at him, Shaking the umbrella as I folded it ' Sighing with Oh Boy! The rain is terrible.

Breathing softly, I walked though the lobby Turning to my left, noticing the cafe wasn't open; I looked at the clock on the wall Noticing the time realizing I was a bit early, Standing in front of the lift I pressed the button and waited.

Hearing the sound of the rain behind me I turned around gazing back at Security' Ron!, Standing in the middle of the doorway with the doors wide open Ron was acting strange, I watched him Staring from outside.

You can hear the sound of the rain falling hitting the cement, The wind whips through like a whip. The lift doors open " Ding, turning back around I walked into the lift Facing the front.

Noticing the rain had quickly stooped, I stared at the front doors frowning noticing Everything outside looked dry; I stared in confusion When Ron the security guard had also disappeared.

Looking around I couldn’t find him, where did he go; Confused and Thought to my self How could he disappeared, The lift doors closed, I stood still watching the numbers counting by wasn't when I Arrived on the office Floor.” Ding ' The bell went, The lift opened, I walked down the hallway approaching the office door, Unlocking it I walked inside Flickering the lights on placing my things on the spare table.

Standing still looking around I Decide to tidy up ' Cleaned each desk one by one throwing away old papers and just fixing up the office I started with Dave's desk Noticing he had a file on his desk from a client he was working on I gathered everything up and placed it on the bosses desk.

Going through his draws I notice some dirty magazines My reaction wasn't what I expected I throw them in the trash, From one table to another I put all files on top of each other Knowing they weren't completed Making sure I'll deal with it later.

Spending the whole day tidying and sorting things out, I didn't realize the time it was around 13:30 when I stopped and took a break leaving the office as I went down to the lobby to grab lunch.

Arriving at the cafe I Noticed it still wasn't open Thinking to myself what time is it yes it's 1:34 pm The day is Monday, I'm sure it suppose to be open that strange I've been here the whole morning and still not open, Disappointed the cafe wasn't open I went back upstairs to the office noticing the clock on the wall at 13: 38pm.

Standing staring at the clock I decided to rush down to the corner shop and get something quick to eat, When I got back I ate my lunch and then got straight into working on the files on the desk.

Opening the first folder I started reading checking all information on the case and focus on working, Going through the file there wasn't much in it. it was pretty much all done except for a few lines missing so I finished them and started a new folder.

Over the few hours I worked on the 2nd file the paperwork took a couple of hours to do, I finish the second one; eventually it was home time, I gathered up the files and placed them in my bag so I could make time to get more done; I know what you are thinking!

Why are you working yourself hard, Stop working so hard; you are probably, right I know, But it needs to be done a job never stops when their shit to do, I will take a moment here and skip a week head to speed things up a bit.

Why are you asking? Well, it’s only I don’t want you to get bored, So it’s Tuesday after lunch at 12: 16 pm. I was sitting in the boss’s chair in the office when a woman appeared holding a suitcase Standing in front of the room.

She was very well dressed and looked like a lawyer or a businesswoman in a serious role, I stared at her when she spotted me in the office and walked over, stopping at the office door; Standing up, I said, Hi, How can I help you, I thought she was interested in a job here, Well that's what I was thinking, But I was wrong; I introduced myself. Hello, welcome; I’m Phillip. How can I help you? Nice to meet you, Phil, Wow I paused. She called me Phil. No one calls me that except the boss; my name is Veronica Vain, and I'm from the Legal Work force Management I take care of legal action when an owner passes and all deeds are taken care off and who gets them, This is the legal firm of Lucas Baker is that correct She asked, Yes it is, I answered in a nerves way, Please come in - Please sit down, Thank you, Veronica, replied So then your here to close down the law firm, No - Not exactly, Veronica said The will what was in your bosses name Lucas Baker He had said straight forward in his will If anything would happen to him the law firm and the rest of the money go to the person worth keeping the business running. Oh, OK, I answered Weirdly.

So the name on the lease on the business and the money left to fund has the name of Phillip Cohen; I looked surprised confused is that your full name? Did she ask? Err, yeah, it is? My eyes lit up; I was shocked? Veronica handed me a form so I could read it and it stated on it The money and business goes to me, I Couldn't believe it the boss had left me with the business - I was shocked and honoured at the same time, But I had to ask " I have a question, Yes Phil, Again she called me Phil. I'm starting to like it more, I told her,' I'm curious why he would want me to have the business; why me! I guess he trusted you, and as an employee, He knows you can do the job.

But how do you know that? Your boss spoke to me about you, I looked at her with a curious look, and she stared back and smiled.

When he spoke to me about you, he mentioned all the time he had faith in you it matters what you were going through in your personal life we all have our own demons to fight, What the hell! I thought to myself, how would she knew that, What did the boss say to her.

Then she asked me, So if you want to keep the business and keep it going it's all yours, But what if I don't want it, I asked, Then it gets closed down and all the money will get disputed to other charities what he wanted But he knows that you will take it so let's just sign the contract so we can go on our way and I can get out of here.

Wow! I thought to myself, She is good, This lady doesn't muck around, She means business; Before I said anything else she had already brought out the paper paperwork for me ready to be signed you have to do Phil just signs on the dotted line, Grabbing my pen I gripped the pen firmly in my hand placing it on the line. Staring back at her she was waiting for me to sign, She smiled and said Well what, are you waiting for it won't sign it by itself. Thinking to my self I couldn't believe what I'm hearing and what was going on.

I signed the paper feeling nervous but excited about it ' knowing it was the right thing to do. I slide back the form Veronica grabbed the paperwork placing it in her suitcase congratulations Phil, Well done you are the new owner of the Lucas Baker association Lawyers group Veronica placed her hand out as I stood up and shook her hand in Congrats I will start the paperwork and will send out other documents for your ownership of the company and you will be on your way to a new start, I stood still smiling trying to put my mind around what had just happened.

Veronica asked if there was anything I wanted to ask before she leaves and I said Yeah ' There is one thing, what is it' When was the last time you spoke to the boss, Veronica smiled at me Good day to you, Phil talk soon, Veronica turned, walking out of the office as I watched her leave.

Standing for a few minutes, I sat back down in thinking of the boss as I looked around the office; with a smile on my face, I was pleased and honoured to be the owner of the law firm. I couldn't believe this was happening, I swung around on the chair facing the window staring out across the view, Watching the city go by.

The following week,

I had owned the rights of the law firm Owning the business, Starting a new chapter beginning of something new. I even started sending out enrolments for interviews. In the two weeks, It wasn't long, maybe a few months, before receiving my first employee. Her name is Margret Kane; She became my first employee making her my secretary and a good one she became.

We are employing more staff overtime building a strong firm, I must say Time goes quick, and it has been busy. Two years had already passed, and I had hired a handful of new lawyers in my company; Every time I come to the office, I'm so relieved and Haven't been happier how things have turned out; my thanks go out to My boss Lucas Baker; if it weren’t for him, I wouldn't be here today.

I owed him a lot ' To had worked with my boss, it was an honour. Now, to keep his legacy alive is a gift and grow the firm that he always wanted. I wonder why The rest of his family didn't want to take over the business; I know I'm not related or not even family! But this is for his family, but I guess they didn’t want to have it; That’s understandable; God bless them; I'm glad I got the opportunity to do so.

Five Year's later,

Years went by I kept myself busy with new employees and work; it’s not the same anymore, I guess the saying goes! Nothing stays the same it always changes, But it will be better I know.

It's been so long since I have seen Dave and Sandy; it Must've been around four to five years ago since the last time I saw them. I remember back when Dave left the firm not long after the accident, left him shook up scared' Don’t blame him tho, But I ran into Dave two years later.

It was a Friday morning; I had pulled up outside an Electronic store,

Entering the store, I made my way over to all the TV electronic department,

Walking around staring at the new TVs that were on display, I walked around a set of small TVs; that's when I saw him! Standing there talking to two customers.

I couldn’t believe it, It’s Dave. I wasn’t going to disturb him. Another retailEr approach me, Can I help you with anything, sir, I’m looking for a TV, but if you don’t mind I would like to wait for Dave if that’s ok; yeah, of course, I’ll let him know; thank you, I felt sorry for The guy him walking away, heading towards Dave.

I hope he wasn’t upset about me asking for Dave; It would be nerve-racking when someone asks for someone else and not getting assistance from them. The retailer walked up to Dave placing his hand on his shoulder, telling him another customer asked for you; Dave glanced in my direction; I looked away In the TV reflection, watching Dave with the two customers walking off.

Staring at one TV with interest, Dave looked back then walked in my direction; on approach, I watched him walked over, stopping standing behind me; Dave asked,” Excuse me, sir, can I help you with anything? I turned around stared right at him when Dave reacted, “ Phil Is that you? I smiled: “ Oh my gosh – It’s been years; how are you? I’m good Dave – Glad you still working, And in a relaxing atmosphere, Well I wouldn’t put it there way, Dave mumbled.

I smiled at him; Dave looked happy watching his body language; he also talked differently, unlike before.

We spoke for a while when he looked around and said in a whisper, " I would love to chat more, but im working; maybe later we can, Yeah sure, of course, Dave asked how did you find me anyway, I needed a new TV so I can here, Really, Yeah - Then I saw you, and I had to talk to you again, Wow!

Imagine that, What you mean, Well you needed a tv and you came here; Then we meet, yeah it's weird how things work out, I can't agree more Phil - Come with me I got some bargains for you, Ok, I said as I followed Dave.

Showing Me all different brands, Dave gave me some good pointers on some TVs; trying to make up my mind, I was curious about Sandy, so I asked Dave about her.

" So how is Sandy Dave? Why you are asking me,

I thought you would've seen her or talk to her; I haven't seen her for a long time as well,

The last time I saw her was at a tavern having dinner with someone; I spotted her across the room; with a man - Not sure who he was, but; he was well dressed; oh really! Yeah, I waited for her to be alone so I could have a word, but I sat there for hours before the guy even got up and walked into the bathroom.

When the man left, I made my move.

I walked up to her staring, when she brushed her hair with her fingers, swinging her hair long blonde hair, She saw me standing there,

“ Hello, Sandy! Remember me; Sandy looked at me like she didn’t know me,

I said it’s me, Dave. How are you? We used to work at Holloway’s. Oh my god, Dave, is that you, Yeah it’s been a long time, Not long enough, I see, “ What, that’s rude, I don’t care. I’m sorry I’m meeting someone; oh ok,

I am about to catch a plane and get out of this country; now, if you don't mind, Go away, She said.

I stood there couldn't believe it, Yep that Sandy, I said; Dave also told me that she w, leaving the Country; maybe that's a good thing, But I wish her all the best.

Anyway, Dave asked me so getting back to business, Which TV would you prefer,

I'm not sure, Dave maybe I should think about it and get back to you, Ok that’s fine,

Well, it's good seeing you again, and maybe we should get dry; sometimes; yeah, that sounds great, I replied.

We shook hands, then parted; I left the store, exiting as I stopped turning back looking at Dave; walking, from the car, I got in and sat there for the moment; I smiled; Turning the key to start the car, I drove off heading up the street.

It was the last time I heard and seen have; I never went back to the shop; I brought my TV from; your retail store; it’s funny how things work out! People come and go in your life. It doesn’t matter who it is or when, it just happens.

I'm not sure if you are still with me. If you are, thank you for staying to the end, but if not, I understand I was dragging on a bit. From your point of view.

So I'm sorry if I was. I had to write this and tell you my story; Also, I have to say, ' This comet that I saw, it came with a purpose, the red gloW shining bright entering my life was a sign.

You might think it’s not; you probably Thinking I’m a nut job or a weirdo, what I have just told you, but ill sure you, it was real.

I don’t know if you have been going through anything like me, Or what I experienced; But don't worry, You won't even know until it happens. Anyway! I think that's it; I don't know what else to say.

Only thank you for reading and listening to my story, and I hope you enjoyed it; I hope I didn’t bore you too much, Again thank you,

Before I say my goodbyes and final last words, remember life is too short. Don’t take things for granted. Enjoy the little things.

Don't get me wrong you need, to work to make a living, but work isn't living, remember you not living probably if your not doing the things you love.

Yes I know, what your thinking, just finished the story will Yeah, Hurry up.

I’m sorry; my apologies. I’ll finish up. All I’m going to say is find your balance in life. It’s essential to your happiness.

I hope it can help you with yours or even a friend, Help one another someone out their needs help so find it in your heart to help others.

if you know anyone going though stuff and seems they need someone to talk too, remember they are not alone,

Ask yourself who can you help and understand what they are going through, because we all need that help along the way,

Thank you for listening and good by. God bless you all.

Phillip Cohen

Time 7:37 pm

Date 24/12/2020

The End

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