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Do you question your reality? Or do you follow everyone's beliefs around you? Are you awake? Or are you still asleep? How far down the rabbit hole have you went? Are you still searching for ultimate truth? If you said yes to any of these questions this book is for you

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The realization

I have noticed that creative people who are true artist all share one thing in common..we are all open minded and deep thinkers. We question our existence and ask questions that other people don't. Deep down inside we know something ain't right. Some of us can't pin point it right away so we start looking for answers to an unknown equation, taking us down endless paths of rabit holes within rabbit holes that become known to the rest of the world to be just conspiracy theories. Alot of us are known to be outcast, black sheep and we quickly realize that they are many and we are few. Once you go down the path of searching for truth far enough you eventually get to the realization that nothing in this world operates the way you thought it did and find out everything you been taught to believe your whole life is a lie. This leaves us to be forever isolated from the rest of the world because now it's hard to hold conversation with people who lack the ability to see beyond Vail pulled over there eyes. It's too late to join the heard. to us that would be equivalent to an adult becoming a kid again because we come from a greater understanding in the same way an adult understands there maturity difference over a teenager. so we spend all our time trying to teach the sheep and wake them up for they do not understand what is so blatantly obvious to us. It's normal to be like sheep following each other blindly like a bunch of kids who are unable to think for themselves. So how do we lead the sheep who have no way of understanding they are sheep, when to us, we are just considered weird, crazy, senseless people who are unable to distinguishing truth from reality, fact from fiction. Coincidentally we say the same exact thing about them. The only difference is we have dedicated ourselves to search for the truth without the limitation of possibilities and searching for answers in the places the rest of the world refuses to look.

In the bible it tells us the devil was cast down to earth to decieveth the whole world and I think that should give you a clue to when this all started but we will get back to that later in another chapter.

So how is it so hard for the white sheep to see past the Vail lifted over there eyes but so easy for us?

I would say there are many factors in play that prevent them from waking up to see the big picture.

But first we gotta realize that there are more than one way to make logical sense of something to base a conclusion. There is logic that is designed to make sense, an example of that is when someone is telling you a lie, but limits the information with just enough truth for you to make a logical conclusion that they are telling the truth. then there is the point beyond that when hidden factors are brought to light that expose the lie you didn't see before. now it becomes so obvious that it would be impossible for you to dismiss the truth anymore no matter how many other people believe the lie..

One of the reasons It seems is that people are naturally born to be easily programmed through repeated reputition and we trust the beliefs of everyone around them to be correct because if everyone else does it or believes it then it must be true.

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