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Fates: Beginning

Narrator: Once upon a time, there was a great pirate. His name was "Jack"

He had conquered every single treasure that existed.

His last words before his execution have inspired pirates around the world

The crowd quiets.

Captain Jack: Want my ultimate treasures? It's possible...

Dramatic pause

Captain Jack: Hmph.. I will give them to those who can find them. I

have gathered everything in this world and have already hidden them in "that" place!

The crowd erupts!

Narrator: The world... Has entered the pirate era!


Narrator: Here is a small seaport. About one year ago.. A pirate ship landed here.

A gentle breeze against a pirate flag

Pirate captain: Hey! What are you doing John?

John: I'm challenging you to a fight!

Pirate captain: What? Are you serious?

John: I am, I want to join your crew and this is the only way!

Pirate captain: You can't join, you are way too young.

John: No I am not! Stop saying that! I punch as hard as a pistol!

Pirate captain: Is that so? Than I guess I punch as hard as a meteor, along with my entire crew.

John: Hey! No fair!

Pirate captain: Well, I guess that means you have to train hard.

Swordsman: Hey! To a successful journey I think we should drink!

Pirate captain: Yeah!

The pirate crew "Rawrs"

Pirate captain: Drink as much as you want!

Sailor: Yeah!


Pirate captain: Hey kid, you want a drink?

John: Yeah can I have milk!?

Entire pirate crew: Hahaha!

Pirate captain: Pirates don't drink milk you fool!

John grabs his milk and drinks it in peace.

John: I even challenged him today and he still doesn't think I'm a pirate.

Swordsman: You need to understand, the captain just doesn't want to see you get hurt. Don't take it too personal.

John: ?

Swordsman: Do you understand?

John: I don't understand! Captain Drake just takes me for an idiot!

Captain Drake laughing: Can't swim!

John: SEE!!

Waitress: Haha you are funny as always!

Captain Drake: yep, I take joy in making fun of him.

Swordsman: He really is super happy...

John: Hey, can I get some meat?

Waitress: Sure, will this be going on Captain Drakes tab?

John: Yup.

Captain Drake: HEY!


Dangerous bandit: Did someone say my name?

John: No.

Dangerous bandit: Excuse me? What did you say kid?

Captain Drake: Oh nothing, just ignore him.

John pouts

Dangerous bandit: Give me your finest liquor.

Waitress: Oh, I'm sorry we just ran out.

Dangerous bandit: What! Did these wimps drink it all?

Captain Drake: Yeah, it's all in my stomach now, hehe sorry.

Dangerous bandit: What a shit-show. You guys don't have any liquor, and you have a bunch of bums in here? What
a shit establishment!

Captain Drake: I would be a little "nicer" to the lady.

Dangerous bandit: Did you just threaten me, someone who is so far above you?

Captain Drake: You and your crew are jokes.

Captain Drake stands up from the stool he was sitting on.


Dangerous bandit: I'm not afraid of you!

Captain Drake sits back down.

Captain Drake: I have no reason to fight you. Here take this unopened bottle, it was mine but you can have it.

Dangerous bandit: I don't want your shit! Your too afraid to fight me.

The "Dangerous bandit" slaps the beer out of Captain Drakes

Hand and it spills all over him.

Captain Drake: Heh. I tried to be nice, don't worry you guys can stand down.

Captain Drakes crew the "Kaizoku" stand down and do not


Dangerous bandit: Ha, you like that?

The Dangerous bandit stomps "Captain Drakes" stomach

Dangerous bandit: I don't even care anymore, let's go.

John: WAIT!

Swordsman: huh?

Dangerous bandit: Well, well, well. What do we have here?

John: I want to fight you!

Captain Drake: John you idiot.

John: Lets fight!

Dangerous bandit: Oh? You're approaching me? Instead of running away, you're coming right to me? Even Though
your captain, Drake, called you an idiot?

*Captain Drake on the floor*

Dangerous bandit: like an exam student scrambling to finish the problems on an exam until the last moments
before the chime?

John: What? I don't speak old people!

Dangerous bandit: That's it!

The "Dangerous bandit" Goes to slash John with his sword.

But before he could "Captain Drake" parried the slash.

Captain Drake: I didn't want to fight you.

John: Huh?

Dangerous bandit: Go away! This has nothing to do with you!

Swordsman: HEY!

Captain Drake: What? Don't you see i'm in the middle of something here?

Dangerous bandit: The kid is on fire!

Captain Drake: HUH?

Captain Drake turns around and starts shaking John.

Captain Drake: Don't tell me you ate that chocolate!

John: Of course I did. I ate it as a desert, though it didn't taste very good.

Captain Drake: It was literally in a small chest! Didn't you realize that was valuable?

John: How? Also why am I on fire? It doesn't really hurt much, which is weird.

Captain Drake: I would hope it doesn't hurt, you just gained the ability to control fire!

Dangerous bandit: I'll attack you while your back is turned!

Still screaming at John "Captain Drake" manages to block every

single one of the "Dangerous bandit's" attacks

Captain Drake: You idiot! Now you won't be able to swim!

John: WHAT!

Dangerous bandit: How the hell are you blocking!?

Captain Drake and John: shut up!

Captain Drake pushes the "Dangerous bandit" out of the bar

with one of his "Parries"

Narrator: All of the sudden the "Dangerous" bandit appears in the room, takes John, and disappears.

Captain Drake: How?

Captain Drake: Ugh, let's go find them.


Narrator: Captain Drake and his crew take only 5 minutes to find the weak bandit. But did they make it in time?

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