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Elizabeth Hale lost her father to an unknown cause when she was very young and was always desperate to know the cause of his passing but her mother loathed talking of the matter and would weep once asked of it. Therefore she eventually gave up asking not wishing to see her only parent cry. ...........Lately reports of people going missing have also been facing a rapid increase and it is a sign that only leads to two outcomes either the person is never found or if they are then in a helpless position drained of their lives. . . . . . One fearful night Lizzie was walking back home from a friends house late at night. she was strolling atop the side walk when she passed by a seemingly vacant alley when at the corner of her eye spotted a tall figure standing at the farther corner of it before she was forcefully dragged in and kidnapped. . . . . As she strived for her survival she uncovers the truth behind her father's death and the cause of the vanishing of people. . . . . . . . . will elizabeth survive this calamity and save the world?

Фэнтези Темная фантазия Всех возростов.

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Chapter #01

*Sigh* Elizabeth's mom continued to focus herself towards the television that displayed the headlines at the bottom. "Man goes missing, this has been the 10th case these past 3 weeks. Culprit is yet to be found".

"I wonder who would do such a thing? And to think that the police hasn't caught the criminals yet".

She muttered sipping through her cup of latte then raising the remote to turn off the television.

. . . . . . . . . The door behind clicked open then shut,

"Mom! I'm Back!"

Her daughter walked in full of positive energy as her coal like hair and grey eyes, plump rose lips added to the moment.

"How was your day sweetie?"

Her mom inquired with a gentle tone turning towards her daughter who after placing her bag on the chair a front the counter strolled towards her and comfortably sat beside her mother on the sofa..

. . . . . . . . . .
They both sipped onto some coffee as Elizabeth detailed about her day at school how her best friend Selena stood up to some bullies for a little boy.

The lunch they served was burgers and a slice of strawberry cheesecake then her words came to a pause as her mother watched her as her interest turned into confusion.

Elizabeth looked at her and took a deep breath in and letting it out as if trying to muster up courage to speak

"And........And I heard another man went missing today?"

Lizzie's mother's bright face turned gloomy, a few moments passed by in silence when she finally spoke up.

. . . "You shouldn't think of it's so much"

she vocalized in a cold and deep tone then standing up straight strolling her way to her bedroom, clicking the door shut behind.

She has always been like this, whenever her daughter would interrogate about her missing father She would cry and weep telling Lizzie to never bring up the subject again.

Eventually Elizabeth gave up on finding the cause of her father's death and removed the thought that she ever even had a father.

She always asked Lizzie to focus on her studies rather than such trivial matters.

In the evening Elizabeth decided to study at her friend Selena's place, her mother had gotten normal after a few hours of being provided space.

"Mom I'm heading to Selena's place!"

Elizabeth clasped onto a few of her books from the shelf and shoved them into her bag zipping it close then walking out of her chamber past the living room towards the exit.

"Sure honey be back before 9 pm and stay away from weird strangers who offer you candy"

she gave her daughter a friendly grin whilst standing in the kitchen chopping vegetables beside the stove on top of which a pot filled with stew simmered.

Lizzie walked down her apartment floor then past the long street towards Selena's house, the sky above her was a long endless void there were no stars to illuminate the gloom.

street lights sparked up the extended and vacant road making it appear as though a scene from some sort of horror movie. Time felt as if it had stopped, the path felt endless till she reached in front of her friends doorstep. A single ring of the doorbell resulted in the instant opening of the entrance.

Standing there hands clasped on the door knob a young female of gorgeous blonde hair that usually fell to her shoulders tied up in a pony tail eyes glittered brown as warm as milk chocolate.

Signalling Elizabeth to come in stepping out of the way she grinned sweetly as she shut the door behind them, they chatted and enjoyed snacks made by Selena's mom studied a bit, then as time flew by Lizzie said her goodbyes to the caring people then headed out once more strolling the path back home.

her gaze spotted a tall black figure from the corner of her eye deep inside one of the gloomy alley's. Shrugging off the strange feeling that the figure was constantly watching her she tried to hurriedly pass by.

. . . Before the situation could be processed a hand covered her mouth preventing the screams and a tough, tall hooded figure dragged her into the alley where the suspicious person stood tall...

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