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This is about a girl that r a white fox turn into human and met a guy outside of the Moonlight forest he was a human and he become a fighter to help the girl that he didn't know she was the white fox that live in other dimension call that Mystical Magic She need a partner to help her find the missing 5 element pearl that need to be collected so she can fight and battle the big boss that took over the Mystical Magic world the way for her defeat the big boss is to complete the element pearl will get her stronger and powerful.

Приключения Всех возростов.

#action #adventure #Littlebitromance
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The Mystical White Fox 1

Hi, my name is Akira. I'm 28 years old. I go to college at Sunshine University. I'm just a normal college student. My dream job is to be a fashion designer. I like to design clothes. I know I'm a boy but I enjoy doing it, that's why I'm taking classes. So I went to classes. Then I met a new student. I become their friend. His name is Skyler. We become good friends and we get along so well. Now we become best friends. He plays sports. We were getting to know each other so well. He likes to play basketball. That was his dream. So we hang out and chat after our class is over. We went out to the bar drinking and having fun. When we were done having fun, I was drunk so I went home by walking. It's not that far to the bar. Then I end up in the forest. I fell asleep. I felt someone try to wake me up. I hear it was a girl's voice. She tries to wake me up. I was too drunk. "Hey, you boy, why are you in the forest on the grass?" She couldn't wake me up, so she just pulls my arm up and carry me up and take me somewhere that I might not know where she's taking me, so I just walk a little. Then she put me on the bed. It was so soft and warm. She put a blanket on me and then I knock out.

I woke up, it was morning. I open my eyes. I saw this unfamiliar place. What the? Where am I? Whose house is this? It's not my house. Then I saw a woman cooking breakfast.

"Good morning, sir. I'm making breakfast for you.

"Hi, ma'am. Good morning! Is this your place? How did I get here?"

"Oh, last night you fell asleep in the forest. I found you on the ground. I tried to wake you up to tell me where you live so I can take you back home but you didn't wake up so I just carried you to my space and put you on my bed and let you go knock out sleeping. I put the blanket on you. Then that's it, I didn do anything to you. I respect you."

"Oh, thank you for taking me, I couldn't walk home. I was too drunk and ended up in the forest."

"Oh, it's alright. Well, breakfast is ready sir."

"Thank you, ma'am. What is your name? I'm Akira, nice meeting you."

"Oh, my name is Ayanna. A pleasure to meet you. Well, come to eat your breakfast, then you can go home or you are welcome to stay if you like."

"Thank you but Ayanna I don't know where I'm at. Can you show me the way to go home?"

"Sure, I will take you back to your world."

"What do you mean my world?"

"Oh, you are in my dimension call Mystical Magic."

"What?! Omg! There's another dimension here between my world and yours!"

"Yes, calm down. Don't panic. It's not bad."

"Then where do I go home?"

"Don't worry, Akira. I will take you back."

"Are you sure you know where my other world is at?"

"Yes, I know a lot between my world and yours."

"Ok, I trust you."

"Alright, now go eat your breakfast."

Alright, so I ate my breakfast and started talking to Ayanna to get to know her. Then finally I'm done eating breakfast

"Well, Akira, are you ready for me to take you back to your world?"


"Alright, let's go."

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