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Imagine living in a perfect world, unfortunately that doesn't exist but Phoenicia is as close as you will ever get. Meliora was an exception to this next to perfect world, she felt she never belonged. The more she tried to conform the harder her life seemed to be.

Подростковая Темная фантазия Всех возростов.

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Chapter 1

Every one wants a perfect world, but perfect isn't always what it seems to be. What exactly is "perfect"? The definition may vary from person to person or generations. What I do know is Perfect doesn't exist, not in any definition of the word. My name is Meliora also known as the "imperfect girl in a "perfect" world", or the "exception". Let me start at very beginning and try to keep up.

Starting all the way back to the day I was brought into this "perfect" world. My parents knew from day one that I was different. I couldn't help it after all I was just a helpless infant. As a few years passed by I was what they deemed as defective. So from the time you are brought forth into this world you are monitored. For many reasons you are tracked through out your whole life but the number one reason is to find you your perfect soul mate. In order to create the perfect world first you need to match soul mates perfectly and from there they shall reproduce the perfect child and it is just a continuous cycle and Ta Da, perfect world created.

Move along 15 years, and here we are this awkward teenage girl who just doesn't belong. Kids have teased me my whole life because I was different and no matter how hard I try I still can't change that. My parents died a month ago in an airplane crash, even though I was different they still loved me unconditionally and for that I will always be grateful, they really were the idea of perfect parents. At times it seems harder than others knowing that they are forever gone. I have no one to love or hug not at least until the committee assigns me someone. The Committee is who or what monitors us through out our lives and makes those hard life decisions that the rest of the world has to struggle to make themselves. Often at night I look at the sky wondering who they will choose as my soul mate, I mean do I even have one. Surely I have a soul mate I thought to myself. Everyone has a soul mate, right?

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