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It's the year 2023, the United States is in complete chaos. High ranking government officials under the command of the worlds elite, released a deadly weapon upon the world disguised as a Corona Virus Vaccine. Food is scarce. People are dying in the streets. American Patriots have assembled into militias all across the country Lead by the most highly decorated navy seal combat veteran in history Duane "Ole" Olaffsen. Time is running short for many americans who took the vaccine. Its a race against time to find a cure to reverse the effects of the vaccine, overthrow the government, and capture the worlds elite before millions of lives are lost.

Научная фантастика 13+. © These works are copywrited by the Author James L. Babcock. All rights reserved.

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The Hero

March 2nd 2023

My name is Duane Olaffsen. but people call me "Ole". I have made it my life's mission to fight and die if necessary to protect my Family, my Country and my freedoms. I have taken an oath to defend and uphold the United States Constitution and I take these things very seriously. I guess I was born to be a Soldier. I am a retired Navy Seal war veteran. I have fought along side some of the bravest and most selfless men this world has to offer. whom I choose to call my brothers. During my years in the service I achieved a three and four Star flag rank. I received three purple hearts, two silver stars, a Navy cross and Was presented with a medal of honor by former President of the United States Burke Obannon. I have lead several high priority, highly classified missions in Iraq, Afganistan, Mexico and Columbia. I've been seriously wounded in battle 7 times, died and revived twice and had my left foot and ankle blown clean off by a landmine. (That is how I got this metal prosthetic) I made a full recovery and still managed to return to full active duty And serve two more missions before I officially retired.

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