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❝From that day on, the gossip ran at the speed of light and by the end of the week, poor Taehyung was passing from mouth to mouth.❞ +15 Vkook All rights reserved © Totally original history ® Copying or adapting of any kind without permission is prohibited.

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⁰¹ Introduction

—Wait, Mr. Lee.

—I don't have time to waste on you.

—Please wait. -He ran after the man a couple of years older than him.

The man turned around in disgust.

Taehyung crashed.

—Look kid, listen to me carefully. -He wiped his suit, showing as much discomfort as he could having felt Taehyung bump into him. —Someone like you won't get far, what you do. -He said taking some of the scrolls Taehyung had in his hands. —It's garbage, complete and literal garbage.

He tore the scrolls from his hands and placed them roughly on Taehyung's chest.

—Get the hell out of here little boy, let us big boys do our thing and you get lost.

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