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Shooting Star, is a story about one families struggle during the coronavirus pandemic. It's a story of sadness, loss, hardship, hope, love and family with a surprising twist that will make you want to come back for more.

Научная фантастика 13+. © This book has been copywrited by the author James L. Babcock. All rights reserved.

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Shooting Star

the air was colder than usual that night, it was early December. As I walked out of the Walmart, I immediately felt the cold air starting to penetrate through my jacket. I reached for the zipper and pulled it all the way up and then grabbed my pack of smokes and my lighter from my left jacket pocket. I looked around at all the cars still in the parking lot and thought to myself that there was an awful lot of cars here considering the state of things. And as people started to pass me I took notice of all the different masks they were wearing. Some were personalized with different statements on them, some with sports logos or skulls or just about anything else you could think of. As I paused to light my cigarette I saw the most amazing shooting star in the sky. Now I've seen plenty of shooting stars before, but this one seemed close. it literally look like it touched into Earth's atmosphere. It was a huge ball of Fire.! In all of my 43 years I've never seen anything like it .! Within a split second it was gone. I wish it could have lasted longer, it was so mysterious so beautiful. As it disappeared I close my eyes and made a wish. then I walked to my tahoe took my keys out of my pocket and pressed the unlock button on the key fob. The lights on the outside blinked, accompanied by a chirp. I opened up the door, climbed inside, started the vehicle, put it in drive and pulled it up to the door, to wait for my wife to come out . Now I haven't had the best luck these last year's and I was hopeful that somehow, some way, fairy tales would come true if you believe them enough. If you wished with your whole heart. But I knew better then to count on it, considering the way my life has gone.

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