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"She's dead now,but I didn't kill her." The drunk man said to the bartender. The bartender just nodded and poured another shot.He'd heard it all in his years bartending at the Smoke Hole Bar and he'd seen quite a bit as well.He knew that sometimes people where full of shit and that shit was what alot of people talked. "It was her asshole brother!" the drunk interrupted."The Cops of course made me the top suspect but I didn't do it" the drunk man mumbled.He flipped his cup over to signal he was done,pulled his coat up and stumbled out into the cold.The bartender collected his money off the bar and wiped down the bar another patron,another night, and another story he didn't believe.

The drunk stepped out into the cold Scranton evening the snow was falling now and would accumulate to at least 6 inches by morning,in these parts thats considered mild but the drunk hated the cold.He hated the cold because when it was cold her side of the bed was cold,and it reminded him that she wasn't there.She wasn't there because her body was long cold in the ground, her perfect face shattered by the bullet that ripped through it from her own brothers gun. He hated the cold because his soul was cold and full of hatred and no amount of alcohol could warm him up and no amount of words could change that.The drunk decided that the only way to get warm again was to get revenge, revenge for Tabitha his cold dead wife, revenge for the love he'd lost, revenge for the life he'd lost, and revenge for his son.Who was unborn and counted on his mother being alive to survive too survive.At this thought the drunks eyes teared up.The drunk didn't want to be sad if he was sad he felt weak anger makes you strong anger makes you kill.The drunk would be killing but at the moment no was vomiting in an alley by the bar.He had to sober up.The drunk decided his wife's brother would die but he wouldn't die tonight.He would get something the drunk hadn't gotten in four months a night of peace but it would be his last night.In the morning the drunk will kill his wives bastard brother.But first he'd fight himself to sleep.—

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