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Mohammed Shaheen

The silent endure is a short tale. It's all about Gulam - a working man, belonging to a typical middle-class family. He leaves his hopes and gets shattered. Read the full of Gulam who gets comprised with his circumstances.

Вдохновенный 18+.

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A Fresh start

Imagine beginning a new life in a new city where you are a stranger. and it becomes difficult to move on in your life. Such is the case of a person who migrates to a city of nawabs -Hyderabad.

A fresh start is hard but the efforts we do will never go to waste. Mr. Gulam. is new to the city, he tries to find an independent house since he's a sophisticated person he never liked. noisy or crowded place.

Life becomes challenging yet times but having someone who listens to your interest, gossip and this is called perfect bliss.

Gulam never opened up and shared his personals as he explored the Hyderabad city he felt he should have a person to whom he could disclose all his secrets, happiness, and sadness. In the busy lanes of Hyderabad Gulam met his friend. Mr. Shaik and would share everything with Mr. Shaik.

Gulam never beloved in love but he lost his heart to Mohammad. Iqbal Shayari. If we are sad, depressed, upset, or broken. we would try to fill the gap of sadness with our interests maybe music or anything else which makes us feel better. Gulam listened to Mohammad Iqbal and followed Zakir khan.

He got adjusted to the new city but life became miserable for him as time passed by he got transformed into a better version of Gulam.

After a hectic day, anyone would like to relax. Gulam returned home, sat under the fan probably thinking of. a break. He gets a phone call from one of his friends.

Hello .. this is Gulam speaking .how may I help you, dear? his friend stays quiet for a moment and hesitates to seek help from Gulam. but he still tries to speak something Gulam understands his hesitation, he makes him feel at ease to share his problem. Gulam used to help his friends as he. was a good troubleshooter, expert in handling crises and disasters.

Mr. Qadar takes a deep breath and puts forward his need of purchasing a laptop. Gulam takes a stand for Qadar and decides to gift him a laptop. . The next day Gulam visits an Electronic gadget showroom and orders a laptop. He asks the salesman to deliver the laptop to Qadar's Residence.

The doorbell rings at 6 pm. Mr. Qadar opens the door and gets panicked upon seeing the salesman at his doorstep. He asks him whether it was someone else or delivered to the wrong address m The salesman shows the order slip. Qadar asks him about the payment. The delivery boy acknowledges that it's a pre-paid order. Qadar was ar bay from such high-cost gadgets. He opens the package and observes a letter posted on the backside of the package. The letter revealed the truth that it's. a token of love from Mr . Gulam.

Qadar makes a thank-you voice note to Gulam and sends him. Gulam never expected that he would be blessed to help the needy and the poor. As he arrives from his home his phone vibrates and a pop-up message flashes on his mobile. He says “okay! google read out the message”. He hears the voice note. from Qadar and blushes red and pink gives a bright cheerful smile, locks the door, and leaves to his workplace.

when he parked his 2 wheeler in the parking area .one of his colleagues heads towards him and wishes him Good morning Gulam. I heard you gifted a laptop to Qadar is it true?. Gulam just gives a smile and speaks softly to him saying “Yeah ! it's true . I don't think this must be bothering you”. The colleague gets puffed and leaves the site.

circumstances around us change instantly but we being humans always try to avoid such circumstances to our fullest potential. Have you ever met with an incident that changes your life completely? I guess yes every one of us might have experienced something or the other which molded our lives.

Gulam bought a mobile on EMI and presented it to his best friend Shaikh. Who cared for him and shaikh never mind Tulsa's extraordinary personality and his narrow-minded thoughts and also his extravagance.

People around Gulam always thought why he's so kind and generous enough trying to help the poor and needy people. Gulam never expected that his life too would change for no cause

People in his society would share their problems with him and Gulam would listen to them with patience and never got frustrated in any case. He thinks none of them would ever understand him. Gulam gets compromised with his life and tries to move on.

As usual, he sits in his armchair under the fan deeply thinking about his. love - A girl who he loved a lot, Gulam always missed ber but he cannot disclose her. identity to anyone, He then decides to blow a cloud of smoke on his life to make a fresh Mone with good working skills to attain excellence in his career.

Now the question arises why Gulam is still good to others and stuck in his dark past.

keep reading my stories. Gulam's love and his lifestyle changes will be revealed in chapter 2

stay tuned for more updates from - The silent endure

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