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I’m not about to tell you what the story is about because that’s for you to find out!

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This Isn’t a Dream...

Hi I'm Elliana Greenman, you can call me Ellie. I am Thirteen years old. I live in Mississippi, somewhere in the Jackson area. My daddy owns a farm in the middle of nowhere. I have ten cows, twelve horse, twenty chickens, five goats, six pigs, and some alpacas. I'm here to tell you a story that changed my life.

My whole life I have been having dreams, not just any old dream, they felt so real. I could feel everything that was happening. All my five senses worked in the dreams. I didn't know any better so I thought this happened to everyone.

Of course, I was wrong, I asked my mama about it she told me I had a " beautiful imagination." But every time I went to sleep every dream was so real. So one day I rode my bike to the park nearby. Nobody else lives where I live so I knew nobody was going to be there.

I got to the park and saw a little girl, my age. She was odd, she had ginger hair, with aqua streaks in it. She was beautiful. She had freckles, her hair was down and wavy. She had glasses, perfectly straight white teeth. She was wearing overalls, one side unbutton. The overalls were ripped, and her shirt underneath was ripped at the arms too, it was black. She also had combat boots.

I walked up to her, " Hi, I'm Ellie. I didn't know anyone else lived here." I said, holding each end of my bike. " I'm Blue, nice to meet you." She said, her green eyes sparkled. " Why don't you come to my house for supper." I said.

" I have a better idea, I have been having these dreams and I found what they are behind. I would like to show you." She told me.

" Dreams? So have I!" I exclaimed. " Okay! Let's go!" Her soft hand grabbed mine and dragged me to a tree.

" A tree?" I asked, confused. " Yeah! look..." She told me as I patiently waited. She opens up a door, it was under some tree bark. I walk inside the tree and it pulls me up, like someone was sucking me through a straw.

The tree smelled of cotton candy and Blue's perfume. We got to the place I saw in my dreams. It was beautiful. I saw mushroom houses, a field of flowers, and a palace. It was beautiful. But suddenly, the sky grew dark and grey.

It started to rain, lightning cracked across the sky. Then, the mushroom houses disappeared. The field of flowers turned into an ocean, in which we fell into. The palace was still there though.

" What's happening? Why did that beautiful place disappear?" I asked. " Achlys." She whispered. " What?" I was very confused at this point, so sure we were going to die.

" Achlys, comes from Greak origin, meaning darkness. That's what it's name is. That's what's causing this." She panicked.

" Follow me!" She yelled. we swam as fast as we could. we ended up at the palace. We went inside and we saw a queen, sitting on her throne. " Hello, sweet child." The mysterious queen said. " Hello, Queen Reina." She softly said and curtsied.

" How may I help you?" She asked, with a soft voice. " Achlys, your majesty." She told her. The queen's smile was wiped off her face. I could see the terror in her eyes. She froze.

" W-what I can't fight it again not after last time." She started hyperventilating. " I'll fight him" I said, I didn't exactly know what I was getting myself into. " My child, you can't go alone." The queen explained while getting up from her throne.

" I'll go with her..." Blue mumbled, she didn't sound to sure. " Are you sure my child?" The queen asked while walking towards us. " Yes, I'm positive." She told her in a little bit louder tone.

" Well, alright. Come, come." She motioned her hand for us to come with her. " Put these suits on, they will protect you and take some weapons, especially this sword. You can only use it once but it is very powerful, so be careful.

She left the room, we got changed. We approached the monster creating all of this. I don't know how to describe it, but the moment I saw it, I knew I was in danger.

" Hey! Achlys!" I screamed. It turned around. My heart dropped. It instantly came for us. I just stabbed it as it came at us and it perished. We heard a scream from the palace. It was one of the Queen's maids. " Did you guys kill the Achlys?" She asked.

" Yes, why?" I was super scared and not ready to hear the next thing to come out of her mouth. " The Queen, her body is powered by the Achlys. That's why sometimes, she would kill people because you know..." She explained. " If the Achlys dies, so does she. It isn't a big deal because she was causing damage but... we need a new queen." She explained even more.

" Why does there even have to be a queen." I asked because the queen really did nothing last time. " Well, if there isn't, then this dimension will crumble and we will all perish. There is only a matter of time."

" Well. Why don't you be queen, since you know everything about the kingdom."

" I mean, I would but Reina had a will, you would have to find it to find out who is the heir to the throne." The maid was telling us where it could be then Blue saw something in the chandelier. "Hey, what's that?" She asked while looking up and pointing to the object. " I don't know, do you have a ladder I can borrow" I asked, then the maid brings out a tall ladder.

I climbed up the ladder and grabbed what blue saw. It was the will! I climbed back down and read it out loud. " The heir goes to... Ocean? Who in the mother of dimensions is Ocean." I said very loudly.

" That would be me!" The maid said. " Well that works out perfectly doesn't it-" I was saying as the roof and the floor of the palace started crumbling. Blue got knocked down by the palace roof. It lands on top of her but her head is sticking out.

" SOMEONE HELP, PLEASE!" I screamed. A few people came but they told me that when they take off the piece of roof off her body, her organs will shut down and she will die. " Ellie, it's okay... I will be fine. I love you..." She whispered, while crying.

" Did she just say she loves me?" I kissed her on the forehead then gave them the "okay" to lift the piece. She took her last breath. and when the new queen said "she's gone..." The next moment I fell through the hole in the floor and the next thing I know I'm in a hospital bed.

I saw my Mama and Daddy. Standing next to them was Blue? " W-What happened?" I asked with a faint voice. " Honey, you got hit by a car, when you went to the park." My mama told me. "What about Blue?" I sat up.

" Who?" My daddy put his hand on my shoulder. " Right next to you." I was very confused as to why they didn't know what I was talking about.

" Honey, it's only us." The minute my Mama said that I was shocked. So much I started to pass away. I was praying to God to give me one more chance. " Mama?" I started to fade. " Y-yes pumpkin?" She saw I was about to leave her.

" It isn't and wasn't a dream... you should've met her mama.. she was amazing..." That's when I said goodbye to the world, and when I figured out. It wasn't just a dream...

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