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this short story is about life and questions answer in life and dreams Hope's losses in life

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living in life is really moments you cant forget like the spirts of life walking the streets like a ghost come very interest like the moments you remember in life that are the most important thing in life like my hope dreams questions always answered life has way of unfolding the questions in life I seen alot of things been threw lot of loss in life in hope dreams and life to be happy is to be cheer of news and life as the questions life are answered like life and joy of love and harmony and the question of life what's it about what life is aBout is love hope joy peace and destiny to aprouching forward to seek love and answer question of love and loss the question of death comes close like loss of famly members and memories of there jokes and love the energy of there lingers there after they passing away what life is about is joy of engaging in life and living the best you can like the love of sweet hearts to always cherish them and love them when people talk about God's a god is person who preserved threw life to enjoy cherish and always protect his famly as poet iv always done so the life lived has very long and iv learned alot threw time and pain some tears and broken hearts but hearts are mended now as fears as ending of dreams dreams what dreams are are a doorway into another life or past life like history or future life comes in many forms like the love life and the destiny of joy in freinds and of course money but when giving the option money or you it's you love sedimentary hope.living in this life has far life and hope charity and life I've been threw lots of pain but things always come back to you in life but to be seen is a lover or not be being a fighter comes far in world history

living to be loved not hated but loved

in the end of question of love and. life is my love and and destiny to bring smile to the faces of friends and loved ones

but I'm a the destiny of love heart to bring

joy but I never said I was god but in to world I am because to be god you love life even in the end it's funny how life works even enemies our loved in the end of things life has way about it my life is thankful in life but love people my soul feel no hate in destiny and love

I'm heart and hope

I'm living threw life life in joyful memories but never wronged or they shouldn't my love exceed no bonds love and is my best freind I am the protect withe my heart no deserves death life goes by like the linger memories of love and hope and peace in this world and next loves the hope I fear no because of my loveing soul and heart I am man but a heroic man with lots love for woman and freinds life comes just like my hope concerning her happiness my love never ends but moves on my life is the moment time and destiny to love life I'm only loved by many loves but press and will go to the next life because if pass with hate you enter the realm of spirt and heaven but you see. the spirt and the grounds of judus first like and then chosen to be free or torched but life is whstrange like. I lived a smart life but I never said I was god only with soul

who loves the world and perservervince. life of life itself I bring my heart. with me to love endlessly in life I'm freind always. and a love. but enter my life is to remember me because I alive no matter what but God's cant unchangeable the love in my love

I am the concoure in life and hero wethier you know or not I am history but dont believe what people say please laugh at me I am immune to be laughing of my image infact I thank you love my life and the history of the worlds I am golden only for what I did

love the people

I seen life as we know stop in past

I live as person loved as walk threw life iv learn alot abo

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