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John was the most loved child in the family of seven boys and three girls. His mother treated him like a king. He has his own room, bed, table and chair. He eats alone in a clean and well prepared food. He has a small bicycle and he was taken care of by the mother. He studies in one of the expensive schools in the town.

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John was the Loved one in their family. They are seven boys and three girls. Though John was not the last son of Mr. Pout, he was blessed with that life for being loved among the whole family. He could hardly be ill_spoken of or could be beaten. It had taken years since he was beaten by his elder brother who was later given a punishment that made all of them to fear beating him again. John had his own smart phone and a tablet whereas his other brothers and sisters are struggling to use the old phone that almost lasted two years. His father knew that if there's going to be a good heir to his properties after him, it should John.

Read more on the following chapters. I know you will like it.

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