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What have I done

The year is 2500 In 2400 The world was decimated In The attempt to save the planet An asteroid the size of Texas was coming towards the world The United Nations Came Up with a plan to have All countries shoot nuclear bombs At the Asteroid Their attempts was successful but the outcome was devastating As radiation spewed through the world's atmosphere Killing off livestock and anyone caught Outside breathing the air of the tosic Radiation And anyone that was not hatched in to an underground bunker To my knowledge it must have killed 80% of the human population Who am I You ask I am just one of the few survivors that still remain Just one of the 20% Of people lucky enough Are unlucky enough to be born in such savage Lonesome home that we now call The world My name is John Walker And to know me is to know my story I was born in 2475 My great Grandparents Worked for the government back all those years ago Although the title means nothing today It is just a survival of my family's legacy Although I believe no life is Of more importance than the other At the age of 20 I signed up for the 1st responders Act of trying to reach communication with anything That might still be left out there that was 5 years ago I've been wondering This cold and desolate Dangerous world of outside the comfort of the bunker For 5 years now Has it really been that long I think inside my head i have been Scavenging and trying to survive on anything I could get my hands on I've seen stories and pictures Of the past of a past that wasn't so cold of a past that Had plenty of color and life It seems what they took for granted back then we kill for now days There are still survivors out here but the ones I come in contact with Kill over the smallest crumbs now the future pays for the past mistakes This is just the beginning of my story

I have been wandering around for weeks now with no sign of life And my Last meal Was 4 days ago Well If you can count eating Beatles as a meal I can still fill their little Legs wiggling on my Tongue And the Sournas Of their Guts As it breaks apart In my mouth I don't think It's a taste I could Ever get used too As I looked down at the rocky Terrain I notice a slight but half Marked footprint heading towards the South Thinking to myself it could be dangerous to follow this trail But at the same time maybe I could get some Help as I'm running out of water I don't know the next time I will have clean drinking water as most of the water now days still has not recovered from the radiation I don't know what awaits me on the other side of this Trail But at this point I don't see any other options of survival as i Pick up my bag and put my 44 custom made magnum to myside keeping my hand closely I keep walking towards the South not knowing How far ahead they are Or what awaits me As the night draws near I See an old rusty building Thinking to myself I guess it's Time to hunker down for the night And I will pick up their trail 1st thing in the morning Night time is not a place you want to be caught out in Because whatever beast or animal that Was not killed by radiation adapted to it which is far worse than What we could Have Everard of Imagined

As I entered the rusty building You can hear screeching Of Metal scraping across rusty nails I think to myself I need to check the surrounding Rooms there's no telling what lies Within these halls As I approached the last Room down a long corridor I could smell foul luring older The stench smell old but also fresh As I approached the Room with my hand on the knob And the other on my 44 twisting and opening the door And to my surprise it was two lonely skeletons lying in a bed Still holding hands poor Bestards Even in death there love faces Adversity But That smell I definitely recognize it from somewhere but where As a start thinking inside my head Bam bam bam I can hear something running on the rooftop with intensity Screeching scraping like sounds of fingers scraping across a Chalkboard I quickly pull my 44 from my side pocket Whatever it is it's in the air ducks now and it won't be long until it reaches me

I can hear it inching its way closer and closer Through the air ducks The foul stench of vile death Lingers Through the room the smell gets more Intense The closer it gets as if it just got done eating rotting flesh But this beast Wanted more it was still hungry and it was hunting And I just happened to be the prey that it's tracking I start thinking in my head this is a smell that I am familiar with This is something I have encountered before but what With my 44 in Hand pointing At the entrance of the air duck The sound quickly fades away as if it has disappeared And then I Realize I now know what the Smell is But before I can think anymore the floorboards below me Start To crack and shatter beneath my Feet i think Oh no this beast Did not go anywhere it was watching me stalking my every move planning its attack And in that moment it disappears But I know it's toying with me And I turn around to look towards my Back and in the shadow with only the light from the moon shining through the window I see The beast and to no surprise to me it was a Straythe On average they Stand about 5' 8 With Razor pinpoint clowes Enough to swipe Through A full grown male in one clean motion They have a stinger on the end of their tell The Tosic alone can kill 20 grown men at once Melting away the interior of their cells within Slowly deteriorating and Separating blood from flesh It's reptilians caiman acts as Body armor which makes it virtually impossible to kill it Only has 2 entrances for a kill spot And you better be a dam good Shot As his red mossy eyes meet mine

In that moment I knew my chances for survival was very slim to none The Straythe Is very agile And the only way to kill the beast is shooting it through the eye I was going to have to plan my attack Strategically As one wrong move Can lead to my demise As I stared at the beast and the beast stares Back at me with his long tongue he licks his reptilian mouth As if he can already taste my flesh With no more to think about the beast quickly leaps towards my way In that moment I roll towards The same Air ducks in the corner of the Room He turns back towards me Dam it the beast has me cornered And in that moment I take a shot Just nicking the side of his face Dam it I missed thinking inside my head With only 5 shots left in my gun I better be careful The beast starts running towards me with intensity swiping his tail as I duck and hit the floor right beneath it And with one motion he swipes below With his claws i quickly roll out of the way And then noticed the beast has Got his tail Stuck in the air duck If I was going to kill this beast this would be my perfect opportunity I quickly barrel roll towards his back waiting for my Moment as he looks back towards me I shoot Again grazing his face Dam it what is wrong with me he Reps he's tail out of the metal of the air ducks He starts leaping towards me I take a shot Silence With nothing but the echo of the bullet Moments pass by I wake up Thinking to myself I I'm Still alive Feeling a heavy weight on my body I killed the beast With no time to spare If I would have missed that shot I surely would have been dead I slowly struggle wiggling my way from underneath the beast With his Blood dripping in my face I finally pry myself from underneath the body of the beast I take a deep breath And I feel This ascruciating pain Towards the right side of my left calf I look down And I have 4 Deep gashes shit The beast must have Swiped me with its claws as I tried to roll out of the way I think To myself I need to get out of here Because The stench from the dead of the Straythe Will definitely attract other predators to This location As I walk towards the exit of the door My eyes start to feel heavy No dam it I must stay awake

I remember thinking as I was propped up against The metal wall it Can't End like this I start to feel my eyes get heavier then before going in-and-out of consciousness As the sound from outside grows more intense the throbbing pain in my Leg Intensifies I can Slowly feel myself slipping towards the floor to drop to one knee And all I could think about was no Dam it not like this as I couldn't hold back anymore I lose consciousness Hours pass by As I slowly open my eyes to see everything of a blur Opening and shutting my eyes to readjust to the sunlight I quickly jerked my head towards my leg to see Homemade bandages wrapped tightly around securing And pressurizing the wound from the Straythes claws And in that moment I hear a Raspy but calm voice Whoa now Don't move too quickly you where in one hell of A fight my dear boy I put some medicine on that wound you have there you're actually lucky to be alive if i say so myself What the hell you doing this far from the reserve anyway he says Now at this moment I had no Clue what he Was talking about as I have never heard of a place called the Reserve before Reserve I say With confusion in my voice the reserve my dear boy You know Did that Straythe mess you up worse than I thought He says I can assure you I have no idea what you're talking about I say to him Wait a minute you're serious you've never heard of the reserve It's the line that crosses from premiet To outside The wasteland We Call it the Reserve from the line that meets in between he says to me premiet I say with more confusion The city boy You been sleeping under a rock he says He hands me a jug full with water I quickly take It and start Downing it like it was my last Jug of water I ever had Whoa slow down boy It's got to last me till I get back he says The names Steve Harold Now I'm heading there now You come along if you like but I suggest we let you rest for a little Longer to let that Wound heal up a little more I think to myself this could be a great opportunity For me to get some supplies And to reach communication Like I had never done before

boy like I said get some rest And we will head out tomorrow As a Rollover On a makeshift pallet on the ground I start to think inside my head what this city Might look like What could I find their As I continue to think about it I feel my eyes slowly Getting Heavy as I pass into a deep Sleep Hours pass by Alright Up and Adam sunshine We gotta get a move on if we plan on Getting there before the next Sun falls We need change them bandages first He says to me As he unravels the bandages from my leg I could feel the pain with every Motion that he made When the bandages come off I looked down at my leg to see Boils of Greenish pus mix with blood Dripping down my leg With hanging flush just barely hanging on Dam it boy it looks like it's worse than I thought But nevertheless we can't stay here any longer You're just gonna have to ride in the wagon Until we can get you some medical Help Let's get you to your feet he says He slowly helps me to My feet putting My arm around his head to lean on his body And In that moment I could feel all the pain Motherfuck that hurts I yell out loud Quit your bitching boy You Want to attract something else in with all that yelling he says now let's get you to the Wagon As we slowly walk towards the exit of the door Stepping out into the sunlight I quickly notice this thing next to the wagon i quickly pull my magnum out Pointing it towards its way Whoa Boy put that thing away You trying to kill my poor Betsy What the hell is that thing and what is a Betsy I say Ain't You ever seen helfing before All I can remember thinking is this was the 1st time I have ever seen This thing It stood like a horse But it had Feet like a lion It had fangs like a saber tooth tiger it was one of the most weirdest things I've ever seen it had 3 eyes of blue shade color Its body was as big as a hippo Animals that I've only seen from past books It's like it was mixed all together to make this weird being As we got closer to the wagon I could hear it making this weird Hissing Howling sound As we got to the back of the wagon He sits me on the back and I slowly inch my way putting myself further in the wagon Alright boy sit tight I'm gonna get you there safely You never mind that now As the wagon begins to move the old man starts to talk to me you know I got a daughter back inpremiet Yeah she's all I got after her mom was killed couple years back He says With not wanting to bring up bad memories for him I chose not to bring up his wife So what are you doing out here so far from Your daughter I say it Is the only place Lynch roots grow It's good for medicine its the stuff I put on your leg Catches a high price inpremiet He says to me Your daughter what does she do I ask him O she runs the market there in premiet...... to be continued—

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