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It's the end of the world, and it's up to 3 teens to save it, Sara Parker, Caleb McCall, and Tyler Sparr, They Technically needed to cure it due to brain-eating zombies, terrorizing across the globe, not only that, Tyler Sparr was dealing with his sexuality taking turns, and depression making it worse, which couldn't be any more tragic due to the post-apocalyptic world he was living in, the only people he knew were still alive were his 2 friends, could he tell them what he was going through? Or would it ruin everything?

Постапокалипсис 13+.

#romance #horror #scary #LGBTQ # #Zombies
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The beginning

"Same Day, Same Bullshit"

Tyler's Journal

Waking up to reality was a pain in the ass, every day seemed to be the same day, or similar, just too similar, so today I decided it was time to get out and enjoy the atmosphere, as if? Yeah, not gonna happen, depression is too keen, and way too strung high to be attempting such a thing.

instead of going outside to enjoy the sunshine and rainbows, I planned on staying in and moping about little things such as, Life, friends and of course family, something that wasn't too extraordinary for me, or anyone else of my age I'd assume.

17 is probably the worst age to be as especially as a hormonal male teen that struggles with strangely abusive parents and crazy wacko siblings that don't know how to maintain themselves or others.

So yeah, Same day, Same Bullshit, as always, "What to do?" I asked myself huffing and puffing, I mean, I have a PS4, Roku, that has at least every movie app that you could dream of, Disney + Hulu, Netflix ETC, But yet I seemed to watch everything on it... Such as Saw, AHS, The hunting of you know what, Hill house, probably the best and only best horror show to exist.

Other than my rambling how's your day? Good? Bad? Is Semi decent? Ah, I forgot to tell you it may or may not be the end of the world, quite literally, It ended when Biden thought it was pretty funny to tick off China, which may have ended up creating world war 4 along with the nuclear bombs wiping out half of the population and nation, not only that, everyone came back as mind fucked zombies, blown to bits, now I'd rather of lived in a fantasy world, with warlocks, werewolves, and vampires with magical hunters that hunt for the sole purpose of protecting mankind.

but no, Had to be a post-apocalyptic zombie outbreak, caused by a causal nuclear reaction that causally wiped out half the population only to bring them back to as brain-eating zombies that just love that taste of human bodily fluids, such as blood, spit, uhm. I don't know, the word brains I probably mentioned 20 times throughout this whole segment.

a man can only dream now, can he? besides the fact, yes, the world indeed is ending, and it's progressing pretty rapidly, although everyone is much slower than they'd seem, God bless brain damage, or we'd all be pretty screwed, but I guess I could introduce you to my possy, which includes Sara Parker, Caleb McCall, and Me. Tyler Sparr, Honestly writing this is kinda giving me Walter Cronkite vibes, but I'm not as good as him anyway, If I was, let's just say my talent would be out of this world.

back to reality though, not only today was I going to mope and plan a way out of this hell hole, but today I was visiting my friends, for a cook-in, not a cookout considering there were literal murders outside terrorizing the state as we speak, so a cook-in didn't sound too shabby to anyone including me.

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