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When being a spy means to do stuff you don't always want to do... or to do it with people you don't want to do. But man is it fun and interesting...

Боевик Всех возростов.

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With the guy who I can't stand

I scan the room with squinted eyes while Frouch unbucceld the rope from my waist.

We both had all black on, he has a gun in his back pocket, I don't like guns so I chose to take a tazer..,my spy bag is drape over my shoulder.

"This rooms clear." I reach to open the window of the second floors storage room, but felt a hand on my arm and stop.

"It's probably locked." He wished.

We were currently standing on the roof of the first floor. There isn't't a lot of space, we are cramp against each other.

"Why do you think I'm checking, idiot!" My vingers grip the bottom of the window.

"Can we just stop arguing, we can't save someone if we are fighting."

Cursing aloud, I pulled my vingers back, blowwing them.

"I told you, here."

I told you, here. Pthh

It tooked me a few minutes to jam the window open before we could climb through, luckily the window wasn't that small so I fit throug,..Frouch as well, yeahhh..there goes my hope of leaving him behind.

Frouch kneel opening a small device, while he is busy downloading peoples movements on the buildings schematics, I slowly made may way to the storage door, cracking it a bit open.

I wasn't going to open it any wider, the risk of anyone seeing it was to big.

I bend down, putting a teanie-tinie camera, thats conected to my smart watch.. or well the organizations smart watch, in the gab of the door.

Looking down on the smart watch, I calmed my nerves.

This was my second time doing a rescue mission thats not a test or simulation. I don't know how many times Frouch has done this but this always works on my nerves and Max would calm me... geuss I should stop thinking about him, I'm seposeto be mad at him.

"Clear," I looked back at Frouch, he was tryping quickly on the computer. "You done."

"I aammmmmm almost...Done!" He quickly stood up.

"We will have to use the stairs."

I didn't approve of it, but guess he wasn't going to lie to me about this, if he did, he will be putting his life in danger.

I didn't picked any camera sensors in this small hallway, on my watch.

Fastly we walked to the stairs and stoped. "Cwi10.." I quickly gave him the cameras barcode my watch catch, so he can hack the staircase camera.

It didn't take long before we could jogged down the stairs. He had taken a screenshot of the stairs, so the person watching the cameras was currently looking at a screenshot.

"The door at the end of the hall, we have to take it." Frouch said as we stept into a new hallway, it was really quite, you can hear pur footsteps click-click on the white marbel floors.

My heart skipped a beat when Frouch suddenly cursed aloud.

"What?" I impatiently wisperd, looking at him.

"Someone's coming!" He wisper, looking around.

"From where!" I began to panic, not breathing. You could hear footsteps coming closer...

Oh no, there must be more than one of them, sheet!

He pushed me into a door, IT WAS LOCKED.

"Give me the key!" My wisper was a little bit too loud.

It wasn't actually a key, but we use it to unlock doors... bad thing is that it doesn't always works!

Come on, Come on..

The door swung open, just as we began hearing voices.

"Hey!" I voice eco inside the room. With my hart bouncing at a marathon pace. I looked around, spotting a tall lean guy walking towards us. Frouch was closing the door behind us.

"Hey." I smile, thinking of a way to fool this guy, he kinda looked a bit dull.

"We were looking for my Dad, maby you know him?"

But he wasn't fuled. "What are you doing here?"

He extract a gun from his back pocket. I really don't like being point by a gun.

"Wow!" I said, holding my hands in front of me. "I'm just searching for my Father, he won't like it if he found out you pointed a gun go his daughter and friend."

"Start talking or I will shoot you." The guy swollowed.

Is he.. afraid of something..to shoot maby.

In the corner of my eye, I saw Frouch reaching for his gun, but I stoped him by stepping in front of him.

My hands was up in the air. "Please Sir, don't shoot us, I can proof my Dad works here, please." I begged, looking really scared.

The guy was not moving a ince, thinking.

"Please, I have a photo." I snoffed.

"Fine," The guy said. "Show ot then."

I nod my head. "I will, thank you Sir."

Humf, Maby I SHOULD have taken drama class.., my parents was right.

"Do you have my phone?" I took a slow step towards the tall guy, his gun was still pointed at me, he don't look that strong..

"No, you just called your Dad, you should have it." Frouch played along.

"Right," I turn my gaza at my pants pocket, "I'm sure I.. ahh, here it is."

My fingers grasp my tazer, before the poor guy even realized what was happening, I tazed him then duck taped this mouth and hands.

"We should move!"

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