A war, a magic rain drop, and a terrible storm spreading across the world. Things are crazy for Jesse Everblade and his friends. They hope to end the war and save the war but not all members of the group are what they seem. Intrested? Read Eye of The Storm by Tabby Cat.

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Long ago, the kingdoms of Skyton and Heckra lived in peace. They worshipped the weather gods. The weather gods brought the prosperous rains that helped the people in so many ways. But thousands of years ago, the storms started. These storms were so powerful that not even the weather gods could control them. That is when the goddess of the universe, alcyone, came down to help. She contained the storms and put them in a crystalized rain drop. The rain drop had special properties. It could keep the storms contained only if it stayed in the valley where the gods lived. If it was ever removed the storms would come back. Someone would have to bring the rain drop back to the valley. The gods would then rise into the eye of the storm and contain the storms again. Now king Bram ignored this. He loves power and shiny things so a special crystal rain drop with magic is catnip for that guy. He managed to steal it and bring it back to his war base where he could protect it. The storms came back. They started in the valley and continue to spread over the world. A war broke out between the two kingdoms. King Humphrey of Skyton wanted to return the rain drop, but king Bram wanted to keep it for himself. That brings us to the present and our story's beginning.

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