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For the ones who know what it's like to be in a relationship with someone who's not fully in it and won't tell you the truth.

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My heart feels like a ball of yarn,

Newly put together with a beautiful bow,

Just to be pulled, and on tied again and again by my many knights of shinning armour,

I'm tired of trying again and again to be prefected, the more I pull at the strings the more work I have to put back into the bow to pull her back together,

Everytime I see the bow it gets harder and harder to retie, in endless lop of hope that if I fix what's wrong with me every minute of everyday my endless knights will want to hold on to me,

But everytime I roll the ball back up and the colors look more and more empty like a shadow disappearing,

Everytime a fall I lose myself to someone unknown and I can't find all the right strings that where already there, my yarn is slowly decreaseing in thickness,

I look at myself and I don't known who I I'm, I see my strings all cut up and tied back together, but it just doesn't look like me,

But when I'm close to him everything changes all the bad thoughts disappear, but is it really worth bleaching the real me away?

I don't feel like a ball of yarn ready to fall apart I feel whole and untie able,

But when I'm far from him it feels like I'm miles away and I untie myself,

I'm not longer that beautiful ball of yarn I once was and it burns me,

I'm that beautiful face that no one sees the pain through the fake smile,

They've never notice my strings slowly unveiling but they will,

My bow no longer needs to be retied just let the scars show,

if they don't like me when my scars are showing, then why should I retie myself back together for them to cut me back open again.

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