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Amelia has been in love with Sebastian since we were kids, and him finding out that she has an arranged marriage, he was torn to hear that he was not invited, so he as to fight tooth and nail for her.

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Sebastian- I'm writing you this letter to show you how deeply sorry I am, but I have moved on, and if I want to be queen one day, it can't happen if the guy I once was in loved with is not here anymore, me telling you this isn't easy thing to do, I have cried for weeks now. But I know that one day you will find the one even if it isn't me. All my love Princess Amelia

I have to go I have to go save her. Sebastian what do you mean? She sent me this telegram saying that she is ready to move on, and if she wants to be queen she can't have someone on her shoulder bringing her down. So what are you gonna try to win her back so you can be King. If I do win her back you can be the best man.

Dear Amelia, I got your letter, I know you want to move on, and I know that I have been that burden on your shoulder, but seeing the sight of you with someone else is disturbing, I wish we met under better circumstances, then you would of gotten to know the real me, the real prince. And I'm sorry. I'm writing this letter to tell you that I'm going to win you back and we will get married like we planned when we were kids. All my love Prince Sebastian...

Sebastian, I got your letter but I'm afraid you won't have time. The wedding is in a couple of weeks. And you haven't been a burden on my shoulder, it's just time to let you go and move on. I regret to inform you but you are not invited to my wedding, I know we both planned to go to each others weddings, but I can not have you here, I sorry Sebastian. And we planned to get married when we were kids, which was a long time ago, I have changed and so have you. Sincerely Amelia

She doesn't want me to go, to her wedding, she said that she has changed, she is right about one thing. What is that? I have changed since we were kids, I'm still in love with the same woman who is about to get married in a few weeks.

Dear Amelia you are about to make the biggest mistake of your life, you are about to get married to some guy who has a title and hardly knows anything about you. But I do I know everything about you, I don't care if you have an arranged marriage, I am going to fight for you, even if it takes everything I've got. Because I have known since we were kids that we were meant to be. Amelia traditions break they are meant to be broken, your parents might not like them but they will understand it. That's if they really knew what true love means. I'm telling you not to get married to him, I'm telling you to hold off until I show up.

I know that I'm making the biggest mistake in all of history. And your probably showing these off to your fiancé right now, but I'm professing my love to you and I don't care what he thinks, he knows what I'm talking about he was arranged to, I'm pretty sure there was some one back there that he was in love with. Love you Sebastian

He was right, I am still in love with him, and I know that you have been getting letters from this lady back home, and the smiles on your face says that your still in love with her, knowing that you won't be able to marry her because of this arranged marriage only means one thing. What? Is that we have to have the biggest breakup in front of our parents of the year, and you will go back home to her and live a happy life, and I will live my life with mine, whom I've been in love with since a kid.

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