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Protecting myself

I know people who aren’t worth it.

People who have sewn threads on my limbs to handle me as they please. People who, in short, I find it difficult to label them as people, ironically.

So, in order to survive, I have started to put together a “shield”. I place a brick here and that 'person' puts his foot on it without realizing what’s happening.

He doesn't know it, but I already have a little square build around me up to waist height. And that's when I take out the wooden plank, so that he don't notice much of the difference... and I keep building on three walls, so that he can see me.

The convincing little smiles did all the work to keep him focused on the subject that suited him, but I kept working.

A little water around here, outside my shield, and a whole lake forms around it, so much so that the wooden plank begins to float, but that person still doesn’t realize how concentrated he is.

And I continue to climb in my construction. Higher and higher and higher. Until there is no way that he can reach me.

Satisfied, I sit on top and that's just when that person blinks and raises their head in amazement to look at me.

"How did you get there?" He had to scream so that I could hear him.

"You were so busy believing me at your feet, you didn't realize when I got over you."

And that's what it was all about, figuring out when it had been enough to start growing and growing, until I was untouchable, until its threads get so tight that they end up breaking and they can't tie me up again.

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