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The air was heavy. I could see so many red colour tones. My body was getting heavier and heavier, it was like my bones were turning to precious steal and my muscles in an old gelatin substance. I failed to you, my darling... I can not believe I would be the first breaking our promise. The last I can hope now... Is your forgiveness...

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Короткий рассказ
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An happy We-Ending

I could clearly see you, running wild... Running like something was chasing you, while you were dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress. I was just a foreigner at that time, watching the most beautiful woman running away from her happy and arranged wedding, on a cold and wintery day. It was snowing, but it didn't stop you from running far away from the church you were getting married to. Why would a lady with such pale skin, red hair, with the most beautiful grey eyes, be so afraid of marrying the most incredible and richest man in the village? What would make you feel so proud of running in a white and long dress on the coldest day of the year?

She was running from her wedding! Who would dare to think she would run into the conservative village we lived in?! Furthermore, showing the stars how a subtle human smile could be as bright as them...?! What would make her give up on the perfect wedding? Everything was so beautiful! The church, the dress, the haircut, the husband, the guests waiting for her in complete shock... It was a big and perfect wedding, if I may say. Everything was so flowery and well presented. And, even though everything was so perfect, just waiting for her... For her deeply and pretended "Yes, I accept you as my lovely and loyal husband for the rest of my life"... She just ran from the church as if she was a fugitive, or as if she was another guest waiting to marry herself. Running crazy... Into the woods where we made our vows...

Part of me was relieved... So relieved of her, finally, deciding to say "No"... And, what would be the best way to show your unhappiness if it wasn't by running away from the prejudice of the "disciples" present in her wedding? From the religion that always made us believe we were queer and unnatural...? From the believers who convicted us? Oh my... How could I not clap at such a happy wedding? I could see everyone's expression... They felt outraged... But, for the first time, I could feel as free as queer I was and I am still.

I, gladly, whistle and, in no time, my black and white horse came in already asking me to go after her. We knew if she gathered all the courage she always said she missed, we would need to go far away from here. We knew since the beginning that, if she decided to, finally, follow her heart and dare to say her first and last "No" in this village... Our heads would be hunted, our bodies would be burned within the flames, turning dust amongst the Christianism hate speech. We knew far from the beginning how much this century has gone mad. We knew, and even though that knowledge... You attempted to say the most beautiful and silent words, crushing everyone presence... Crushing them with your womanish run and vibrant laugh... I could see how heartbroken everyone looked... Everyone, less us. I think we are no longer "everyone"... We are "queer heterosexuals"... We are something that this century couldn't name yet... But we were ourselves! I was yours and you were mine...! How much I would love to say this to you, right now... For how long I will be trapped here? I think this will be my last vows in our Woods, my darling... And I am terribly sorry for that. From everything we went through, I would never imagine that I would be the first to leave this world behind. I would never dare to imagine that I would be the one getting older than the usual and the first breaking our first vows...

" - Will you promise me to never leave me, be loyal to me and love me until our last breath takes us away from this world?

- Hahaha, are you asking me to marry you? - I provoke her.

- Take this seriously, Juliet!

- Hahaha, I pinky promise you, Mariel. - I show my little finger and when we cross solemnly our little fingers, I kiss her left cheek.

- Hahahaha, that tickles, dummy! - she laughs adorably and, with that, she gets down on her knees in front of me, bewitching me with her blessed words - We will be forever and always together. - kissing kindly and sightly my forehead."

How dumb I could be... How could I believe we could live together in this century?

The air gets heavy. I could see so many red colour tones. My body was getting heavier and heavier, it was like my bones were turning to precious steal and my muscles in an old gelatin substance.

- I failed you, my darling... I can not believe I would be the first breaking our promise. The last I can hope for now... Is your forgiveness... - I grumble with my last hope, letting it be free with the purest and tiniest tear I could carry on that dehydrated moment.

I could hear her voice from the outside. Her voice seemed so desperate and concerned... And I couldn't help to feel guilty... She was my world and I could say the same about me to her... I could hear her screams and tears... However, my storage of energy was getting corrupted... I started to faint into a white light...

- Don't leave me, Juliet! I love you! You're my kindred soul! PLEASE! - I could feel that the village was holding her back... How would imagine that our big and enchanted Woods would vanish with a naive fire... And with it... Our love. - PLEASE, DON'T LEAAAVE MEE!!! - she screams with all she has... But I am afraid of not being enough to make me stay.

- I love you, Mariel. You're my kindred soul... And my, so dreamed, wi--- - the oxygen starts to fail - --fe...

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