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"You shameless bastard, how dare you cheat on me!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, anger boiled my blood and red flashes through my eyes

I ran towards them, I grab his mistress and drag him out, he tried to pry my hands off and my shameless husband tried to separate us but I slap him hard and get this b*tch out of my condo

And for f*ck sake they cheated on me in my own damn condo

"Clysher what the f*ck my your own fucking business, I do what I want, if I want some other ass I would go for it, we're just married in paper you don't fucking own me and my heart!" He yelled

"To hell Hades, you have the nerve huh, your mad? The f*ck you're the one who cheated not me, damn it"

"Clysher may I remind you, WE ARE JUST BIND IN PAPERS, I DON'T LOVE YOU!" A loud bang resounded in my condo, I hold my aching cheeks and stared at him, he slapped me, hell I'm his husband, but then I remember, just like what he say we're just bound in papers not my love

"Heck, Clysher you ruined my day" he growled and leave me in this lonely condo of mine

The moment the door closed, I cried HARD, f*ck it hurts, I know this is going to happen but I love him to even think before I take action, I forced myself on him, I ruined our friendship for this unrequited love

"AAAHHHHHHHH!" I shouted and cried, no one can hear me, no one can hear my plea, I created this, I fall for my own trap, an endless darkness I wish to find my light, I sought for his attention and love but I just got pain and suffering in return of my love for him

Please Hades look at me the way I look at you, love me the way I do for you

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oliver davis oliver davis
Kudos to the writer of this book. You did an amazing job. Why don't you try to publish your book in N o v e l S t a r? A lot of readers will love your work, judging from the book I just read.

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