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This book is meant as a confession of love. With an array of thoughts and feeling pouring out from one soul to another. Leaving the other half of the book empty for the partner to fill in the blanks. Love is two individuals stories coming together as one book. So, it is meant to be left empty for the receiver to fill in their words. And as you can imagine, if they respond accordingly, you will know because you will be together to read it. Its a great way to express yourself to another in a confession to your crush that takes the pressure off both parties. While also allowing freedom for closure on if your crush is really that invested into you. Its an interactive book. Hopefully will be the start of my own love life as well as many others. Will be working on making physical copies to be sold online available for international shipping. Is especially made for long distance relationships.

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This is my first book I've ever written. Its the only one of its kind. Everything is handcrafted and every millimeter contains my purest of efforts to bring this message to you.

This book contains contents in it that are scrapbooks of my heart. It tells a story. It makes a statement. It is of sentiment.

This book is an effort to somehow manifest compassion, love, loyalty, friendship, companionship, gratitude and many other things into something tangible. I ask that you take great care of this. As it is the physical existence of a piece of me. I won't resent whatever response you have to this book even with that request made.

Please, enjoy.


It Was You

Written by Taylor Paige Valek (Val)

A dedication to someone dearest to me and to anyone else who contains a heart as golden or spirit as strong.


I saw you, before I saw you.

And though your touch is foreign to my body, my heart is no stranger to it.

You give and take away everything.

You give me compassion, companionship, value, laughter, memories I never thought I'd have.

You give me purpose, drive, strength, courage, you give me life.

But you take my breath, my sense, my notion of boundaries.

You take me guard down and mask off, you take my pain and demons.

You take my heart.

You fill my thoughts. Constantly.

There's something magical about you.

In your presence its like being around a guardian angel, you can't help but be in awe at the way you glow and every attractive feature you carry. From your graceful face and strong body to the safety of your aura.

You are one of my favorite places to be.

If I shouted on the rooftops, would it reach you? Would you call back to me? Or would it just feel good?

Your voice.

Ah, yes.

Its that view you can't get used to. The one you have to sit down and shut up to appreciate. You set your phone down, the world slows to a stop and everything suddenly just... feels.. right.

When you talk its like a delicate breeze on a summer day caressing my face and hair. When you laugh its like the strong sound of wings breaking through the atmosphere when they spread wide.

And when you sing.. you take flight... and its a percing cry that penetrates the hearts of everyone who listens.

I hope you never neglect the innocent in you. Always step down on your knee everyday and hug that orphan child in you and remind it that you are still there to listen and care for him.

There is no flaw in you I haven't wanted to love, I hope you can do that for yourself too.

Oh how you intimidate me and free me in a single moment. Spending hours talking and never knowing how to really tell you how I feel.

Always deciding that its better not to say it to you. No, words won't be enough for you.

Let me show you.

You remind me its okay to feel love.

Even if we stay forever friends,

I will never doubt or fear loving you completely.

Thank you.

I wanna dance with you and sing songs with you.

Its cute when you talk about who you were. I never knew that guy, never saw what he looked like. Never heard his thoughts.

But I'm glad he existed, because look at you now.. he got you here.

Hey. Have you noticed when you smile big enough your nose will have three crinkles at the top?

Hahaha, look at you smiling.

Thats a good look on you.

You really like that song, huh? Sing it again.

I love it when you sing like that.

How do you always use the words that make me wanna listen? I know I get excited and nervous and I start to ramble around you, but when you speak about things.. you know the words to use that make me really want to hear what you have to say.

Know that even if I cut you off or talk over you, your words are so valuable and appreciated with me. I'm not trying to be rude, you just make me nervous.

Do I make you feel safe? Do I make you nervous? Did you mean it when you said all those words about how lovable and amazing I am? Beautiful on the inside and out?

Because, those things make me want to love you more.

I wonder if ill ever come home to you, or you to me. Will it be on vacation? A visit?

Who knows. All I know is I want it to be one of my last memories.

Tell me more about what broke you. Tell me every detail of what you have experienced that tore you apart, shattered your world, closed you off and deprived you. Release every pain you've ever had to me..

So I can make sure I do my best to never do those things to you. In return, will you get back up and heal yourself?

Smile like that again and ill give you a kiss you'll never forget.

Wow. Shes beautiful and what yall have is beautiful. The way you look in love... I've never seen such a sight.

I'm falling in love with the way you fall in love.

She didn't pull through..? That doesn't make sense.. what a waste of something so rare. I don't understand, why.

I want to prove you wrong. Let me be in your life and ill show you what loyalty and love is. You deserve that.

I can't fix what she broke, I can't replace the memories.

You focus on what it will take. I'm not leaving your side. I won't let you go like she did.

I. Am. Here.

Woah... wow... you... you look so handsome.. Its difficult for me to move or speak. Is my face red? Are you looking at me I can't tell? Shit.. this isn't butterflies or anxiety... my heart is racing but... its so warm. Its like a blanket.

I hope I can see you more often. I love to admire you.

I want to be your best friend !

I want to be your anything you'll let me be.

Spending time with you is so easy. Talking with you is so nice.

Let's stay like this, okay?

Haha, I love playing with you ! You're so fun ! Let's do more of that, okay?

Do you think about me too?

What are your thoughts?

Its okay if you aren't ready. No one is ever really ready for these things.

But... if you want to take the chance. Let's do our best, okay?

Its okay if you don't want to.

Its okay if its not mutual.

I will still love you and care for you.

Being your friend is my first priority.

Even if I want to be a friend and wife,

If you want to just be friends I will still be happy and grateful.

Its okay... its okay.

"Sometimes it all gets a little too much...

And we realize that soon the fog will clear it up."


Its okay. I know life gets to be a lot sometimes. Its okay to feel it. So just feel it. Let it go. Allow it and trust it has some kind of gift for you. Theres no rush, there's no pressure. So, come lay down.

Let's just lay here and sing a bit.

You're gonna be okay. I know it.

Come here. Let yourself go here.

I can hold the weight with you.

You're pretty amazing you know that?

Look at what you've done. I wanna be great like that too.

Every piece of me that I lost in my life, I found in you.

You were kind enough to help build better versions of those pieces.

Thank you.

Don't worry, this isn't meant for a response or a returned gesture.

This is everything I wanted to say but couldn't. And I don't want you to go about life thinking you could never be loved the way you wanted to be,

Because you already are.

Runner up number 1?

It was you.

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