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A hunter might be a dangerous job for an old man, imagine for a young man. Who knows what is on Chase's way? Read to find out! If you don't get scared you have to follow me and life, if you get scared like and follow the story.

Ужасы Подростковый ужас Всех возростов.

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Chapter 1

Hello there, maybe you are too young to handle what is coming your way, maybe not. Let's make this fun, if you are able to read it all with no fear you have to follow me and give a heart if you get scared leave a comment. Let's begin!

Chase is a young boy of 16 years, he lives on a farm with his parents and his grandmother.

His family had just moved there because Chase wanted to become a hunter, it was the end of spring, winter was on its way.

On their first day there, Chase woke up really early and went to get a horse, on the way he was thinking: "Which kind of animals am I gonna hunt?" he was starting to think that he could hunt them all. After he did everything, he went to the supermarket to buy the thing they needed. When he was giving the money to the woman she said: "Be careful, there is a dangerouse wolf in this country, he shows up in winter" Chase thought that winter was the next day or maybe later.

When he got out of the store holding all the bags he took a look around and began to get scared he saw a lot of people laying on the ground with lots of blood leaving their bodies. He started to run towards his house when the wolf ran towards Chase's house. When Chase got there the wolf was in front of his house. So Chase ran to the basement and got a weapon and a gun, and he rides his horse towards the wolf, and he started shooting. But it was like the wolf was unbeatable, Chase couldn't kill him:

-Too far, almost there, I know I can do better. - Chase said.

After half an hour the wolf started running towards the woods. And Chase went inside to tell everyone to stay inside.

This is the end of chapter 1, don't forget to follow, like, and comment. See you in the next chapter

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Duda Castro Hello, I am Maria and I am really happy because people are reading my stories when I begin to get followers I am going to take in intro my future job! At the moment I am writing a scary story that is scaring the creeps outta me! I hope you like my stories, cause I work really hard, I don't have so much imagination so when I have ideas I gotta write them down before they become thin air. Thank you everyone for reading my stories, I am trying my best, and Thank you a lot!


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