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The dark night

I had to go to sleep I said I was watching TV. I lied that I was good at class. She said I could stay up next time so I went to sleep it got so dark Klej said go to sleep I snuck out Klej followed me. When mom checked our room. She saw nobody. Klej said he got hurt and I got frustrated. Klej said let’s go to Wan’s house I said no he said come on I have a broken bone. I said fine I picked up klej l tried going but klej was to heavy klej tried standing up .It was veeeery painful I quickly helped him our mom came I was suprised she said come in now I said ok? She asked why klej was hurt . I said long story she drove to wans house and wan asked why were here my mom said just come now wan said ok the hospital was for us today now but lots of people wanted to go there to I even got to vomet my mom started to speed up and the car was going to crash hard the car flu hi and crashed mom saw the hospital by the hill we went there and fixed klej is bone. We saw that it was dark I had chips I was about to eat but my mom called me over I put the chips in the cupbord so I went there she said I had to cealen the dishis and balboa bla bla bla and lastly bla! so I did it all and went to eat my chips and watch telavion my mom saw me and said go and sleep I said it's morning what do you not no abut time tell me tell me! she said oh don't worry I said I am waile I was in the Cory door she said go and sleep orals I will remove the TV I went to bed

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