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Street Bullet

Rip to those who fought to make sure we live,

The street is bitter and sweet to give,

Only the bravest and strongest can survive in the hood.

Black lives matters

To survive the street you will get batters,

Black kills black and forgotten the motor that says unity we stand.

O arise thy hoodlums come,

Raise from the gutter, badly tortured, mistreated with bad conduct.

Government promote the violence caused by this thugs in the street,

Our people are dying while they show nothing to stop

the killing in the street.

Street bullet caused by this

hoodlums robs man of his soul,

The people are not in save hands,

Government got no plans for the citizens, 20-10-20 can never be forgotten.

What are their plans for the youth in 2021, they keep on muting,

Letting many souls puking,

Will 2021 be like it's brother 2020,

Many forbids,pray, fight hard to abstract from the hood.

Street bullet where people kill to make money,

Country flag stain with blood and pains,

Street with no determination,

Street with no hope

No plans for the generation

May God help us all.

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