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Abigail, Luna, and Eve are the same person, but Santiago doesn't know it. Santiago doesn't know many things she is hiding from him; he is hardly sure of one in particular: that he is madly in love with Luna. Among different worlds, the two are faced with new feelings that arise with adolescence. One of them fights to live them, while the other seeks refuge from any kind of emotion or change. An event that seemed like an irrelevant chance transforms the lives of two people who could never get to know each other in any other way. To Santiago, it can be a love story or a self-esteem story, depending on the focus from which you want to see the plot. Unfortunately, this is not a story with a romantic ending, but to understand the events that led to the unexpected outcome, it will be necessary to start with the darkest thing that originated it.

Драма Всех возростов.
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Author's note

Throughout my youth, I have discarded at least 5 novels I could never complete and left at half; either they were too unrealistic or I was so immersed in the plot it inspired me to write a completely different one.

It wasn't until March 2019 that I held onto this beautiful path of literature. To date, I have written 3 books and translated them into other languages ​​I speak, in a span of little more than a year.

Does it seem like an amazing feat? Maybe I should tell you I never thought I could create a story that would want to be read by others. I hope I'm wrong in my perception, because I write with my heart and soul. If my character cries, I do it too, if my character smiles, I do it too.

When I write, I do it pretending I'm living it; it's the most genuine way to stick to an event. And I do all this without receiving much incentive in return, hardly with the motivation of wanting to express an idea that someone else might like. In writing, as in any artistic expression, the gain is rather emotional.

I share this information with you because the novel you are about to read is number 4 I will try to finish. But I warn you, the inspiration for this particular text is based on a real person from my past. Writing about your first love years after the events is a dizzying task, and in my case, melancholic to the same degree.

I met Santiago about 10 years ago, through internet forums. I learned little about his life in the time we were close. And while I'm not proud of the way we met, I'm not able to regret it either. The most significant people who come into your life do so at opportune moments for destiny, but hopelessly unexpected for you. It may be reckless, out of time, but things happen for a reason and a reason only.

You can't always control what's going on around you, and it tells you so someone who needs to plan what she's going to do from waking to going to sleep.

I would like to left you an important message with this story, I hope you can understand and appreciate it. Because life can take a thousand turns, but it will always place you in the situations you need to live in order to grow.

I don't know what is of Santiago today, but I wish him the best and I thank him infinitely for falling in love with Luna, because in the process he rescued my true identity.

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