C Clark Carbonera

When for the first time I tried to understand things that most people think they understand.

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Confusing thoughts

Paint colorful pictures in

My mind and I lose focus.

I try to speak in words, but

They disappear in the roof of the mouth,

Lose their meaning and

My tongue is all tangled up.

So I try to write in words,

Because perhaps between the lines of

Phrases I can capture Your name.

But what a pretension of mine,

To think that in these verses

Assembled with semiwords

I will find what a whole

Race in history craved.

Your name is sacred.

Maybe my first step

Be praise.

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Об авторе

C Clark Carbonera “A utopia está lá no horizonte. Me aproximo dois passos, ela se afasta dois passos. Caminho dez passos e o horizonte corre dez passos. Por mais que eu caminhe, jamais alcançarei. Para que serve a utopia? Serve para isso: para que eu não deixe de caminhar.” Fã de carteirinha de Buffy - The Vampire Slayer.


Katerina Kaya Katerina Kaya
What a touching poem! Nice one

Anwar Hossain  Jeebon Anwar Hossain Jeebon
Excellent starting.

Diew Pout Diew Pout
Emotionally amazing

Patricia Pixie Patricia Pixie
Truly beautiful and emotive.

Patricia Pixie Patricia Pixie
Truly beautiful and emotive.