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This fanfiction is obviously Elsword Fables but it's on Inkspired as Lunaria River.

Фанфик Игры Всех возростов. © All rights reserved to KOG, original characters by me (Chirun0z)

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Zombie Lunaria

Ladies and gentlemen, Elsword Fables will be serialized on Inkspired which will be known to the Inkspired community as Lunaria River which is the 12th episode of Season 10. Here's the synopsis of this episode: Oh my god Elpeeps, you must look at this! Lunaria became an zombie! Run for your lives, Elsword and Aisha!

At this moment, Elsword got bored and Aisha loves eating salad while seeing an banner of "Cooking with Lunaria" in Elder. Meanwhile, they start to argue over the banner until Zombie Lunaria appeared out of the banner, scaring them off and causing them to hide in Wally's Castle. Inside the throne room of Wally's Castle, Elsword and Aisha tries to find an way to hide from Zombie Lunaria.

Zombie Lunaria knocks the bedchamber door, which results in Elsword and Aisha dressing up as an medieval king and queen and pretend that they're the king and queen of Elder by covering themselves with an blanket until suddenly Zombie Lunaria barges in, searches the nightstand and the closet in which later the closet was dirty and she cleans it all thanks to her Cleaning Moon skill.

Aisha whispers to Elsword "Please pay attention to Lunaria by staying quiet in which she could recognize us." After listening to her, he opens an chocolate bar which caught Zombie Lunaria's attention. Zombie Lunaria reveals the blanket, which then made Elsword and Aisha get out of Wally's Castle and hide behind the banner in Elder.

Zombie Lunaria looks at the banner and it was dirty indeed. She grabs an trash can, with Elsword and Aisha sneaking out of the banner and hides behind the statue of Wally while the players are seeing them. Zombie Lunaria finished cleaning the banner and looks at Luriel counting how many ED does her bank has, and the bushes.

Behind the statue of Wally, Zombie Lunaria finds Elsword and Aisha who runs away from her by going downstairs only to get knocked by the stairs and by the middle stair was dirty and was filled with dust and debris, then Zombie Lunaria looks at the stairs while Elsword and Aisha is sneaking out the stairs, with her throwing debris to his face.

Inside the closed shop located near the gate to Wally's Castle, Elsword and Aisha hides inside the closet, with Zombie Lunaria entering the store, throwing dust and debris into the closed store's basket. Inside the closet, the aforementioned characters starting to whisper again until she decides to open the closet, with Aisha telling her to look at the mirror, causing her to look confused in the mirror.

Elsword and Aisha sneaks out of the store to go back to where the banner is and got scared of Zombie Lunaria, until she stole the Dark El Shard from their hands and came into the banner, with the banner being switched back to default. Both of them got confused why Lunaria stole the Dark El Shard.


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Naoko Usami Known as Arakashi-chan on Reddit and Wattpad, my mission to do so is to create fun and entertaining fanfictions.


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