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The journey towards the future was still being built and, suddenly, our dear friends from our childhood and youth grew old with us. But they would still sing to our hearts.

Фанфик Группы / Singers 18+. © Linkin Park doesn't belong to me. Story written for fans.

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A Tribute

I open my mouth and I’m Lost in the echo, remembering that In my remains also lies my dead voice, I Burn it down with a special delight, repeating to myself Lies greed misery, that’s what life gave me, one day I’ll be gone forever, I won’t return to this Castle of glass, I’m tired of being Victimized, I’m stronger now, travelling these Roads untraveled until I’ll vanish, turning Skin to bone, it’s different than Until it breaks like everybody thought it would happen to me, so I wrap my soul in Tinfoil and laugh hard, looking at you, Powerless.

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Andre Tornado Gosto de escrever, gosto de ler e com uma boa história viajo por mil mundos.


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